Quotes/Video - Day Seven

SEATTLE - After Monday's practice - Day Seven of Fall Camp at Washington - Dawgman.com spoke to Travis Feeney, Andrew Hudson, Kasen Williams, Sione Potoae and John Timu. Here's what they had to say.

Travis Feeney:
Travis Feeney on playing linebacker : "They said they needed me to come down and if the team needed me to come down then I'll play. Whatever is best for the team. I've played linebacker before in high school, so it was a flashback just remember the plays. It's a little different, a little faster, but I'm gonna get it. I'll catch on to it."

On if playing linebacker had to do with injuries : "They see me fitting in here. I'm gonna try and get in on the field here. Play more downs inside. This is where I am right now, for now. They came and talked to me and I said Okay, let's do it."

On his next step to getting better at linebacker : "I've been putting on a little more weight. I just need to make sure to use my hands more and use my long arms. Use my physicalness that I have more and be more in contact with the plays and straight forward with the runs. Just being more physical."

On his weight : "I put on ten. I put on a good amount of weight."

Andrew Hudson:
Andrew Hudson on the first night practice : "It felt great. Just getting out here. We came out here in the morning and had some good work. It feels good playing in the night time. Real dawgs come out at night."

On the difference between night and day practices : "By the time we come out here we are all ready to go. It's fun."

On his thoughts on the upcoming season : "I feel great. I'm excited and looking forward to it. After last year I'm trying to improve this year. I feel more prepared this year."

Kasen Williams:
Kasen Williams on the Seahawks game : "It was a good experience. Nice to hear that stadium. That was mainly what I was there for. Just to heart the crowd and feel the crowd and just see it packed. Because next time I'm gonna be there it's gonna be filled with purple."

On how he feels after the first week of practice : "I'm a little sore but that just comes with camp. You know, nicks and bruises all through the body. It's all stuff I can get over. In games you're gonna have nicks and bruises and I'm just fighting through it just as I would fight through them in the games."

On his high confidence level : "I think that I prepared myself this season to do some things and that's my goal. If I want that to happen then I gotta keep telling myself that it will happen. That's starting to reflect how I practice."

Sione Potoae:
Sione Potoae on having some great practices : "This year I feel more motivated. I'm a junior now so I need to step up my game."

On pressure he feels to get better because of new guys coming in : "All these new guys coming in, I gotta step up my game in order to play in the game."

On what he's improved on : "My technique. I've gotten better at my technique and just being coachable. Being able to take coaching and apply it into the game."

On the new system : "I can maneuver around and strike with my hands."
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