Troy Williams talks Elite 11, UW

There was more good news Wednesday for Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne quarterback Troy Williams, as he was among 13 quarterbacks selected to participate in the prestigious Elite 11 Camp, which will be held July 18-22 in Redondo Beach, Calif.

The camp, which will host 25 quarterbacks, had already picked 12 quarterbacks from all over the country during their regional camp circuit - including USC-bound Max Browne from Skyline High School in Sammamish. Williams didn't get a regional invitation after his workout in Las Vegas, but impressed the Elite 11 coaches enough to earn his way into the field Wednesday. spoke to Williams Wednesday night about the experience, what he's expecting, and how his recent verbal commitment to Washington has affected his life now that he's made his college decision.
On his Elite 11 regional camp experience in Las Vegas - "I think I did real good. I just went out there and had fun competed with the fellow quarterbacks that I see at camps. I think I did well overall with all the throws and the drills and stuff like that."

On how important camps like this are to him post-Washington commit - "It's real important, especially since I've wanted to do this since I was real little, just watching the older guys on TV. I told myself that one day I would be in their shoes.

What advise has the UW staff given you about events like these? - "They just told me to go out there and work hard and represent well. They told me they are real proud of me and that they are really excited that I'm out there doing my job."

What feedback did you get from the Elite 11 staff prior to selection? - "I was getting really good feedback, especially since most of that stuff was coming from under center, and I don't really do too much from under center at my school. They were really impressed with how well I did with those five and 7-step drops."

So you were basically learning footwork on the fly? - "A little bit. I haven't been under center since I've been in high school at all, so it was real tough. I just worked hard on the weekends basically from under center, doing five and 7-step drops and doing cone drills to get my feet quicker."

Were you surprised when your name was called Wednesday? - "I knew. I knew. I found out on Tuesday, I think. I got a call from Brian Stumpf and I was really excited. I kind of knew I would get picked; I was hoping - especially because of my performance in Vegas. I thought I did really good. I was just hoping for that call sooner or later."

Did you watch the Elite 11 last year (with UW signees Jeff Lindquist and Cyler Miles participating)? - "I saw those dudes. I sat backed and watched them. I pretty much watch any event that has high school players and is on TV, so it was just really fascinating seeing those dudes."

What goals have you set for the camp? - "I just want to go out there and prove myself and represent for Washington and show them what I can do. I want to go out there and win the whole thing or whatever the deal is - win MVP. But if I don't I'm just glad and blessed to have the opportunity to go out there and show my talent."

Is there anyone else you know that will be there? - "The only person…I don't really talk to anybody, but I'm kind of familiar with Johnny Stanton. He's been at a few tournaments and camps and stuff. We've talked a few times, but besides him I really don't know anybody else."

Still on track to graduate early? - "It's going real good. I'm on track for graduating early right now and I'm taking extra summer classes this year and I think I'm going to get five or 10 extra credits for school. As soon as football season is over I'll be ready to get out of there in December or January."

So how much do you talk about Washington now? - "Every day. I mention them every day. I just tell the dudes, we're not playing around this year. We're coming out with a force, and we're coming out looking real nice."
Here's the conversation that took place in the Elite 11 'War Room' when talking about Troy Williams. It takes place between Trent Dilfer, who is the Elite 11 Head Coach, and his assistants, who include George Whitfield and Matt James. Williams was the fifth quarterback picked out of 13 invites given Wednesday during the Elite 11 Selection Show on ESPNU. Also of note was that Dilfer specifically called out Bellevue (Wash.) Newport QB Isaac Dotson as one of those few players good enough for selection if more spots were available.

Trent Dilfer - "Troy Williams…He's the next guy on my list to bring up."

George Whitfield - "I like Troy Williams. He's a guy that can rally the troops when he gets off the bus. We have a chance to win because this guy is sitting there."

Matt James - "He's known in LA. He's known…"

Dilfer - "He's the man."

James - "…as the guy since…"

Dilfer - "He's the dude."

James - "…like Pop Warner. People will rally around him and it's going to be like that when he goes to college. Washington is going to be killing it in LA recruiting because Troy Williams is up there, and I want to play with Troy Williams."

Dilfer - "Great point."
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