Steve Sarkisian - Day Five

SEATTLE - Friday couldn't come quick enough for the Washington Huskies. It was first day of full pads, which meant we got to see the first installment of the 'Pride' drill, but we also learned of some of the more serious injury news and we also found out about a Husky that has decided to hang up his cleats.

Steve Sarkisian on first day of full pads: "I thought it went well, I thought it was good intensity, there was some cool stuff, we obviously did the pride drill there in the middle of practice and it was great to see the guys get excited and compete, and a nice physical team run period, and then obviously finishing up here in the red zone late and watching guys on both sides of the ball making plays, which first day in pads is good. We understood the tempo and that we weren't live today, it wasn't about trying to go to the ground, it was still understanding pad level and staying up and I thought the guys did a nice job.

Sarkisian on Fellner and linebackers: "He broke the fifth metatarsal in his foot and most guys that's about a 4 week recovery, we know what it is, it's nothing worse, there's no ligament damage, hopefully he gets back sooner rather than later. The guy today that got a lot of reps was Jamaal Kearse as well as Scott Lawyer and did some nice stuff today."

Sarkisian on James Johnson: "He's got the sprain in his foot that I think is more of a day to day, nothing structural."

Sarkisian on Princeton and Fuavai: "Princeton's got a hamstring that we're just going to moniter very closely, we don't want that thing to linger all year long, were going to get him healthy. Cory's got an Achilles strain that's just been bothering him. It's bothered him throughout the summer, he thought he shook it and couldn't."

Sarkisian on the energy during practice: "I thought it was great, it kinda built. We start practice with special teams, and sometimes the guys are kind of waiting for offense/defense to really get excited, but the special team work has been great. I think that our guys understand the competition as it builds and they look forward to the competition and that's what makes those guys special to me because they embrace those opportunities to battle and compete with one another but do it with respect and they did that today, it was great."

Sarkisian on Gilliland retiring and linebacker depth: "It's unfortunate, I should report, Garret Gilliland is retiring, he's not going to play football anymore, he's going to stay at school here at UW, an opportunity maybe lost there, and Blake Rodgers knee just not quite back to where we can get him on the field. If he retires, he retires, that's his choice, we want him to play football and he doesn't want to, it's unfortunate. A lot of guys getting shots, Cory Littleton, a lot more reps than he's had in the first few days, Thomas Tutogi, a lot of reps. I think they embrace it (the opportunity), we talked about it last night, as a team, as one guy goes down, the reason we recruited those guys was to come here and play, and I think theyre working on it. Just like a lot of young guys, you make some plays and then there's some plays you'd like to have back. You have to look at the film to see how it all played out but I think they were excited for the opportunity. Evan Zeger is another name I should have used, he's getting more opportunities as well. With some of the guys that moved down, Fellner and Zeger, our numbers aren't the issue there, it's getting the right guys on the field at the right spots."

Sarkisian on opportunities for younger players due to injuries of Johnson and Smith: "They've been getting a lot of opportunities, obviously Kendyl and Jaydon have had really nice training camps, they've been impressive, they've maybe hit a bit of a wall today, day 5. A couple drops that we haven't seen out of them in the first couple days, hopefully we can get them back going again tomorrow. We shortened practice here today, coming back tomorrow with our first double day, we got to get their legs back a bit and get them feeling fresh again."
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