Practice Spotlight - Day One

SEATTLE - With the sun beating down on Montlake, the weather took its toll on at least one Washington Husky Monday as the UW football team opened their fall camp on the east practice field - and in the shadow of an emerging, renovated Husky Stadium.

The List:
Walking wounded - During OL/DL one-on-ones, Erik Kohler took a snap and was immediately felled, grabbing his right knee in pain and screaming. It didn't look good. Found out later through UW Head Coach Steve Sarkisian that the junior OL had his kneecap dislocate and then immediately go back in. Sounds like it'll be at least a few days before Kohler resumes practice, but that diagnosis was far better than what it appeared on the surface.

The sun got to junior safety Sean Parker, who had to leave practice due to dehydration. It appeared all precautions were being taken as Parker had a wet towel over his head and breathing from an oxygen mask as he left the field.

John Timu appeared to twist an ankle during 7-7's and didn't play much from that point on, but after practice didn't seem to be favoring it at all.
Play of the Day - The cornerbacks and safeties had a very nice day on the edges for the most part. But there was one connection between Keith Price and senior WR Cody Bruns for what ended up being a touchdown that really got to Parker. He was covering Bruns, and when Bruns was able to beat him over the top he took his frustrations out on one of the Rubbermaid containers on the sidelines.

Player of the Day - Honestly it was hard to judge one player over another during an initial practice like that, so I'll go with a sentimental one - running back Deontae Cooper. Even with a lineman brace on his left knee, that didn't stop the redshirt sophomore from getting his work in on Monday. It's been over a year since he tore out his knee for the second time in his short UW career, but you wouldn't have known it. Obviously he's not back to his blazing self, but he's moving, he's cutting, he's making plays again. It'll be slow and steady, one day at a time for the 6-foot, 201-pound Cooper, but through Day One it's so far, so good.

Competition was key - Even though this was the first of five NCAA-mandated non-pads practices, Sarkisian was impressed with the competitive spirit of the team on Day One. There were a couple skirmishes that were quickly squashed, and Nate Fellner was taken out of part of one of the 11-11 drill for running into Price.

Brace Yourselves - With Cooper and others coming back from injury, it was hard not to notice how many players had braces on their knees - apart from the OL, which always has to have them on. Cooper, Timu, Kevin Smith, Taz Stevenson, Adam Long, Keith Price, Derrick Brown, Ryan McDaniel and Talia Crichton had braces on one of their knees.

The OL' Switcheroo - With Colin Tanigawa doing very little OL work (he spent a bunch of time on the bike), the No. 1 OL looked like this (from left tackle to right tackle): Micah Hatchie, Dexter Charles, Drew Schaefer, James Atoe and Ben Riva. When Schaefer took some reps at left tackle, it was the same lineup, but with Kohler at center. Siosifa Tufunga got work at LG, Mike Criste at center, freshman Shane Brostek at RG and walk-on Ross Dolbec at RT. Another true frosh - Jake Eldrenkamp, got work at LT with the two-deeps.

Young Guns - Both freshman quarterbacks - Jeff Lindquist and Cyler Miles - both had glimpses during the day. Lindquist, listed at 234 pounds, looked light on his feet and ready to go physically. Same with Miles, who is listed at 223. Both have very good arms and, as you would expect, had some erratic throws and some plays of brilliance. Sarkisian joked to the media afterward that they both looked a lot better than he did his first day at BYU.

Quickly Making Their Mark - Speed is one thing freshmen receivers Jaydon Mickens and Kendyl Taylor have, and they used every ounce of that speed to work during their first workout Monday. They seemed to be featured prominently during the final team sessions and looked pretty comfortable out there already.

Change of Schedule - Once fall camp is done, the team will do their normal Sunday work but will now have Mondays off during game weeks.

Quotable - "These guys have been like some dogs tied up on the porch and we finally took the leashes off and now they're going and they want to go and I love that about them, we just have to learn how to practice when we're not in pads. It's great that we had a couple examples to learn from and we'll show them again to them tonight on film and we'll learn from it, we just need everybody to learn from other guys so it doesn't repeatedly happen." - Steve Sarkisian.

"Last year at this time, my mind wasn't really into it, getting that whole other year, guys picking me up, actually being one of five seniors that were here before these guys got here. It's been a long run, and I want to do it right, last year I didn't feel like I could do it right, I didn't feel like I could go out when my mentality wasn't totally into it." - Senior WR Cody Bruns. Top Stories