Getting To Know You: Blake Rodgers

Washington needed a "thumper" at middle linebacker in the 2012 recruiting class and they got just that when Tesoro (Las Flores, Ca.) LB Blake Rodgers inked his name on his letter-of-intent. Today, in our "Getting To Know You" series, we talk with the hard-hitting prospect as he prepares to head north to join the Huskies and he tells us a little more about him and his motivations...

1) Food you will miss the most: "We have taco night once a week at our house and my mom makes the best tacos. It's usually chicken tacos with all of the toppings, so it's definitely something I'll miss."

2) Favorite movie: "It's an old one, but I love Gladiator. I love all those movies with fighting and stuff. I also love the music. It's a great movie all the way around. I watch it before games a lot and it gets me pumped up."

3) Favorite player (NFL or college): "I have always tried to model myself after Brian Urlacher. The way he leads his team, makes plays and the way he handles himself on and off the field. He's just an inspiration to me."

4) Funniest recruiting story: "When I was visiting USC in the spring last year, I was watching practice and I had never met coach (Ed) Orgeron and he ran up to me and gave me with big bear hug and he was yelling and I couldn't understand a word he was saying. It was hilarious. He was a great guy though and I really enjoyed meeting all of the coaches there and all of the coaches at all of the programs I was being recruited by. Of all the stories I can think of, that is the one that sticks out the most to me."

5) You knew Washington was the place for you when...: "When I was on my visit with my family, it was the first time I was up there, and I met the coaches and saw the campus and the school, I just knew it was the right fit for me. At dinner with my family we just talked a lot about it and I told them I was ready to do it and I don't regret it one bit."

6) School(s) you grew up rooting for: USC and UCLA. I mean, they were the two local schools that I always was around, so they would be the ones. I probably like UCLA a little more. I've been to more of their games and I just felt like they were a great mix of academics and football."

7) Favorite subject in school: "Math. I've always been good at math. It came pretty naturally to me. Getting into equations, they are like plays and you have to figure them out. When a number does something in an equation, it's like what a player does in a play, so it translates well to football for me. I just really like it."

8) Team you want to beat the most: Oh it's definitely USC. I have a bunch of friends on that team or guys that are enrolling this fall like I am at Washington -- Max Tuerk, Jahleel Pinner. I also played with Trey Madden when we were younger and he's up there too. I'm tired of these guys giving me crap about leaving and going to Washington so I definitely want to be able to rub it in their faces when we beat them. We got them twice and then they got us last year, so I want to get us back to winning that game."

9) Favorite Husky (past or present): "I love watching Jake Locker play. He's so fun to watch. He plays the game like a linebacker. He also wore number 10, which was my number, so that's another connection I have to him. He's a beast and I love watching how tough he played the game."

Biggest influence in your life: "My parents have been the biggest influence on me. My dad pushed me to play football and to be the best I could be and my mom drove me to every practice and supported me in all that I did. They are so excited for me. They are going to be at as many games as they can make it to. I think they'll be racking up the frequent flier miles for sure." Top Stories