Romar Rocks!!!

I've been publishing the preeminent Husky on-line source for coverage of football and basketball since 1996. In that time, basketball traffic has been like that pesky fly that buzzes around the head of the Rhino. And football traffic? Yep, it's the Rhino. However, I've noticed an interesting change of trend over the past year.

Our Husky Hoops board has become a popular place to hang out now. Sure, it has it's long term diehards like TuBob ShaKur, UWFiddler, Larry68, Dodin, CEDawg, and Daytrpr, but up to this year they've mostly only had to hold court with the occasional Oregon fan and the Gonzaga fans that come to gloat.

Now the place is beginning to jam with fans from Arizona, Stanford, UCLA, and even North Carolina. And those fans leave the hoops board impressed with the banter that goes on as well as the knowledge of the team.


Because everyone is noticing what Lorenzo Romar is doing at Washington. He's recruiting against the best schools, and he's got the "buzz" going on around his program in the cyber-world.

Many long-time football board posters are finding their way over to the hoops board. Just take a look at guys like Passion, BillFleenor, and DPMcDawg. You'll now find them posting away on the Hoops board in addition to their many visits to the football and dawgtales boards.

UW students like BigBallaJ and ReggieIsGod are feeling the buzz and feeding the frenzy on the Hoops board. It's a fever, and it's catching on.

There are now over 5,000 registered subscribers to who are eligible to post on the message boards. Over the past four years, the traffic had continued to break out into about 80% football, 15% recruiting, and maybe 5% on hoops and other sports.

A quick look at the statistics of the site this year reveals that traffic patterns have changed, particularly for the month of June, which is typically the slowest month of the year for

As of June of this year, Dawgman gets an average of 575 posts per day, and just over 31,000 unique visitors per day. This can vary from month to month, but using that as a starting point, here is how June's traffic broke down, by board:

Dawgtales: 28% of total traffic
Recruiting: 2%
Football: 58%
Hoops: 9%
Mariners: 2%
Other: 3%

Because it's June and because of the coaching "transition" that the Huskies are currently undergoing, the recruiting board is not a hot area right now, so you have to take that into consideration when you interpret the numbers. But the real story here is the hoops board. It went from less than 5% of total traffic last year to double that. And it's not even Hoops season. And there was significant reason for the football traffic to have grown, due to the Rick Neuheisel termination story that was unfolding.

I interpret this as our subscribers becoming excited about Romar's recruiting, and are actively following it on the internet. Thanks to the UW staff going after players of the caliber of Marvin Williams, Joel Smith, Jamaal Williams, Josh Shipp, and Curtis Allen, the Huskies cyber fans are now coming out in numbers never seen before.

It will be interesting to see what UW season ticket sales do. The Huskies are loaded with talent, young talent. If you look at the roster for 2003, it will include just one senior, guard Curtis Allen. Along with Allen in the backcourt are junior Will Conroy and fellow sophomores Nate Robinson and Bobby Jones.

Brandon Roy is a 6-6-guard/forward combo that can do it all. Last year after finding his rhythm, Roy became the go-to guy for the Huskies as a true freshman down the stretch. He is special on defense and with his ability to score in the clutch. Once he gets his free throw stroke comfortable, he'll be all-Pac 10. There is no reason why that shouldn't happen next season.

With incoming JC help from Tre Simmons and Hakeem Rollins, the Huskies have two guys that can fill it up. Simmons is a 6-6-swing guy that was unguardable at Green River. He set school records and went for over 50 points in one contest in just three quarters for the Gators. Rollins racked up 25 points and nine boards per game at Mesa JC. Rollins is 6-8 and should make a nice bookend on the other wing from 6-9 Mike Jensen.

Jensen and Anthony Washington are now seasoned big men who are both improving. Both will be just sophomores next season. Jensen found his shooting touch last year as well as his confidence. He has the nicest three-stroke on the team but is just as skilled at throwing down the jam when he elevates for a lob from Conroy or Robinson. Washington is developing into the low post defender and glass eater that Romar needs. He also blocks shots with a passion, using a huge wingspan.

Those two will need some help inside and Romar will hope that incoming freshman Hans Gasser will be able to play some minutes. Gasser is 6-10 and still growing. Losing Jeff Day hurts, there's no way around that. Ben Devoe has played few minutes in his Husky career, and he'll need to step up unless Romar has no plans to redshirt Gasser.

But now just look at 2004. Everyone but Allen will return. Romar will add transfer Jamaal Williams from New Mexico, as well as 6-11 Todd Follmer and guard/forward combo Joel Smith, who scored 15 points per contest for Brewster Academy in New Hampshire this year. Williams must sit out the 2003 season because of the transfer rule, but he is a guy that can play and score inside. At 6-6 and 230, he's a load that averaged 11 points and five boards per contest for the Lobos in 2002.

And if you add Marvin Williams to that mix…..OK, now the cart is before the horse. Marvin will announce tomorrow from his three favorites: Washington, Arizona, and North Carolina. If Williams chooses the Huskies over these two powerhouses, you'll know that Romar is building something very special here in Seattle?

It could happen.

Now is the time to catch the fever. Have a very safe Fourth of July everyone.
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