2012 class is an impressive bunch of pups

The majority of the 2012 recruiting class made their debut today at the opening of Washington's fall practices and it was one of the most impressive looking group of newcomers to take the field for the Dawgs since at least the start of the century. Here is a quick look at each one and what we saw when they took their first reps as Huskies...

QB Jeff Lindquist - He looks very impressive out there on the field. He's got a great build and he showed off his outstanding arm a couple of times. That being said, the first pass we saw was shaky as it appeared his grip was off as he tried to make a quick pass, but you can see that the talent is there.

QB Cyler Miles - Another impressive athlete. He isn't as sound mechanically, but you can just see that he oozes athleticism and he threw a couple nice balls in warm-ups.

OL Taylor Hindy - At 6'4" and weighing 295 pounds, Hindy looks the part, but we didn't see the OL do much since OL coach Dan Cozzetto was getting them used to drills as well as working on the fundamentals.

OL Nathan Dean - Good looking, athletic lineman. A lot like Hindy in that we didn't see him do much, but he's got the size and look you like in your incoming freshmen.

Shane Brostek - His arms are ridiculously huge. He was running with the second unit at right guard (that doesn't mean much right now since it's early, but it is worth noting). He is a lot leaner than we thought he'd be, measuring in at 6'4" and 280 pounds and could easily add 20 or 30 pounds to his frame pretty easily.

WR Jaydon Mickens - Super-quick athlete who showed great hands and nimble feet that allowed him make a play on the sideline in one drill. He's got really soft hands and he's someone to watch as camp moves along.

FB Psalm Wooching - Didn't see much of him other than to say he's a great looking athlete and a player who will make some noise during camp. The coaches love him.

OL Cory Fuavai - A lot like Dean and Hindy in that he didn't do much, but he's been trimming down quite a bit. He's listed at 6'3", 310 pounds and if that's the case he is carrying it very well. I thought he was closer to 290.

OL Jake Eldrenkamp - Eldrenkamp may not play this year, but he looks ready. He's going to be fun to watch when they throw the pads on so he can get out and drive blocker, but he's in phenomenal shape and looked good out there running around.

RB Erich Wilson - Wilson is a guy we didn't know much about. He's 5'10" and 188 pounds. He's got a nice lean when he runs it and he exploded through the hole on one play, getting to the second level very quickly.

WR Kendyl Taylor - Like Mickens, Taylor isn't the biggest guy, but he's super-quick and appears destined for the slot with his strong frame.

RB Ryan McDaniel - Yeah I know we saw him in the spring, but all we saw was him walking around the field. He wasn't doing a lot, but he did a lot more out there than he did in the spring. He's a big, athletic kid though and he's still at running back currently.

K Travis Coons - The kickers worked out on the own most of practice in the Dempsey Indoor, but he looks the part. He's a pretty big athlete."

DL Pio Vatuvei - Impressive looking guy. Looked a bit lost in his first drill, but overall, I don't see any way he stays off the field this year.

Shaquille Thompson - He was definitely swimming mentally, but boy, oh boy, he's just a beast out there. UW had his running as a pure safety (he played free the times I really watched him) and he flashed some amazing athleticism for a guy his size.

CB Brandon Beaver - Long athlete. Really quick and plays with a bit of a swagger. He doesn't talk much off the field, but you can tell he will be an entertaining guy when he's on it.

CB Cleveland Wallace - He does all of his talking with his play. He's good in press, looking very comfortable when asked to go man-to-man, and looked good in zone too.

DL Damion Turpin - Big, athletic kid, but needs a year in the weight room before he can be counted on much.

DL Josh Banks - Looks like he could play almost anywhere along the line. He's so athletic for a guy his size and he's got a very quick first step. He just goes about his business and seemed to be learning quickly.

LB Blake Rodgers - Athletic looking and has that length that the Husky coaches seem to be looking for, but he appears, at least from a preliminary look, to need a year or two in the weight room. He just didn't look as big as I remembered.

DB Darien Washington - Not the biggest guy, but showed good quickness and awareness. He'll be a versatile player for the Dawgs, able to play both corner and safety.

LB Cory Littleton - A long athlete and really has the frame to add 25 pounds pretty easily.

P Korey Durkee - Another very impressive athlete. Didn't see him punt or kick while I was out there, but he can boom it.

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