Steve Sarkisian - Day Six

The grind of Husky fall camp has just gotten underway, but after day six, Washington's fourth-year head coach, Steve Sarkisian, spoke with the media about things including how the first two-a-day went as well as the '"pride drill" which showed it's face on Saturday at the start of camp...

Sarkisian on first two a day: "I thought the first two a day went well, just helmets in the morning and a lot of situational work and big emphasis on 2 minute drills this morning, and then came back and had a real nice physical practice this afternoon with some emphasis on the short yardage, goal line, and then got some red zone work in 7 on 7 and some blitz drill and some first and ten work, and then finished with some 3rd down work. It was a really good situational practice, very competitive, and I thought physical."

Sarkisian on pride drill: "I think it's about setting the tone, we filmed the whole thing, we watch it as a team at night when we go to meetings, and guys know they're on film and they know everybody's watching, it's your pride on the line and it's great watching the guys compete and battle and go back and forth and watch a guy get beat and want to jump back in and go in again and try to win the next one. They've been great for us the last couple days and we'll continue to do those throughout camp. We usually do one big one at the end where they try to match up their best guys, it's a good finish today."

Sarkisian on fall camp and it's course so far: "I think we're on schedule, we'll do a real analysis tomorrow as a staff and looking at our personnel, our schemes, what we're doing, is our schemes fitting our personnel? Or can we fit the personnel differently to make our schemes even better. We'll look at our depth across the board at every position, there might potential of guys moving around a little bit, potentially some guys doing some double duty work on both sides of the ball, so they might be switching over a little bit next week. All of that stuff will get diagnosed and decided tomorrow."

Sarkisian on Travis Coons and the special teams: "He just keeps getting better to me, a little more consistent each day, he appears to be more comfortable each day, just with his approach, his body language, and I thought Korey is starting to strike the ball a little more consistently in the punting game as well. As we move forward we're going to try to rattle them a little more and we gotta put them in some more difficult situations with maybe conditioning on the line, things like that where the guys are rooting for them, or trying to rag them a little bit to try to rattle them. That's what it's all about, it's about the build up and so far so good."

Sarkisian on Tutogi: "A sprained knee by first look, doesn't appear to be overly serious, but we'll wait until we can get all the tests done properly, but from the outside looking in, it doesn't look to be serious."

Sarkisian on team depth as compared to previous years: "We would have been in dire straights at that point and I think that's the value of recruiting and having depth that's also the value of our ability to raise the intensity level of practice and practice at an even higher more physical level than we ever have. That's the personality of these guys, when they get in, they want to make plays and that's what I was hoping for 4 years ago that we could create an environment like this. I'm not happy that guys are getting nicked up, but we have the depth in place to make up for it, and not just depth but pretty good players that are stepping in and making good plays."

Sarkisian on Kearse: "Jamaal's gotten better, it's like anything the more you do something, usually the better you get. The key for Jamaal again, a guy who in high school is a safety wide receivers, is understand the physicality of the linebacker position, he's a very good athelete, but it's the consistent physicality to bring and I think he's getting better and more comfortable in doing that kind of stuff."

Sarkisian on Mickens and Sample not participating: "They're both nursing groins, not serious, we're just being proactive on it, we don't want it to flare up worse, we know were off tomorrow, we figure we'll shut them down, give them tomorrow off and they should be back Monday going."

Sarkisian on the team going to the Seahawks game tonight: "It's just something we tied in with the Seahawks, Pete and those guys have been great and gracious in allowing us to get over with them with the coaching staff, and then now to bring the team to the game tonight and then obviously to see Jake play, Devin play, and Jermaine play. It should be a lot of fun, it's a great team bonding event or activity that we like to do as a team every year, we try to do something. Last year we went to the Mariners game, this year we're going to the Seahawks game. Part of it is a little bit of a reward, these guys have been working their tails off, it's been a physical week of work, these guys have been grinding away and the meetings and the studying, we got a lot of football in in one week. For me, it's a way to reward them and to give them something fun to do so they continually enjoy the experience of being here. For a bunch of these guys, it's the first time they'll have been to an NFL football game, so hopefully we're giving them things to do that they maybe haven't done before along with doing it with their teammates, doing it with their buddies and having a great time."

Sarkisian on the team personality this year: "I think I said this at the press conference earlier this weel, this has been the closest knit team we've had, this is much more of a family atmosphere than we ever have had, our guys are in this thing together, there is a great deal of respect for eachother yet a high level of competitive nature with one another, but then also a lot of fun with one another and I've said this before and I've felt it starting last year and more so this year. The one thing about families is that's the time when all of us are the most open and the ability to laugh and have fun and joke and be serious and maybe even cry, and those two extremes and everything in between, sometimes you don't see in locker rooms and meeting rooms and we definitely see it. I think it's pretty cool that our kids are opening themselves up to one another and to us and as coaches, we're doing it to them and in the end it should bring us closer and strengthen us as we get through the season." Top Stories