Getting To Know You: Taylor Hindy

Chaminade College Prep (West Hills, Ca.) OL Taylor Hindy didn't get a lot of press before signing with Washington back in February, but we at have made him the 10th subject in our "Getting To Know You Series" where he has a chance to let Husky fans know a little bit more about him before he arrives in Seattle over the July 4th holiday...

1) Food you will miss the most: "My parents both cook a lot. For my dad, it would be his italian food. It's always good. But if you're asking me what I will miss the most, it would definitely be my mom's carrot cake. It just doesn't compare to anyone else's. It's just great. You'd have to taste it to understand."

2) Favorite Movie: "I love the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I remember watching it as a kid and just thinking it was amazing and how much I enjoyed it. It's a great series."

3) Favorite subject in school: "I'm a numbers guy, so math would be it. I love numbers more than I love reading for sure."

4) Major at the University of Washington: "I think Architecture is something I'd really like to focus on. I'd love to design and build new stadiums eventually or even hotels. That would be really cool."

5) You knew Washington was the place for you when...: "I saw the flyer for their football camp as a junior. Just the pictures the fact they are a big-time program in a big-time conference. I just wanted to be part of it. I had to wait on that for a while, but getting to sign with them was a dream come true for me."

6) If not UW, then who?: "I only had offers from Utah State and Portland State, but when Washington came in and offered, I had a bunch of other schools that were in the process of offering me -- UCLA, Hawaii, Colorado State, Washington State -- but when U-Dub offered, I accepted almost right away and they all backed off because they knew I wasn't going anywhere else."

7) Team you most want to beat: "USC is the team for me. I have a bunch of friends that go there and I want to beat them badly. Sorta the whole 'hometown school' thing."

8) Game you are most looking forward to playing: "I think Boise State next year will be a big one. They are a great program and we will be in our new stadium, so that place should be crazy for the first game there."

9) Favorite football player (college or NFL): "Kevin Graf is a guy I have always looked up to. He's a great guy and I've gotten to know him a little. When he saw that I had signed with Washington, he sent me a message and congratulated me. That meant a lot."

10) Biggest influence on your life: "My dad, from the day I was born practically, he was saying I was going to play football. He used to follow me around with his camera and he was saying in out how I was going to play football. He always pushed me to be better and I owe a lot to him." Top Stories