Getting To Know You: Jaydon Mickens

One of the top playmakers in Washington's 2012 recruiting class, Dorsey (Los Angeles) WR Jaydon Mickens, becomes our latest "Getting To Know You" subject and gives us some interesting answers including which assistant coach he hung up on during the recruiting process...

1) Food you will miss the most: "Beans, Rice and cornbread. It's a dish my mom makes a lot and whenever I want it, she makes it. I'm looking forward to coming back home and having it on breaks."

2) You know Washington was the school for you when...: "I talked to coach (Steve) Sarkisian, coach (Johnny) Nansen, coach (Jimmie) Dougherty and coach (Keith) Heyward. They laid it all out to me why I should be a Husky. They were my second offer, after USC. Right after I got done with my Oklahoma State visit, I was going to commit there, but Washington just kept recruiting me hard and when I talked to the coaches, I just knew it was the right situation and school for me."

3) Favorite Husky (past or present): Beno Bryant is the guy who opened my eyes to Husky football. He was a great Husky and he was one of my coaches as a freshman at Dorsey. He's such a hard worker and he's diligent. He's been a real inspiration to me."

4) If not UW, then who?: "It would have been Oklahoma State. They have a great offense there and their coaches are top-notch. I really loved it there and was ready to go there, but Washington just sold me on why I needed to go there."

5) Favorite subject in school: "I love my English classes. I like to write and give my viewpoint on things. I have a lot of fun in that class."

6) Major at UW "It will probably be something with Communications or Business. I'm not really sure yet. I'd like to be an entrepreneur so I can give back to the community. Maybe open some stores and really give back to a place that has meant so much to me. I also wouldn't mind being a sports commentator. That would be a lot of fun."

7) Funniest story from the recruiting process: "I have the perfect one. When I was just starting to be recruited, I got a call from (then USC running backs coach) Todd McNair and he said he was coach McNair from USC and that they wanted to offer me. I sorta laughed and then I hung up on him because I thought it was a friend of mine playing a joke on me. When he called me back he was sorta laughing and he said 'no, this is really Todd McNair and I really work for USC and we are really offering you'. I was so embarrassed that I did that, but he was cool about it. We laughed about it a lot after that."

8) Game you are most looking forward to playing and why: "San Diego State is the one, just because it's the first game of my college career and I plan on being out there and playing in it. That's my goal at least."

9) Team you most want to beat and why: "I have like four or five friends from down here headed to Washington State and they've been talking a lot of crap for a while about how they are going to beat us or that Washington will never beat them while they are there, so yeah, Wazzu is the school I want to beat the most. Jeremiah Allison is my very good friend and he's been talking crap since he committed. I can't wait to play them and shut them up, but it's all in fun."

10) Biggest influence on you from a football standpoint: "Coach Lonnie Pumphrey. He was such a good coach and he kept me focused, especially when I got in an argument with him my first day as a freshman. I thought I knew better than him, but he just showed me the way and I can't thank him enough. Also my dad, James Mickens, he passed away about five years ago, but he also preached to me that the only person who could stop me was me." Top Stories