Getting To Know You: Jake Eldrenkamp

It was a nail-biter for Dawg fans as things came down to the wire, but eventually, when Bellevue (Wa.) OL Jake Eldrenkamp committed to Washington, Husky nation could let out a huge sigh of relief. With his enrollment at Montlake happening early next month, the talented offensive lineman agreed to become the eighth subject in our "Getting To Know You" series...

1) Food you will miss the most: "I'm a big steak and potatoes kinda guy. I love my mom's cookies too. They are always good."

2) Favorite movie: "I love Star Wars, Episode Four, the original. I know it's older, but I watched it as a kid with my parents and I know it basically changed the way they made movies."

3) Favorite player (NFL or college): "David DeCastro. He's a former Bellevue guy and I grew up looking up to him as a football player. I've talked to him a couple of times and gotten to know him. He's just a great guy."

4) Interesting story from recruiting: "I don't know if it's that interesting, but I loved meeting and talking to coach (Mike) Leach over at Washington State. He's just a really interesting guy to talk to. You can talk to him about almost any subject. He's really a smart guy."

5) You knew Washington was the place for you when...: "During my official visit there, there was a moment that it just clicked and I knew it was where I wanted to be. I had grown up a fan of Washington, my parents were both Huskies, so it just was right."

6) Favorite subject in school: "Math. It always just made sens to me. I took Calculus and all those subjects."

7) Major in school: "I've already been accepted into the Business School, so that's where I'll be headed. I'm not really sure what I'll do with it though. I have time to figure that out."

8) Team you want to beat the most: "It's "Oregon. Their fans are crazy. I think it would be great to go down there and beat them on their home field."

9) Game you are most looking forward to playing: "LSU. The environment there will be pretty crazy. That's SEC football. It should be a great experience."

10) Biggest football influence in your life: "I'd say it's our line coach, coach (Pat) Jones. He helped me figure it out, how to play the game and how to dominate. Coach (Butch) Goncharoff obviously had a big influence too, but coach Jones was the one I learned from on a daily basis." Top Stories