Quotes/Video - Day Five

SEATTLE - There were plenty of players to talk to Friday, so we spoke with Justin Glenn, Willis Wilson, Dezden Petty, Keith Price, Kasen Williams, DiAndre Campbell, Desmond Trufant, and as a bonus we shot some video of Jaydon Mickens getting some extra work in at the end of practice. Enjoy!

Justin Glenn:
Justin Glenn on the defense's imrproved play: "I think were picking up right where we left off in the Spring, things are looking good, we're getting a lot of these young guys going, Shaq, Feeney, getting these guys working. I'm excited about the defense."

Glenn on depth at safety: "We have a lot of depth at safety but that's what we need, guys are going to get hurt, you never what's going to happen through the course of the season. It's nice having the luxury of knowing guys are going to be able to step in we're not going to be lacking where we would have been in years past."

Glenn on defensive schemes: "We're just trying to play fast, pick up where we left off in the spring, and get these young guys along, teaching them. They need to learn not to do too much, they are out here trying to do too much, trying to do everything, where in these schemes, you just have to do your job. We're just trying to get everyone on the same page. We're getting guys pressed up in coverage now."
Willis Wilson:
Willis Wilson on why he chose UW: "I'm happy, I love the coaching staff, I love the players, I'm by home, I love the atmosphere, I love the fans, I love the schooling, everything over here is just perfect. I'm glad with my decision, I didn't regret anything."

Wilson on his scholarship status: "I'm still a walk on, I don't ask those questions, I'm just here to play, help the team win, and whatever happens, happens."
Dezden Petty:
Dezden Petty on increased opportunities: "Honestly I just got to find where I fit in. We have a lot of dynamic backs, anything I can do to get on that field or to help us win, I'm ready for it."

Petty on why he chose UW: "Coach Sark, coaching staff, the opportunity to play two tailback and once I took my trip, this is the most beautiful place I've ever been in my life, and to keep me out of trouble, definitely. That Sunday before I went home, I told Coach Sark that I want to be a dawg. By the time I leave the University of Washington, I want to be better than Chris Polk, he was the man, but I want to be better, and he told me I can as long as I work hard."
Keith Price:
Keith Price on fall camp: "It's been a little warmer than usual, it's been fun, it's been a great experience. I got a lot of weapons, we lost a lot, but we have a lot of guys to fill in. I'm not concerned about anything, I'm ready to rock and roll, San Diego State, September 1st. I can't wait for camp to be done so I can start preparing for these guys."

Price on first day of full pads: "It was real aggressive today, guys were getting pumped up, there was a lot of competition, it was good to see that. I told them to put me in there, but nobody wants to tackle me though."

Price on the new players: "They're awesome, obviously it's challenging sometimes because I have to be more of the leader but it's fun and it's a new experience and I think they're handling it well."

Price on running backs: "They're competing right now, they look good, they're breaking off long runs, they're helping the pass game. We had a hard time getting the pass game going for a minute today and you see in the last period they opened it up and we got in the end zone."

Price on tough early schedule: "Obviously I'd rather play those guys early in the season when we're healthy, rather than later in the season when we're banged up. It's going to be fun, it's going to be challenging but we're looking forward to it."

Price on Tyrann Mathieu: "Yeah I saw the news but they're still going to have a good team."
Desmond Trufant:
Desmond Trufant on practice today: "It was good, defense might have won today, it was competitive, we had a lot of pass breakups, we just got to keep bringing the energy."

Trufant on defense this fall camp: "Defense is showing a lot of improvement definitely, it's been back and forth but I've been real impressed with the defense."

Trufant on young players: "The new guys are great, Shaq, Brandon Beaver, they're out here making plays, they'll make mistakes, they're still young, but they are making plays, having fun."

Trufant on playing in pads and harnessing aggression: "It's hard, especially as a defender, you have to be aggressive, you have to use your power, but at the same time you don't want to hurt your teammates, you need a balance. There is nobody holding you back now, full speed, full contact, when the pads come on, it's real football, it's just fun to be out there."?

Trufant on advice he gives to younger players: "You have to compete hard, but at the same time, protect the team, we need those guys come September first, we need Kasen, we need Keith, so we have to stay off the quarterbacks, stay off the wide receivers, but at the same time get them better. The younger guys are still making plays all over the field, I've been really impressed with them."

Trufant on the play with Willis Wilson yesterday: "It was just guys just being too aggressive, sometimes it happens, there's a lot of emotions, it was nothing personal, just football, sometimes it happens. I'm glad he's (Sean) is playing aggressive but at the same time you have to be controlled."
DiAndre Campbell:
DiAndre Campbell on increased reps: "The opportunity has presented itself and I've been able to step in and do what the coaches ask me to do."

Campbell on last season: "I just kept on working, I guess the other receivers beat me out for the spots, it was competing every day."

Campbell on working to earn playing time this season: "Just making plays, doing everything I'm asked to do, making plays. I'm 6'2", 200 lbs. I'm just being physically fit and ready for the season, getting the best physical shape possible, it's a long haul, I want to be able to make it through. I feel like a veteran now. I have confidence in my physical presence, and I worked my butt off all offseason."

Campbell on Jaydon and Kendyl: "They're great, great players, great playmakers, no matter what, they'll make a difference in our offense."
Kasen Williams - Watch Here
Keith Price - Watch Here
Jaydon Mickens catches passes from a Jugs machine after practice with James Johnson coaching him up - Watch Here

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