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TheInsiders.com spoke Friday afternoon with Tracy Ford, a 5-7, 165-pound athlete, who is in the process of making a pretty big change for himself. Last year he played for Federal Way Decatur. But when his Mom moved to Bellevue, he saw an opportunity to play for the defending Class 3A champs. He's taken that opportunity and will be suiting up for the Wolverines this fall.

"In the spring I was here watching them, because my Mom had just moved," Tracy said. "Then I started lifting with the team and later started going to passing leagues and now I'm registered."

When we caught up with Ford, he was inbetween sessions at the James Hasty select camp for defenders. "We just worked on technique," he said about the morning session. "They stressed technique. They said that technique will take you through high school and college and into the NFL. We did some 7-7's and we're going to review the film we did on the 7-7."

What was the biggest thing he was working on personally? "I'm working on seeing the quarterback and the receiver at the same time, because that's the most difficult for me when I'm in different coverages," said Ford.

Besides the Hasty select camp, Tracy has also been to the Seattle Nike camp and the University of Washington camp. "We're also going to our team camp where it's a week of straight 3-a-days," he said. Ford's athleticism will be put to the test by the Bellevue coaches this fall, where he'll be playing both ways. "They've got me everywhere. I'll even play quarterback in some formations. In some formations I'll play the halfback.

"I just want to play an all-around game, try to help them win and get back to the state championship game. And also just soak up everything the coaches are telling me 'cause they are really good and can help me get to the next level."

The word about Ford's transfer has already started a ripple effect in regards to his recruiting. "USC has contacted me, Nebraska still and UCLA has contacted me again," Tracy said. "Boise State said that they may offer me by the end of next week. Oregon and Arizona State are starting to show more interest, and Washington too."

Was there some distraction at the Washington camp because of the situation surrounding Rick Neuheisel? Not according to Ford. "It was business as usual, because anytime you go to a camp you just want to go in and do your best," he said. "You're really not too worried about what's going on outside of the camp. And I went there last year. Coming into my junior year I wasn't really known. I think a lot of the coaches just thought I was a small senior. But this time around I got a lot more attention and more coaches were talking to me, telling me how they are going to be watching me and evaluating me. They told me that they would be at my second game."

Bellevue's first game is against Walla Walla, a perennial power who is also a classification up from the Wolverines. "I think we'll match up," Tracy said, laying down some early bulletin board material for the Blue Devils. "These guys work really hard. My work ethic combined with theirs is going to be dominating. Our backfield is stacked and our coaches are really good, so I think we can match up with anybody."

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