Getting To Know You: Nathan Dean

In two weeks, Juanita (Kirkland, Wa.) OL Nathan Dean and the remaining members of the 2012 recruiting class will enroll at the Univeristy of Washington to begin the Summer Bridge Program. However, today, the talented offensive lineman becomes the 10th subject in our "Getting To Know You" series...

1) Food you will miss the most: "My mom's chicken casserole. It's a good, hearty meal and it's definitely something you can't buy in a store."

2) You knew Washington was the place for you when...: "After an unofficial visit I took there. I met with the coaches and the academic advisers and it just felt real finally. I felt like what it was really like to be a student and athlete there. It was also the first time both my mom and dad were on campus with me. My sister goes there too, so it was just the right fit and I knew it pretty early on."

3) Funniest story during the recruiting process: "When coach (Steve) Sarkisian came for my in-home visit, he actually showed up at my neighbor's house. The thing that is really funny is, they are big time Husky fans, so they knew who he was, but they didn't know that I was committed to them or anything, so when coach Sark showed up on their doorstep they were like 'why is coach Sark at our house?' When he told them he was looking for me they all had a good laugh about it and they said 'he lives two doors down'. It was pretty hysterical."

4) Favorite subject in school: "I'd have to say it's probably Social Studies or anything to do with History. Math is all theoretical and it feels like people sorta made rules up as they went along. With history, that's stuff that actually happened. It's real life."

5) Major at the University of Washington: "It will probably be something in the social sciences or maybe early child development. I'd like to be a teacher or counselor or maybe a principal. I'm not really sure yet what I'd like to do when school and football are over with."

6) Favorite Husky (past or present): "I have liked a couple of them. Steve Emtman is one just because of how dominant he was. I mean, I hear stories and you can see it on the videos, there was fear in everyone's eyes when he was on the field. My neighbors are both old school Husky fans, I think they graduated in the 50s, so they talk about him all the time. The other one would be Chris Polk. He's a guy I can sorta relate too just because he was just there so it's sorta in the same time frame. Again, he was just so dominant out there. When LSU came to Washington to play a few years ago, no one had ever heard of him, but he busted out in that game and he pretty much never looked back. I really liked him a lot."

7) Game you are looking forward to playing: "The Illinois series we have coming up is going to be a big one for me and my family. My entire family lives about 30 minutes outside of Champaign. My mom and dad both went to school there, so they are big fans and I grew up a fan of Illinois myself. When we go back there in 2013, my mom and dad and my sister will all be rooting for me and for the Huskies, but I'm not sure the rest of my family will."

8) Team you want to beat the most: "Definitely Oregon. I just can't stand seeing all these annoying Oregon fans up here. I have a ton of respect for coach (Chip) Kelly and their program there. They have been really successful, but man, their fans are so annoying. I just want to beat them so bad."

9) If not UW then who?: "I probably would have gone to UCLA or Washington State. I really liked coach (Paul) Wulff a lot and coach (Steve) Morton was a great offensive line coach. If they had stayed there and I hadn't gone to U-Dub, then I think that I probably would have gone there. UCLA is just a beautiful campus and the school is great. It would have been a great program to be part of, but I chose the best program in Washington. I'm glad I get to stay close to home and play for a staff like the one that is there."

10) Biggest influence on your life from a football standpoint: "Lele Teo, the strength coach at Juanita, he was the first person to tell me, back when I was a sophomore, that he thought I could play in the NFL. That meant so much to me. He pushed me so hard and our workouts over the summer there were just grueling, but he is a big reason that I'm where I'm at right now and why I have the opportunities I have had come to me." Top Stories