Player Quotes - Day One

SEATTLE - We had a chance to catch up and talk to a number of skill players after Monday's first practice of Fall Camp for the Washington Huskies. Here's what they had to say. Included are Cody Bruns, Jesse Callier, Keith Price, Kasen Williams, James Johnson, Marcus Peters and Bishop Sankey.

Ed Note - Andrew Dore and Tyler Rivers helped with the transcriptions of these interviews. Thank you guys!
Cody Bruns:
On the incoming freshman talent: "We got a lot of talent on this team. I believe we're going to be really deep at wide receiver, I think they all have great attitudes, we all get along, I'm expecting a great year."

On coming back ready play after redshirting: "Last year at this time, my mind wasn't really into it, getting that whole other year, guys picking me up, actually being one of five seniors that were here before these guys got here. It's been a long run, and I want to do it right, last year I didn't feel like I could do it right, I didn't feel like I could go out when my mentality wasn't totally into it."

On working as a holder for field goal unit: "It's a little bit of an adjustment, where he wants the ball, where he wants the ball tilted, the snapper has to get used to my cadence and so forth but it will all come together and that's what training camp is for."

On this coming year: "I think it's been a long haul and this year I'm just going to enjoy it and take every stride like it's my last because it really is, so play like there is no tomorrow."

On how he is matured through his time at UW: "I feel seasoned, I know what to expect, I don't let things affect me like I would when I was younger so I definitely matured through this whole process."
Jesse Callier:
On his goals: "Just be a leader out here, fall forward, high and tight with the ball and finish"

On the competition with Bishop Sankey: "We're all good friends, we have a motto it stands for RBF. It stands for Running Back Family. We're out here competing but that doesn't change our friendship. At the end of the day it could be both of us or just one of us."

On the running back competition pushing him: "It helps me a lot. He betters me and I better him. We feed off each other. I see him make a big run and I have the attitude that I have to make a big run. It's a competing matter"

On Chris Polk's advice: "Have fun, take advantage of college in the right way and be patient"

Feel for waiting on blocks: "I think it just comes with maturity. As you understand the offense more and you understand the schemes the coaches are trying to get done. You understand what they are trying to get done."

On the Paul Hornung Award and being on the Watchlist: "It's an honor but you know I'm just trying to keep my head straight for September 1st"

On the challenge of living up to the offensive expectations: "I think we're gonna score more touchdowns. Honestly, we have a lot of talented guys from the freshman to the seniors and we're all hungry. We need to live up to the hype that Chris and them left for us."

On Sark saying the team had a "Chip on their shoulder": "It's a good thing. It's the attitude that we are trying to carry on because a lot of people down talk us. We are just gonna have to prove it on the field" On how he feels coming into fall camp: "I feel great. Coach Ivan (Lewis) prepared us very well. He had us tip top shape. Coach KB was on us 24/7. We couldn't even yawn without him being on us."

On the iPad playbooks: "It was tough. You know, last night we were pretty confused about it. But we are getting the grasp of it. It's an iPad, who wouldn't be happy to have an iPad as a playbook? So, I'm happy."

On when he knew of the new playbooks: "I heard of it last year but I thought it was just a rumor. I saw my friend that plays football at Utah post a picture on instagram of an iPad as a playbook. So I knew that we were gonna get one. If they got one I knew we were gonna get one."

On the iPad difference: "It's just kind of a different format. For the coaches to upload stuff easier. They can just upload today's practice and it'll be on the iPad and we can go back to the dorms and watch it."
Keith Price:
On the importance of the first practice's energy level: "I think it started from me. I knew my energy needed to be high in order for the offense to get rolling. We had our moments but we still have a lot to work on." On his knee brace: "I think it's a permanent thing. Just more protection on my legs." On his health: "I'm totally healthy, I'm heavier. I'm just ready to rock and ready for SDSU."

On his diet: "I didn't really have a diet. I'm pretty lean so I can eat anything. Roscoe's right? Haha"

On a typical meal: "I don't have a typical meal. I just eat more throughout the day, I eat everything."

On the loss of productivity on the offense: "We'll still be humming this year. I'm not worried about that. I think that's more for you guys. I'm not worried about our offense at all."

On his excitement for the first practice: "Exciting. Exciting. I couldn't wait. You know I couldn't even sleep last night, I woke up 3 times at 4 a.m. knowing that I had to be up at 7 this morning. It was fun. I thought the energy was good offensively. Obviously we still have a lot to work on but I think overall it was a good day."

On the difference between last year's camp and this year's camp: "I know what to expect now. Last year I didn't know what to expect and I didn't really know how to lead. Now I had a whole offseason and summer to get my bearings underneath me. Now I'm more confident."

On the team and him: "Oh yeah they know. They know what I'm about and that I don't settle for less. If I feel that we had a crappy day, you know, I'll bring us up. I can't stand losing to the defense and they get to woofin at me in the locker room."

On Kasen Williams and him working together over the summer: "Yeah, actually Kasen is my roommate in camp. He's came a long way and he's still going. He's still got a long way to go and he's doing a great job out here. He's put on a lot of weight as you can see. He's still working on the mental side of the game. That's the main thing for Kasen, it's just mentally making sure that he knows his assignment and he's not having brain farts in series."

