Steve Sarkisian - Day Seven

SEATTLE - It was an eventful Day Seven of Washington's Fall Camp, as Steve Sarkisian answered questions Monday night about moving personnel, players playing new positions, players getting hurt and other players coming back to play.

Steve Sarkisian on Shaq and Justin Glenn : "They got dinged up. I guess mild concussion would be the medical term for it but they felt fine. Again, we are taking every precaution and it's okay, we are only in training camp and they probably needed a break."

On Travis Feeney playing Linebacker: "I think he fits there really nicely. He's long. He's rangy. He's kind of bigger than you think until you stand right next to him. His ability to tackle for us is critical in space. The depth at safety helps as well with all of the guys back there. I think to Justin's credit and to the defense staff, we are trying to get the best 11 players on the field that give us a chance to be successful. I think Travis is one of those guys. We will try and find a home for him and see if it works."

On how he looked with the ones : "He's pretty good. Again, with all the stuff in here it's hard to tell until you look at the film how many times a guy was right or wrong. I thought all in all he was effective. He showed up, he was making tackles, he was stripping the ball. How much he was right and all that we have to find out on film and Peter and Justin will be able to give me a better diagnosis on that. But, I did notice him on the field which on defense that's a good thing right? From my perspective if I'm noticing you it means you are around the ball and you're active, which is important."

On Colin Tanigawa being involved : "Colin's been good. He's getting back into the flow of it. Colin provides that nasty streak on the offense line that we relish. He's got that. He's a tough nosed, tough minded guy that is very technically sound. So, again, not only the front line but from the depth standpoint its big to have him back."

On Thomas Tutogi and his knee injury: "He's working his way back. Probably better than maybe we anticipated. Anytime you sprain your knee that can just be sore in general. But the training staff's reports are really good coming back on Thomas. The sooner we get him back the better."

On Kevin Smith out of the Gold Jersey : "Well actually we gave Kevin the night off today. He was pretty good this morning in the morning practice with a big emphasis on throwing the ball. We had him back tonight but he took the night off. He knew he wasn't gonna go but I think he was just tired of wearing the gold jersey and he wanted to wear his purple jersey. We snuck him in for the victory play at the end."

On how the linebacker position is evolving : "We're just trying to put as many playmakers on the field as we can so we can cover as much ground on the field as we can. We're realistic enough to know that we are gonna miss some tackles. But if one guy misses we want another guy there to clean up the mess. The more longer, faster, athletic body types we can get on the field to clean up the mess when one guy might miss the better off we are. The more ground we can cover, the better off we can be. When we're right it's gonna be great but it's when we're wrong, can we make up for ourselves to where if a guy misses a tackle it doesn't turn into a 50 or 60 yard gain, it turns into a gain of 16 or 17."

On playing up more with the corners: "I think there's a confidence factor with those guys. They are playing at high level of confidence right now. Obviously Tru's doing what he's doing. Tre Watson's doing what he's doing. Greg Ducre had a great practice tonight. Marcus Peters is battling a stiff back which is holding him back a little bit. Then Brandon Beaver, a young guy. Their confidence is rising which is a great thing."

On Jamaal Kearse and Scott Lawyer being limited : "Jamaal had the quad bruise from the other night. Scottie Lawyer was not limited, no."

On Pio Vatuvei working with the offense : "Again, I touched on this the other day, we are gonna have some guys that are gonna have specific roles on the opposite side of the ball that they are designated to. Pio's one. He was a guy that was a fullback in high school. His comfort level is good there. We've got a few packages, whether it be short yardage or those type of things, where we think he can help us. So far the results are good coming back. He's been effective at doing it. For a big man, he's got good feet. He's nimble and light on his feet. He's got a very high football IQ. He almost appears quicker than he is because he can see things coming."

On the long field goals at practice maybe having something at stake: "No, they were just kinda pumped for Coons. Shoot, he was kicking it from 60. He had a long night with the kickoffs and I would like to think if he was fresh he would have a real shot of making it from there. He's got a tremendous leg, he's got a great demeanor about himself in those what could be intense moments he stays calm. We will continue to put him in those types of settings to bring out the best in him."

On Andrew Hudson: "He's had a great camp. Huddy is like a tornado. He's just spinning and flying and jumping. He plays with amazing effort. He's a tremendous kid, great leader. He's gotten bigger, I think he's almost 250 pounds now. So we're thoroughly impressed with Andrew at this point."

On seeing Jake Locker at Saturday's preseason game: "I thought Jake looked great. He looked very composed. He looked in command of the offense and understood what they were doing. There were opportunities when the old Jake would've taken off and ran, but he sat in the pocket and delivered strikes. He threw one jump pass that was kind of reminiscent of the pass to D'Andre Goodwin at SC. Kind of a flashback there. I thought he looked great, it was fun to watch him."
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