Quotes/Video - Day Two

SEATTLE - We had a chance to catch up and talk to some linemen and coaches after Tuesday's second practice of Fall Camp for the Washington Huskies. Here's what they had to say, both transcribed and on video.

Ed Note - Big thanks again to Andrew Dore, who transcribed the quotes for the players and also for Coach Sark.

Josh Shirley:
Josh Shirley on Tosh Lupoi: "We feed off his energy, and in the end, that transforms over the field, he can't be out there with us but we play through him with his coaching abilities."

Shirley on next play motto: "It means you can't focus on the past, you have to move forward, you can't dwell on a play because then you might mess up and then you are stuck worrying about that play."

Shirley on this fall camp: "I'm feeling great, it's day two, everybody's playing good, we're coming together as a team everyday."

Shirley on defense this year: "I think maturing together as a team and the better we mature together as a group, the better the outcome is on the field."

Shirley on expectations this year: "Were playing together as a team, it's not just me, it's not just anybody else, if we win 11 one on ones, were going to win every down."
Andrew Hudson:
Andrew Hudson on off-season: "I've just been working with Ivan and the training staff, trying to put on weight, out here with teammates, out working on drills trying to get ready for the season, so mostly weight, strength and athleticism."

Hudson on playing at 250 pounds: "I feel good, I feel comfortable, definitely following my dad's footsteps."
Danny Shelton:
Danny Shelton on his relationship with fellow Auburn grad Cory Fuavai: "I think it's great, me and him had that brotherhood over at Auburn and watching over each other, working out together, but now were different sides of the ball now so were not working out as much together, but I'm still watching over him."

Shelton on experience a year later: "It's better now, I'm in a comfortable state, were gonna do work, were gonna be beastly out there."

Shelton on Lupoi: "He has us all hyped up, were ready to practice everyday and give 100 percent."

Shelton on his welcome to college football moment: "I remember Hawaii week, I got into a little trouble at the hotel, and some hard lessons, but you learn from that mistake, and I didn't make another mistake after that."
Hauoli Jamora:
Hau'oli Jamora on injury last season and coming in healthy this season: "I feel like I kind of let them (defense) down. I had a lot of "what ifs?" I was thinking, what if I didn't get hurt, stuff like that? I was excited for the guys in there, trying to help as much as I could, keep everything going as well as it did and give the guys whatever tips they needed. I feel really good, and mentally I feel better than I was before, and we'll see how I progress. I just need to take every play like it's my last, and just go all out, every time I get a chance to play on the field. I wanted to get back sooner, but there was no football games to play so I'm just glad that I'm here now. I don't feel like I have any limitations."

Jamora on offseason training: "I couldn't squat for awhile and I was working with coach Ivan and they had me doing mostly upper body doing other things, and in the training room doing work with trainers, Rob and Darin, I was just limited for awhile doing any leg workouts. I was limited until late winter."

Jamora on playing this season: "I'll fit in whatever way I can, I'm not really sure, these coaches are unpredictable, as long as I find a way on the field, I'll be happy. Whatever gets me to the quarterback, I like everything."

Jamora on playing with Josh Shirley: "He's a good pass rusher, I want to be able to race him to the quarterback, hopefully we can make that happen."

Jamora on Justin Wilcox: "He's a great coach, a lot of new things to what we've had and the things that he brings are things that we have to focus on in each defense, very minute detail, and he doesn't care about extravagant packages, it's just about getting the basics down to perfection and executing."
UW Defensive Coordinator Justin Wilcox:

Josh Shirley:

Hauoli Jamora:

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