Practice Spotlight - Day Nine

It goes without saying that some true freshmen are starting to get a lot more in the way of reps as they pass the halfway point of fall camp. One player who got a massive amount of looks in Wednesday night's 90-minute practice was WR Jaydon Mickens and he made the most of his opportunities...

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Play of the Day - Mickens had both of them tonight. The first one was a beautifully thrown pass by Keith Price who led Mickens perfectly after he had beaten LB Princeton Fuimaono down the sidelines. The second came just a few minutes later when Price again found Mickens isolated against a linebacker, this time it was John Timu, and he made the sophomore miss in the open field and then streaked for another score.

Player of the Day - It had to be Mickens who lined up in a myriad of positions and had each of the quarterbacks looking his way. As noted above, the talented playmaker made the most of his chances, scoring twice and making a couple of clutch grabs to get first downs.

Mickens isn't very big, but he plays big and he's supremely confident in what he can do on the field and that has translated to success, at least so far, on the field.

Sirmon let's the LBs know what he wants - Where the media is positioned for practice, we get a firsthand look at the linebacker drills every practice. Tonight was the most animated I had seen Sirmon in the practices I have witnessed and he could be heard imploring his linebackers "Violent! Violent!" and "Heavy Hands!"

The linebackers seemed to really feed off of his encouragement and they had a solid practice overall tonight.

Youngsters stepping up - People constantly want to know how the younger guys - redshirt freshmen and true freshmen - are coming along and I made a concerted effort to watch some of them and here is what I saw...

DE Connor Cree - On the final two plays of the night, Cree leaped to block a pass attempt by Derrick Brown and then recovered a mishandled exchange between Brown and one of the running backs to end the scrimmage. Overall, Cree has progressed nicely and looks to have added a about 10 pounds of muscle to his frame. He's still a ways away from playing much, but he looked good tonight in the flashes we saw.

DT Taniela Tupou - Things look to be clicking in for Tupou, now in his second year with the program. He is really using his hands well and even mauled Colin Tanigawa on one play where the lines were running drills that isolated a defensive linemen on two offensive linemen. Tupou is also a year away from being a big contributor, but as long as he keeps progressing, the bet is that he will see the field at some point this season.

WR Marvin Hall - Hall did not have a good practice tonight, dropping a perfectly placed pass by Derrick Brown which would likely have gone the distance and he also fumbled when he was stripped by Lawrence Lagafuaina on a short pass. You can see the athleticism, but he's still fighting the ball a little bit.

QB Cyler Miles - Miles still appears to be swimming, but when his natural athleticism can take over, he looks outstanding. He avoided a sack and found a streaking DiAndre Campbell wide open behind the secondary. The ball was a bit underthrown, but it was very catchable. Campbell however dropped the pass, but it still was a nice play by the freshman QB.

RB Erich Wilson - This was my third practice and in each of the three, Wilson has been able to break through the line for a big gainer and tonight was no different. He broke through an arm-tackle by a defender and then got the second level in a hurry. He's much more explosive than I had expected and looks to be able to at least push players for reps although I think the coaches would prefer to let him redshirt.

OT Micah Hatchie - The redshirt sophomore looked pretty good tonight although he was beaten by Josh Shirley on one play where he set up too shallow and the speedster just beat him off the edge. Hatchie appears to be set at the left tackle spot and it will be tough to root him out of there now that he's getting more and more comfortable.

H-Back Josh Perkins - Perkins struggled to line up a couple of times tonight, but made a couple of nice plays when he was asked to block or catch a pass.

The Red Cross has nothing on the Huskies - The players who were out or limited today were - Deontae Cooper (knee - out for the year); Nate Fellner (broken toe); Cory Fuavai (achilles); Justin Glenn (slight concussion); Jamaal Kearse (thigh); Erik Kohler (knee); Ryan McDaniel (knee); Cooper Pelluer (shoulder - out for season); Kevin Smith (knee); Jamaal Jones; Justin Glenn; Thomas Tutogi (knee); Travis Feeney; Hauoli Jamora (knee).

Next Practice - Washington will hit the field tomorrow, Thursday, at 3:15 p.m. Top Stories