On this year's expectations and last year's numbers: "I definitely wanna win first of all. That's gonna come. The numbers are gonna come with winning. I actually didn't feel that I played at my best last year and I think that I can take my game to a whole ‘nother level and I've been working on that. Coach sark has done a great job of developing me and getting me to that level."

On what he can do better: "Oh well first off leadership. Not taking sacks, throwing the ball away and just knowing situations. I don't think I understood situations last year and now I know."

On Deontae Cooper being back on the field: "Oh he's running around and looking good. I can't wait. I can't wait until we get in the pads and he can really show what he's got."

On ASJ's maturity: "Oh my God, very mature. Obviously you see his big beard growing and he's very mature. A humble guy, a hard worker and a playmaker. I can't even…. Words can't describe what I feel about Austin. He's a great player and a great person."

On the first day of practice: "I think we got some great work in. Obviously theres still a lot of things to clean up. Starting with myself a couple balls were low, they were caught, but they were still low. Ball placement on a lot of balls. I think our offensive line did well. They showed up. Obviously it's kind of hard when the defense is coming full speed with no pads on. Overall, I think it was pretty good the first day."

On seeing Derrick Brown and the two freshman QB's throw: "Oh yeah I think they showed up. Obviously a couple interceptions, but that's gonna happen. They came back and they bounced back and it was good."

On the Manning Academy: "Well meeting a lot of top notch quarterbacks and just putting a name to a face. So it was pretty good."

On the freshman WR's: "First off Jaydon is fast man. He get's off the ball and he can run. Kendyl is so mature. He's probably one of the most mature freshman I probably have ever seen. Very mature and very humble guy."
James Johnson:
On this being his last year: "It hit me our last summer workout. That was tough because being here for four years you build relationships with the coaches and all the players. I knew that it was gonna come to an end at a time but I'm just trying to do the best to take advantage of every opportunity I get. Nothing has changed for me. I still have the mindset of coming out here and trying to be the best I can be every day. That's what I'm focusing on, trying to be the best I can be every day."

On higher expectations for him this year: "Yeah and I know that but I'm not too worried about what people are expecting. My expectations are much higher than what people expect. That's what I Think, I'm in competition with myself and I think that's the way everyone should think. You should be the biggest critic in everything you do. Learning from my mistakes and growing everyday."

On his first practice as a freshman: "A bunch of anxiety. Feel tight in your routes. You know you're thinking about making certain types of plays, things you do know and things you don't know. I think the young guys did a great job. By far the best group I feel like we've had since I've been here with the incoming freshman."

On the new defensive look: "They're doing a great job with disguising things. Rotating the safeties up and down all the time. It's just stuff we have to get used to. I'm just used to the old Coach Holt defense and everything was clear with what they were doing and how they are rotating."

On Shaq Thompson: "We all know Shaq's a great player. We look forward to having him on our team and we're thankful that he is on our team because we know the things he can do and we look forward to him improving."

On Keith Price: "He continues to be able to get out of the pocket and make certain plays that he couldn't make last year. It'll be interesting to see how high we can go." On ASJ: "He's a monster, animal, beast. He's a big guy running really, really fast. He has extremely strong hands and the way he moves his body is not natural for a guy that size. So we are expecting great things. We have the weapons in place now we just got to take the footsteps to do what we need to do to succeed on and off the field."
Kasen Williams:
On his first practice last year: "Nervous, didn't know what to expect. Overwhelmed. Definitely this year I've calmed down and I'm taking it all in."

On being in the slot more this year: "Yeah they definitely want to move me around a little bit more. Now it's up to me to just make them feel comfortable that I can be put in those positions and know what I'm doing."

On Jaydon and Kendyl: "They came out and were doing well for their first day. I can tell you when they came out they knew a lot more then I do my first day. They are real smart guys. They are hungry."

On the smack talk with Trufant: "We always smack talk. There's never a winner. That's just how we compete."

On Keith and him working over the summer: "We made it a goal to get better and the only way we can get better is if we continue working when it's not just spring and it's not just going to workouts. You have to do the extra stuff. The stuff other people weren't doing."
Bishop Sankey:
On fall camp: "It's a great feeling, it feels good to get back at it and be back with the team and working with the coaches, everybody is feeling energized and excited about it."

On filling in offensive holes: "There's a lot of young guys out here willing to step up and make their mark in this 2012 football camp."

On the heat: "It's hot definitely as you can see but this is what we need to prepare for the beginning of the season, those early games, it's good preparation."

Hopes and goals for this season?: "I only have 2 goals - stay healthy and keep getting better and better each day, control what I can control, do what's asked of me by the coaches and my teammates."

On coming into fall camp a year later: "I feel like I've advanced a lot, as far as physically and mentally, knowing what it takes to be a college running back and getting a year of experience under my belt, this year I feel a lot more comfortable."

On camp preparation: "The anticipation has been great, getting my mind right, trying to prepare for this camp, camp's not easy as everybody knows, so I'm just looking to take it one day at a time. This year I feel more comfortable with our schemes and our offense."
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