Player Quotes - Day Nine

Two players that will be counted on to be big contributors this fall are DT Danny Shelton and LB Princeton Fuimaono. After their evening practice on Wednesday, both spoke with about how things are coming along and what the coaches are preaching to them as they get closer to the start of the season...

Princeton Fuimaono -

On camp so far - "It's been good. We're coming along, but we still have a ways to go. I like the new defense though. It's not too complicated so you don't think too much, you just read the play and go."

On the difference in the coaches from spring to now - "They get after us, but in the spring it's a lot more teaching and they are probably a little more patient. They always want you to get it as fast as you can and we're picking things up really quickly, but now we are what, 12 or 11 days away, something like that, from the start of our season, so there's definitely a sense of urgency."

On what LB coach Peter Sirmon is looking for - "We're linebackers so he expects us to be violent and that's how we love to play the game. I love the way he coaches. He's a great teacher. Not that (Mike Cox) wasn't good, but it's just different. I love the way he approaches things."

Danny Shelton

On the difference now that they have had spring and fall camp with the coaches - "The expect us to be perfect. They demand it of us and we're demanding it of ourselves. It's a good mixture, but yeah, they want us to get it yesterday. They are intense, but they teach us well and we're picking things up better and better every day. I think we are playing really well."

On goal-setting along the defensive line - "We're all about getting to the ball. We want to fly to it and always arrive there with bad intentions. You can't play scared and I think that's a big change from how we played last season. I think we were more scared than we should have been, but this year I think we are much more confident and that's showing in how we are playing."

On his weight and conditioning - "I feel great. I'm 6'2 and 316 pounds, right around there somewhere. The coaches wanted me in at 320, but I wanted to get to 300 and build from there. It's hard to get down there though, but I feel great and I feel like it's really helped me and the way I play."

On the confidence of the team - "We're confident in ourselves and the coaches, but we have to go out and show it every day. We can't play scared. We have to play with desire and passion and really get after it every play. It's coming. We're getting there." Top Stories