Steve Sarkisian - Day One

SEATTLE - Washington Head Coach Steve Sarkisian spoke with the media Monday night after UW's first practice of Fall Camp after a hot, sunny day on the east field next to Husky Stadium. Sark was pleased with the competitive aspect of practice, and also with the work that got done.

On first day overall: "I thought it was a really competitive practice, we saw the playmaking ability I think of some of the guys on this team, some guys making plays down the field in the pass game, but then some other guys turning around making plays for the defense with a couple turnovers which is encouraging, it's a big emphasis of ours on the defensive side of the ball. From an overall efficiency standpoint of practice, I thought it was really good for us to manage one field and get a lot of work done with a lot of football players at one time, I was pleased with it."

On Shaq Thompson's big plays in practice as well as other incoming freshmen: "First day, I think he is like a lot of our young kids, they have moments where they do some really cool stuff like Shaq did and there is moments when they would probably like to have some plays back. But I think we saw Jaydon Mickens do some things today, I think we saw Kendyl Taylor do some stuff today, Erich Wilson had a couple runs in there today. I'm pleased with a lot of the young guys and Shaq had his moments which was good."

On Sean Parker leaving practice early: "We need to adjust to this heat a little bit and we have a couple guys but this is training camp and this is what it's for, and understanding how the importance of hydration and staying hydrated and he'll be okay."

On getting on players for playing too hard for shorts and shirts: "These guys have been like some dogs tied up on the porch and we finally took the leashes off and now they're going and they want to go and I love that about them, we just have to learn how to practice when we're not in pads. It's great that we had a couple examples to learn from and we'll show them again to them tonight on film and we'll learn from it, we just need everybody to learn from other guys so it doesn't repeatedly happen."

On Deontae Cooper: "It was good, good first start, we got enough out of him, and then the thing like Coop, Colin (Tanigawa), Kevin (Smith), we want to do enough to where they are getting their confidence but yet not go too far. It's going to be a gradual process but I was pleased with that."

On Keith Price and weight gain (202 pounds): "I thought he looked strong, I thought he looked good, good command, getting out of the pocket a couple times, looked strong escaping, had a nice play on the far sideline to Jaydon (Mickens). So far so good as far as how he's carrying that weight. My big thing is you put on that much weight, is how explosive are you still and I think he showed that."

On Keith Price a year later - "I don't know if he (Keith) has changed so much, but I think maybe how his teammates view him in that he has put his resume on film, which we like to see in football and when you do that, there is an instant respect for the way he works and the way he prepares and what he brings to the team, so on the field, there is that instant respect in the huddle and when he wants something fixed or something to be run a certain way, I think it's getting done a little quicker now maybe than last year."

On Keith Price playing through injuries last year: "There is a great deal of respect on the whole team, not just the offensive guys, the defensive players, they know how tough that dude is, and what he brings and how he performs, again that work ethic that he puts into it and that's what you want out of that position. I think he's a great role model for our younger guys and what it takes at that position and to their credit, I thought those guys did some nice stuff today too. I remember my first college practices as a quarterback, as a freshman, those are hard."

On timetable to learn playbook for quarterbacks: "It's going to be an ongoing process. Keith is still learning, that's the beauty of the quarterback position, you can always improve, you can always get better, there is always something to find. As we get through this training camp, the basis of what we do, how we do it, the command of the huddle, at the line of scrimmage, all of those things we definitely want to get done. And then the key in this is finding out what they do well and then trying to continually put them in position to do the things that they do well so that they can perform at a high level and gain confidence and then in the meantime work on the stuff that they're struggling at so they can maximize the old playbook."

On Miles and Lindquist: "I thought they looked great, again, I thought they were poised, I thought they had great composure, didn't get rattled, I mean how many times do you come out to a first year quarterbacks' practice and there is fumbled snaps, balls on the ground and we just didn't have that stuff and there's a reason why they were so highly recruited and they're the people that they are. They have a great deal of confidence but yet humble knowing that they have a long way to go and they are willing to work at it."

On Miles and Lindquist not competing for second quarterback spot: "I don't think they are worried about it and we're not either. It's about learning our stuff, doing what you need to do and we'll worry about that down the road. Right now is how do we attack the defense, understanding one high and two high, when am I getting blitzed, when is it zone, the cadence, the audibles, there's so much that it doesn't matter who is standing behind them or in front of them right now."

On size of Miles and Lindquist: "They both are really put together well, Jeff's 234, Cyler is about 223, 224, so they're both big kids and in very good shape."

On the kickers: "Sometimes the kicker can get the rap for stuff when he's missing, it's a battery, it's snap, hold, kick, it's timing, it's rhythm, this is the first time these guys are working together . I think we see the potential of what those guys have on about two thirds the kicks they had. But there is some timing issues on the other ones, we're trying to get them as many reps as we can, that's why we did the two field goal teams and rotated them today to get them as many opportunities as we can. I'm going to hold off judgement on Coons and Durkee here for awhile until we get our rhythm down."

On the team today and how they looked: "I do as much coaching as I can yet I'm trying to see and observe 105 guys at the same time as well and so it takes me a little time to get through the film and a couple days to really assess it. I thought all in all, the spirits were good, the playmaking ability appeared to be there, we appeared fast to me, but again first day, let's see how we go." Top Stories