Getting To Know You: Cory English

Washington signed five linemen in February with three coming from inside the state. In today's installment of our "Getting To Know You" series, we speak with one of them, Auburn's Cory English, and he gives us a look at another side of him so that Husky fans can see him in a different light...

1) Food you will miss the most: "Oh man, the food we eat on Sunday night will be something I really miss. We have a big family meal after church that I really love. We eat turkey tail, chicken, Rice, a lot of things. It's always something good and I'll miss that a lot."

2) School you grew up rooting for: "I've always been a big Washington fan. The first game I ever went to was a Husky game. It was against Notre Dame in 2004. They sorta smashed on Washington that day, but I still fell in love with everything about the program. I also had a cousin, Tusi Sa'au, play for them and my uncle took me down to their picture day and that sorta sealed the deal."

3) Favorite movie: "I would say it's probably Gridiron Gang with The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). I like him a lot, so that's the first thing, but then when you get into the story and how a lot of those kids went through adversity and problems and pushed themselves to be better players and better people."

4) Favorite player (college of NFL): "Ray Lewis. I know he's a defensive guy and all, but I just love the way he plays the game. He's really passionate about the game and he's relentless."

5) Funniest recruiting story: "I don't know how funny it is to anyone else, but it was funny to me -- my brothers (11 and 13), when I was on my official visit to U-Dub, they were in the hotel room while I was at practice and they couldn't get their Playstation 3 hooked up right, so they switched rooms. When I got back from practice, I went to the room and they weren't there anymore. I had to look all over for them and then when I found them they told me why they had to switch and they had to move so they could get it hooked up."

6) You knew Washington was the place for you when...: "When coach (Steve) Sarkisian and I met and he was very open about everything. He was just so truthful with me. Some of the coaches I talked to, when they sit down and say things, you can tell they weren't really being truthful with you, but coach Sark was honest and open with me. I really respected that and that made me trust him even more."

7) Favorite subject in school: "I've always loved science. I actually don't like math much, but science is great. I've been taking physics this year and I love all of the experiments and how it all relates to real life. Our whole world is based on physics. It's been a really fun subject for me."

8) Team you wan to beat the most: "Oregon probably. They recruited me really hard and kept telling me how much they wanted me, but then when I tried calling them as I was getting closer to making my decision, they wouldn't return my calls. I took that personally and it made me want to really beat them and show them they made a mistake. I mean, I still probably would have ended up at Washington, but for them to not return calls, that was sorta lame."

9) Game you are most looking forward to playing: "Probably the Apple Cup. Coach (Joe) Salave'a and my family are really close, so it would be fun to beat him. It's gonna be played over there in Pullman and it should be a good game with their new staff there."

10) Favorite Husky past or present: "I know this sounds funny, but I'd say it was Greg Christine. He was a walk-on guy who earned a scholarship and even started a few games. He overcame a lot to do what he did and to me that was really inspirational. I also met him during my junior year at an event and we talked for a little while and he just seemed like a great guy." Top Stories