NFTC Q&A - Eddie Vanderdoes

EUGENE, Ore. - From all accounts, Eddie Vanderdoes had arguably one of the best Nike camp performances of their 2012 NFTC campaign. At 6-foot-3 and 303 pounds, Vanderdoes has nearly every top school in the country hot on his trail, including the Washington Huskies.'s Kim Grinolds spoke with Vanderdoes after the camp to talk about his camp experience, as well as other camp standouts, his own recruitment, and UW's place in the pecking order.

On the NFTC Camp - "I had a lot of fun today. I actually learned a lot. These are great coaches out here, so that's a plus. They taught me a lot of other stuff I didn't know or to add to my tools of technique, so it was a lot of fun out here. I liked the energy. I learned a lot of hand fighting, throwing your hips, being every bit as competitive as you can be - so it was fun."

On not going to any NFTC camps in California - "No. I was still in baseball season, so my focus was just on baseball. I wasn't ready to go to the Oakland camp because I had a tournament Saturday and Sunday, so I thought I would come up here."

On going to Eugene expecting to dominate - "That was my mindset. I don't talk to a lot of people about what I'm going to do when I get up here; I like to keep it to myself about what I'm going to do. I thought I performed well. I can get better with technique."

On enjoying his role as a bully during one-on-ones - "Yes. I wish I could have been a little more, but I had to work my technique."

On offensive linemen that did well - "The offensive line MVP, what's his name? (Skyler Phillips) He's a good one. He's a really good offensive lineman. He almost got me on the last one, but I still got to the bag. Voeller is good; I didn't get to see much of him, but he looks good. Harlow's good, but it's a bit of a disadvantage at center because I'm up there and I get to angle on him so I'm basically almost offsides and I got right past him. Those were the three guys that stood out to me."

On defensive linemen standouts - "The freshman Samoan kid (Benning Potoae), that kid is going to be very, very special if he keeps his head straight and keeps his academics and doesn't worry about recruiting and all that Twitter stuff. That kid's very special. He's going to be really good - very, very good technique, very good hand fighting. That's what I thought."

On what he plays in baseball - "First base and pitcher. I'm a lefty and I've been clocked at 92. I'm being scouted by MLB teams and the USC coach just took me up."

On if he's a better pitcher or batter - "I'm a good hitter. I batted .430 this year, had five or six home runs. It could go either way."

On if he sees himself more as a football player or baseball player - "More a football player, but I want to keep the baseball option open. I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. If I get hurt in football, I still have baseball. I might consider playing baseball in college; not the first year but maybe in the second year."

How many offers do you have? - "I have 41 offers."

Do you lose count? - "Yeah."

Most off-the-wall offer - "Not really. I've talked to these guys through Facebook and on the phone, and nothing just like 'oh wow!'…Florida. Maybe Florida. I got that a few days ago. That was probably pretty off the wall because coach Young hit me up on Facebook and told me to call him because they liked my film and they offered - so I was like 'Wow! Nice'! They are a school I like too."

On who is coming at him the hardest - "LSU is coming at me hard. USC is coming very hard. Watching me in spring ball they really like how I use my hands and my technique to stop the run. U-Dub (Washington) has been recruiting me very hard and Cal has been recruiting me very hard. UCLA has been recruiting me very hard. A lot of schools are coming at me really hard…Penn State has been coming at me hard and Nebraska."

On having any favorite schools - "No. I have three officials lined up - Penn State, Nebraska and LSU. I'm thinking about Oregon. I love Oregon. I was up there for the Spring Game and I'm here now visiting and I'll be back for The Opening to visit and I'll be for an unofficial for a game - so it almost doesn't make sense (to take an official). So I'm going to take my officials elsewhere - to places I haven't visited yet."

On UW and Tosh Lupoi recruiting him - "Yeah, Tosh and coach Wilcox and Sark is recruiting me also. It's good. They are good people and I like what they have to offer up there. Coach Lup thinks the world of me, thinks I can come in right away and compete, get on the field first year - so that's good to know. He's coming at me hard."

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