Steve Sarkisian - Day Nine

Wednesday's brisk 90-minute workout featured some big plays by a couple of players, but it was the injury updates that the media wanted and they got several of them...

On Feeney and other guys sitting out today: "We're just holding some guys out, it's been a physical camp, there is a handful of guys we want to keep out tonight, we knew this was going to be a physical practice, it obviously was one, so just precautionary, we're just trying to make sure we have a full squad come first game. It's been a physical camp, and when a guy changes positions, he's got to get used to some stuff."

On the tempo today, compared to yesterday: "I thought it was a lot better, we emphasized it a lot after yesterday's practice, came back this morning really emphasize it and the guys really responded tonight, I thought it was great tempo, I thought the energy was terrific tonight, I thought there was a little bit of an edge at practice which was good, a little bit chippy, and that's training camp."

On backup quarterbacks getting used to increased tempo: "I think so, the speed of the game, the tempo, I thought we improved, honestly when our ones are in, their tempo's a little bit better than our twos, it's not just the quarterback, it's the center, the wide receivers getting lined up, but the pressure on the quarterbacks, we're putting it on them and that's the only way I know how to do it, that's the way I've done it my whole life and we'll continue to do it that way, they're responding better but they've got plenty of room to grow from that aspect for sure."

On what Jaydon Mickens brings as a mismatch: "Well we're hopeful and that's kind of what we've seen, I've said this about Jaydon, Kendyl's had his days as well, we're a bit more eplosive offensively than we've been, we have guys that can really run, and when you get them inspace, they can make big plays, and I think Bishop and Jesse provide that as well, they are bit more of the big play runningback, and when you have that speed complemented witht the size and strength of Kasen and Austin, it's a nice blend and a nice mix and our challenge as a staff is to piece it all together so that we have good rhythm, good tempo, and we're efficient."

On Blake Rodgers and Cory Littleton getting more time today at linebacker: "Well it was good, obviously true freshman linebackers, you're going to be swimming some days, and have days where it's really physical but very pleased with their progression so far."

On Tanigawa: "We've been throwing him in there quite a bit, and we're just trying to build up for that first game, I don't need him in the best shape he's ever been in this Saturday, I need it two and a half weeks from now. We monitor him really closely, I think that he's put in the time and he's been diligent and some guys just rehab a little bit better than others, their bodies are the way they are and his body's responded very well. That's the beauty of Colin Tanigawa, he's a blue collar, hard nosed offensive lineman, he doesn't mind getting a little dirt under his nails, digging in there, getting after it, he provides a great deal of attitude to our offensive line, but he's very bright, very smart, he's got a great deal of experience for us after playing last season so it's great to have him back in there."

On Shane Brostek playing with a club: "We're hopeful that thing is going to reduce down here by the end of the week, and be out of it by another week, so, offensive lineman, training camp, it is what it is."

On difficulty of getting a feel for the linebacker position with injuries: "I don't know so much if it's tough, we just have to look at it in pieces, of what's going on on the defensive line, what we envisioned the linebackers to be, and what we're looking at in the secondary, and when you do that, it's a little easier to envision what it's going to be like. We just haven't had all eleven of them with the nickel and dime stuff, all 13 guys that we're really playing a bunch in there together, I think that will happen in a week or so, but when you look at the individual groups, we're relatively excited about them because the depth we have at those spots, the versatility that we have, and the scheme to fit those guys."

On Timu so far in camp: "He's been awesome, Timu's been a stud, he had a huge hit yesterday in the scrimmage, came out today and probably could have had a couple more today and kind of backed off guys, smart player, very heady, he looks and plays, and feels like a linebacker now, took him a year, but that's to be expected, but his preparation physically, and mentally for this camp and then for the season is evident, he looks great and he's playing really well."

On decision to move Timu to inside linebacker: "Just really smart guy, bright guy, gets the defense, a high school quarterback, he can feel the game, direct traffic, he knows where guys need to be, he can make the calls with the defensive line, and then his athleticism, he's able to play sideline to sideline from the middle and still play downhill on those downhill plays. He's our most versatile guy, that's why he's in there."

On speed level improving since he's arrived as head coach: "I don't think it's close, you guys could probably answer it better than I could, you definitely feel our speed on both sides of the ball and on special teams for that matter, we're throwing bubble screens to our guys and our defense is closing on them and theyre making plays and then we're throwing balls to guys in space and if the angle's not right, we're running away from guys, that's been evident. Our team speed's great, I think we'll get a better feel for it when we start to play other opponents and a little better gauge but we sure feel like we're better this year than we've been." Top Stories