Rodgers names top five

It's been a long summer for McDonough (Pomfret, Md.) OL Na'Ty Rodgers. He's been all over the country visiting schools and taking part in several camps and recently he spoke with and updated us on things including a top five...

"I have a top five now," Rodgers told "Arkansas, South Carolina, Washington, Oklahoma and Maryland are the top schools on my list and the ones I am planning to visit.

"I don't really want to name a favorite of those five, but I haven't seen two of them yet -- Oklahoma and Arkansas -- so I don't really feel like I've seen enough to name a clear favorite yet.

"I'm going to visit those schools, think about things, make my decision and that will be it."

When the 2013 recruiting cycle got underway, Rodgers was easily one of the top OL prospects being considered by schools, garnering offers from schools across the country and while it's flattering, he knows that recognition isn't something to rest his laurels on.

"I know it just means people have big expectations of me and that's something I take seriously," Rodgers said. "I'm not living up to anyone's expectations except my own and those are pretty high.

"I have a lot of work to do to get better. I need to get stronger and I want to get my fundamentals down, but it's all been really flattering and humbling at the same time."

Luckily for Na'Ty, his father (Tyrone), has some experience at the collegiate level after playing for both Washington and Oklahoma back in the late 80s and early 90s.

"He's been a huge help for me and so has my mom," Rodgers noted. "He's given me the discipline I need to be successful and we've talked about football a lot, but more than anything, he's just been there to support me which I am so thankful for.

"My mom is just there to support me in anything I need. When I need her advice and ask for it, she gives it to me, but she's just there to back me up in any way that she can."

Rodgers said he's considered graduating early so he can enroll at the school he chooses in time to take part in spring ball, but that he's unsure of the process at this point.

"It's something I've thought about, but I'm not really sure on just where that all stands right now," Rodgers admitted. "I have a lot on my plate, so I'm not really sure yet what I would need to do."

McDonough has already started training camp and will be in full pads starting this weekend.

"I can't believe I'm almost done with high school football," Rodgers said. "It's crazy how close it is to being over, so I gotta make this season count, even more than they did before."

We will have more from Rodgers in the coming weeks as he starts to set up his official visits.

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