Getting To Know You: Dwayne Washington

Because Gahr (Cerritos, Ca.) WR Dwayne Washington wasn't much for speaking with the media and he didn't attend any camps last spring and summer, he didn't get a lot of coverage from the recruiting networks. With his combination of size, speed and athleticism, the talented wideout could become one of the brightest stars in the Husky's 2012 recruiting class...

1) Food you will miss the most: "I like my mom's steak, yams and mac and cheese. She makes that for us every week. I'm going to miss that a lot. Actually, I'm going to miss all of her food. It was always the best."

2) You knew Washington was the place for you when...: "When they offered me and I visited up there. I loved everything about it -- from the school to the coaches to the players -- it was just the right fit for me."

3) Favorite subject in school: "I love math. It didn't come easy for me, I had to work hard at it and study all the time, but I loved figuring things out and I just had fun with it."

4) His major in college: "I want to be a chemical engineer or a doctor, so I'll major in something like that. I'm not really sure which direction I want to go."

5) Favorite Movie: "I know it sounds funny, but I loved all of the Harry Potter movies. I never read the books or anything, but I loved the action and the stories."

6) Team you want to beat the most: "Utah for sure. My friend, Delshawn McClellon, he signed with them and he's been talking trash ever since. I want to beat them bad and show him who is the better team. We already know, but you have to prove it every year."

7) Game you are looking forward to playing the most: "I'd say it's probably LSU. They're nationally ranked and they have a ton of great talent out there and that environment there will be crazy."

8) Biggest influence on your life: "For football it was definitely my mom. She was the one who pushed me to play, even when I didn't want to. As I got older and got better, it was more fun, but early on, that was all on my mom. She's a great lady and I'm so lucky to have her in my life." Top Stories