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Week one of Washington's 2012 fall camp is in the books and the several of the players -- DT Sione Potoae, LB Jamaal Kearse, LB John Timu and C Drew Schaefer -- gave us their thoughts on how things have gone so far and what they are looking forward to in the future...

Sione Potoae

On camp so far - "This is the best week I have had since I've been here. I just feel comfortable and I understand the expectations and I know that I have to go all out on every play."

What has been the difference - "I think you could say that the light has come on a little. I just understand things better and I listen a lot more. Also I'm running out of time. I need to step up my game and, just like all of the players on the team, I want to win a bowl and win a championship."

On getting used to the new coaches - "We've had a lot of time with them, but they still throw stuff at us that we aren't sure about yet. The staff really encourages us and they want us all to get better."

What he worked on in the offseason - "Probably my mental game. Instead of coming into practice tired and not fully ready mentally, now I'm just telling myself, to push and keep going and go hard every play and fly to the ball."

John Timu

On camp so far - "It's definitely a grind. Couple of guys have gone down, they're nicked up, but like coach (Steve) Sarkisian said, they won't be down forever, but this is a chance for the younger guys to get more reps."

On how he feels about being in the middle again - "I love it inside. I'd actually rather be inside because that lets you go sideline-to-sideline."

On one thing that is easier this year from last year - "I think just mentally I get it more and quicker. I mean, the coaches ask me to do something and it clicks really quick for me, but obviously I still need to work on things. I can't get complacent."

On only being a sophomore, but having nearly the most experience - "It's sorta weird being as inexperienced as I am, only playing one year, and being one of the older guys. I love it though. I love being the leader of the group and being like a coach on the field. It isn't easy, but it's coming along really well."

On him taking the young linebackers under his wing - "I was there last year, it was my first year, so it's hard on them and if I can help them out any way, then I will do that. We're a team, a family and we help each other out. I can tell them that I've been through it all before, so I know what they are going through, but it's not time ot feel sorry for themselves. You gotta pick it up and go on to that next play."

Jamaal Keasre

On camp and what he's seen - "It's been really competitive which is awesome. You always want a good competition in practices and you want to keep everything competitive and the more you compete the better you get."

Last year to this year fall camp - "Sorta started off the same -- new coaches, new defensive scheme -- but things are starting to come so fast. I'm in my third year of playing linebacker now and I feel like I'm picking things up quicker."

On being a leader - "We're all young, we're all very young, so we all have got to step up. Really, we all know what we have got to do so there's really no need for a leader in our group. We all need to step up and do our jobs."

On his goals - "Every day get better than the day before. Whatever I messed up on yesterday, I'm going to fix today and whatever I mess up on today, I'm fix tomorrow."

On the family atmosphere - "We're definitely a family. You see it on the field, battles going on, back and forth, but in the end we all know we're a family and we bring it up on the 'W' and that's really what it's all about."

Deontae Cooper

On hearing the injury news: "I teared up a little bit, it was tough, but like I said, a slight tear in my leg, I'll be alright. It's still hard, it's hard now, I'm going to get over it. I don't have the "why me?" it's just unfortunate luck, I'm going to catch a break sooner or later."

On how the injury happened: "The funny about it was I made a plant and it was my calf, and I'm worrying about my calf, and I've had so many knee injuries I was like it's my calf, I'm going to be fine, then as the days went on, I started to feel it in my knee and I told the trainers "this feels like something serious" and we did an MRI and they told me it was a slight tear in my ACL. It was just taking a handoff and that's when it happened."

On the future: "I'm going to be fine, I'm going to rehab hard, like I did the other two, and I'm going to be right, physically in shape, ready to go. Definitely see me out on the field again."

On the support he has received: "Husky fans, coaches, trainers, my teammates, everybody involved, great support here, I wouldn't want it any other way."

Drew Schaefer

On shifting between left tackle and center: "Well it was an idea we kind of played around with a little bit, during the summer, we did our team workouts, I had been taking reps at left tackle and was kind of comfortable with it, nothing new. It was unfortunate what happened to Kohler and it was an easy transition back inside having played two years. I just wanted to be prepared for it, it was better to be comfortable with it before the season started rather than two weeks into camp. Just the more time we had, the more repetition we can get, things will go smoother."

On the offensive line: "I've been really pleased with the offensive line, from the point where we ended spring to the first week of camp, we've made a lot of strides, obviously stuff we can work on, in terms of communication and playing together, I'm really happy with where we are at. When you look at the line right now, there's me a senior, and then redshirt freshman, redshirt sophomores, and most of those guys don't have much playing experience, this is a really crucial part for the offensive line to mold together."

On offensive line dealing with Kohler's injury: "The good thing is that we're all position flexible, you'll see guys playing left guard, left tackle, right tackle, move around a lot. The good thing is is that all our guys know how to play each position."

On progression of the line: "Especially the tackles, Micah Hatchie, and Ben Riva I think are doing a lot better with their sets, they're giving Keith a lot more time in the pocket, like I said Dexter Charles, he's come a long ways and expect him to play this year. Even some of the freshman, Shane Brostek, he came in and started off on a great note and it's unfortunate with his hand right now but you just have to deal with it and keep moving forward. We got a lot of personality on this line and it's going to be a fun year." Top Stories