Steve Sarkisian - Day Three

SEATTLE - Steve Sarkisian had plenty to talk about Wednesday after Washington's Day Three practice was finished. He talked special teams, tempo, frosh quarterbacks and a whole lot more.

Big thanks to Tyler Rivers for today's transcription.
Opening Statement: "What's cool about this training camp is there's bright moments for each side and there's moments to learn from each side. That's what training camps about. What I appreciate about it is that it's highly competitive. Our guys are battling, competing. They are enthusiastic. They are energized. There is great execution from both sides at times. Then there is execution we would like to have back. For the most part I'm pleased at where we are at 3 days into it. But then again we are only 3 days into it."

On Nate Fellner's late hit : "You can't late hit. We try to pride ourselves on being a smart football team. Again, we get a stop in the end zone and we late hit a guy. They give a team a free first down and get them close to the red zone. You give them a chance to get 7 again. Hopefully everyone can learn from it. Not just that individual but the other 10 guys on the defense with him."

On the kicking competition: "Travis had a great day today. We really tried to give him an opportunity to kick today. We will come back with Corey tomorrow. I think it's all the batteries getting a little more consistent with the snap, hold and kick. Travis has a very strong leg. He missed from 52 twice yesterday and it wasn't for distance. It was wide left. He came back today and drilled it from 52. Very strong leg it's just about finding that consistency."

On punting : "We are still a little bit of a work in progress. When we go to punt protection we really stress fundamentals early on in camp to get our scheme down in blocking. We are 3 days into this now so we are a little bit more inconsistent in punting right now than maybe we would like. But you see the powerful legs that both of them have. It's believing in the protection and finding the consistency in the catch, drop and kick."

On the tempo of practices : "I love it man. I love it we are flying. We are better at it than we were in the spring. I think our kids and probably some of the new coaches are understanding some of the tempo we want in the practice and how we move from drill to drill. There's a reason why we aren't conditioning right now and it's because we go so hard. There's not a lot of rest between drills and I thought our guys responded great to that. They've really brought it every chance they've gotten. We just really have to harness some of that aggression after the whistle."

On Tokolahi's status: "He looks good. I think he's getting more and more comfortable as far as just being back to playing football and comjing back from the injury. I think he's providing our defenes staff some comfort. Another big body inside that can be productive for us. We are pleased where he is at but he has plenty of room to grow as well. He's been productive."

On Cyler Miles : "Day 3 and I totally believe this from a younger guys prospective is one of the harder days of training camp. You have 3 consecutive days of installation. You put pads on and everyones jacked up. We go into the red zone and everything shrinks down, it gets a little tighter. Windows get smaller. We anticipate some of the mistakes that can happen on day 3. I thought Cyler did some stuff today that was pretty impressive. His ability to understand and not get jittery. I think he shows a great deal of composure for a young guy."

On Kasen Williams : "I thought Kasen has had a very, very consistent camp. He's playing at a high level and he's really embraced the opportunity that he sees is out there for himself and this started in the off season. There were some growing pains in Spring ball to undertstand that. You just don't get anointed as the top receiver. You earn it and he's working his tail off to try to make that happen and he's making plays. He did it yesterday and he came back early today in practice on another deep ball and came down with it. Really impressive with what he's bringing. He has a really professional attitude."

On where Josh Perkins stands in the TE depth : "It's gonna take him some time and we understand that. It's not like overnight he's gonna step in and be a huge factor on game day. We think down the road he can be a guy that can give us depth there early on and then down the road be a factor as he becomes more comfortable."

On Dexter Charles spending time with the 1's: "Obviously with Kohler out right now it gives Dexter a unique opportunity to step in there. Dexter's in there, I like Dexter because he's a hard-nosed tough guy. He's what you want in an offensive lineman. He's blue collared. He works at it, he cares about it. At the end of the day he's getting better. It's a lot going on. It's not an easy position to play in college football especially when Danny Shelton is lining up across from him. But very pleased with what he's brought so far. I always say this about O lineman… If I don't notice them in practice they probably had a pretty good day and I didn't notice Dexter much today."

On Tanigawa's timeline : "No, it's just gonna be incremental progress. He was gonna be right on the cusp of the season on being available for us. There's no reason to rush him when we already know what kind of burden that can be. The knee looks great, he's had no swelling so we are just gonna take it day to day."

On Price throwing the ball away vs making a play out of nothing : "I think what naturally happens, innately in the games he's gonna revert back to his old self. So I'm being a bit more conservative in practice to just try to give him those reminders that will hopefully click in during gameday. Because on gameday, you play the game of football the way you know how to play it. Keith has the ability to extend plays, we all know that we saw it for a season last year. He also had some plays where he tried to extend too long and it put us in some tough positions. He took some big hits from it. Those things take their toll on you overtime and we're just trying to minimize those hits."

On the new guys: "A lot of them have done some things that are quite impressive. The two young corners made some plays today. Beaver made a couple plays today. We saw some plays that Shaq was making back there the past few days. The two young receivers have showed some stuff. Brostek has gotten in with the 1's and he's grinding away. I think Erich Wilson is slippery. He has a natural feel for running the football. And obviously the 2 QB's. They're playing pretty good football for true freshman."

On Jaydon Mickens possibly being a returner : "He's natural at it. Our depth just at returner alone is better than it has ever been for returner in the last four years. They all look pretty dynamic. We'll sort through it and I think we will try to get a feel for guys. We will try to do a little bit more live kick offs and live punts and see how they react. We are gathering information and we have a good group of guys."

On Cody Bruns being back: "It's awesome. Cody is like the jack of all trades. When you need a guy to get in at right guard he can probably do that. He's punted, returned punts, held field goals, caught passes, runs routes, he just kind of does cool stuff so for us it's fun because we can put him and spots and trust him and count on him. And then the leadership he provides to the pretty young group of receivers is great." Top Stories