Player Quotes/Video - Day Three spoke Wednesday with Keith Price, James Johnson, James Sample, Kasen Williams, Tre Watson and Justin Glenn about how Day Three went of Washington's Fall Camp. Here's what they said.

James Johnson:
On camp so far: "I feel like this year more than anything we're having a lot of fun. Just all around, from defense to the offense. It's awesome, we love it. We worked hard all summer preparing for this."

On how he feels this season compared to last season: "Well, mentally I feel like I know much more. I feel like I can play any position in our offense. It allows me to play really really fast. I'm not really thinking, I'm just lining up and going."

On being healthy this fall: "Oh it's awesome. That's really the only word I have for you. It feels good. It's nice to be able to cut left and right. Both hands are really strong right now from training all summer long. It's a real good feeling. I'm out here 100 percent."

On the younger guys: "Since I've been here they know the most out of the new guys. They are very coachable guys. You know, yes sir and no sir to the coaches. You can definitely tell they come from good families. We welcome them to our wideout group and they all fit in."

On his leadership role: "We lost two really big leaders in Jermaine and DA so it's my goal to step in as much as I can before fall camp is over. That's for everyone who needs the help."
Kasen Williams:
On leadership role: "I think that's one thing that I need to take on this year. Especially if that's the guy they want to look forward to making plays. I have to, I'm not really in the position to not take that role. If they see me excited they are gonna take on my energy."

On the difference between his freshman camp and this year's: "I feel a lot better this camp. I had a whole year to workout and this is the first time I didn't have to workout basketball and track. This whole offseason has been workouts every single day. I'm in the weight room every single day. Last year it was just the summer. So I gained a lot of weight and muscle and still kept my speed this year. It feels good just focusing on one thing."
Justin Glenn:
On camp overall: "I'm feeling good out here. Having fun. Putting the pads on and we are just getting going."

On the team's difference this year: "Speed. I feel like we are a lot faster flying to the ball. We are just gonna keep getting better from here on. Speed from guys working in the offseason. Speed from guys not questioning what they are doing."
Tre Watson:
On how he's doing: "I'm doing pretty well. Doing a lot of adjustments, getting the young guys ready. It's good competition. The offense is bringing it every day."

On getting the young guys ready: "It's a collective effort. Coach Donte and coach Heyward do a great job in the meeting rooms and in the film rooms of showing us how to execute. We talk to each other, coach each other up on the field - because out there that's all we've got."

On thinking about getting a scholarship: "That's not something I'm focusing on. I'm focusing on camp right now and preparing for San Diego State."

On playing with a chip on your shoulder: "It's just playing football. It's exciting to be out here and the guys give great competition. My teammates always bring high energy, so it's always fun."

New guys: "We've got a lot of good young guys. Shaq Thompson, he's really picking it up fast. He's really playing well. On the offensive side, Jaydon - the receiver - he's doing pretty well. Everyone is taking it in stride and picking up their roles."

Last year to this year: "I treat it the same. Every day I prepare with the same mentality, like it's the last day I'll ever be able to step up on the field. So I give everything I've got. It's no change. If before I thought about not being able to play I would have given half energy. I can't think about it that way. I have to go out there like any day could be my last."

Improvement from Spring to now - "Continuously hard in the weight room, training over the summer with coach Ivan, continuously working on my feet, getting stronger…the fundamental things…watching film, studying myself and continuously grow. You can always get better."

Tombstoned yet? - "No, but I've been doing pretty well. I've been showing up on time so I've been staying away from his bad zone. But coach Ivan is good. He's always trying to get the best out of us, won't let us take no breaks or slacking off. He's getting us right."

On Keith Heyward - "Coach Heyward's a great coach. He's a good teacher. He's taking the time to help me understand defenses much better and pick up things so I don't have to work as hard if I see it faster."

Heyward has a knack for having a way of talking to players - "Sometimes we mess with him…seems like he might be talking to a female. He's really good at drawing it up and giving good eye contact and making sure we're active listeners so we know how to execute and where we need to be and using all the right steps."

Having fun out there - "We are. And that's the most important part of it, to have fun and bring the energy. We'll make mistakes sometimes, but as long as we're going 100 miles an hour we'll make some plays."

His goal for the year - "My goal, my personal goal is to bring it every day and give my teammates 100 percent effort. If I'm slacking I feel like I'm taking something away from the team if I don't bring my energy.
Keith Price:

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