Steve Sarkisian - Day 10

SEATTLE - Sometimes it just make sense to go take a flying leap. And that's what Washington did Thursday after their shortened practice on the east field by Husky Stadium. Steve Sarkisian led the charge, but not after talking about some more injuries, position moves and what he's been impressed with during the first week-and-a-half of fall camp.

On Alec Kimble at Tight End: "I think he can compete there. In high school he caught a lot of balls as a wide receiver type. He's a great body type and kept in shape. He's in a little bit of a log jam on defense so I think he can help on offense."

On James Johnson: "He dislocated his wrist yesterday. Hopefully we can get him back sooner rather than later. Jamaal Kearse has a stress fracture in his tibia so another guy we're hoping to get back sooner rather than later."

On Shaq getting back: "It's great. He's an impact player. As soon as he comes back another pick-six. It's both [instincts and closing speed]. He's got the instincts and then he's got the closing speed to go make those plays. It's great to get him back and he got a lot of valuable reps today and will continue to as we move forward.

On young offensive linemen: "We've been playing all those young kids. Eldrenkamp, Brostek, Dean and Corey English healthy and going. All of our young linemen have been progressively working their way in more and more which is a good thing."

On cutting practice short today: "We had a very specific plan today. A lot of work in the redzone to try to take the stress of their legs. We've been going hard. We gave a couple guys off today along with the heat today. Come back with a double day tomorrow. Now we're going to jump in the lake."

On the running back depth: "We know who our primary backs are. We have to practice smart in how we practice. There's opportunities for guys to emerge. Dezden Petty has come on. Erich Wilson as well. It's not ideal like other positions we have on our roster but I feel good about the guys we have on roster."

On kick returners : "Football is football you're going to take some hits. We have some capable returners. Jaydon Mickens, Shaq Thompson, Marvin Hall those types of guys are good kick returns. If I think they can prove they can handle it, they'll be back there.

On Coons and Durkee: "Yeah he looks great. He's been tremendous. We like what Korey's been doing in the punting game he just needs to work on his consistency."

On Derrick Brown: "We're counting reps like crazy. Today was Derrick's day and he's improved in a lot of areas. It's the consistency for Derrick and that's part of the progression. This is his second full camp so things should come a little easier to him so I've been impressed but things he needs to work on."

Things impressed with in camp so far: "Our passing game. The receiving corps, the tight ends a lot of playmaking potential there. Also the two lead backs, tremendous camps not only running but catching out of the backfield and blocking. The pass rush with what Josh Shirley and Danny Shelton brings. The back line with the Dbs has been good with me. The pleasant surprise is the offensive line...Micah Hatchie has improved since spring along with Ben Riva. A lot of positives but area of concern at linebacker, defensive end, running back, the No.2 corner spot opposite of Tru, and then finalizing what we're doing in the return game and who is going to be back there and getting all of that done. So we have time, we've instilled a lot of the things we need to get done up into this point, but that's why training camp is really 4 weeks long, you keep utilizing all those days so that you can continually get better, you don't have to put it all in in the first week, first 2 weeks, you have time to get it done."

On whether Kohler will move right back into the starting rotation when healthy or not: "We'll probably be rotating guys around, if the weather keeps up the way it does for us here, the first game is going to be a warm one, so to think just five guys are going to play, probably not realistic, we're probably going to rotate some guys, and then obviously week 2 going down to Baton Rouge, we have to be prepared to do that again as well, we'll probably have a good 7 to 8 man rotation working those first few weeks of the season."

On timetable of Kearse and Johnson's injuries: "I don't know enough right now, it happened in last night's practices pretty late, so it's hard to get everything done by now, so hopefully I have more information for you guys tomorrow."

On wide receiver depth even with injuries to Johnson and Smith: "We've got some pretty quality gyuys, Kasen's had a great camp up to this point, Jaydon's had an impact, Kendyl's had an impact, you have the reliable guys in DiAndre Campbell and Cody Bruns that are there, we have some guys that are close to being those types of guys, Marvin Hall, looking forward to getting Jamaal Jones back, and then obviously when we get James back, it's a deep group and it's a talented group, so I'm not nearly concerned at that spot compared to some other ones."

On Andrew Hudson: "He's a really strong guy, he's up to 250, he plays with amazing effort, reminiscent of Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, a guy that just goes as hard as he can every single snap, does things right, and his effort allows him to continually make plays that maybe most guys don't make, with that size, he's an extremely strong young man so he's able to use that strength, he was a tremendous wrestler in high school, so he understands leverage and pad level and he uses all of that to his advantage."

On Jaydon Mickens being more advanced than a typical freshman: "Yeah, yeah, he does it everyday, he's got a great feel for the game, football matters to him, he studies it, he works at it, there's not much more important to him than coming out here and doing things right and making plays, he loves the game and that's what you want in guys and he exhibits all of that."

On Austin Seferian Jenkins: "He's a really good player, you know what, Austin, he's committed himself to it, he's matured since last season and obviously Spring, the work ethic, the willingness to block, playing with better effort when the ball is not coming his way, and he's still making plays on the ball when we're throwing it to him. He's practiced really really hard, and really really well, the first week of the half, and he deserved a day kind of to relax."

On Seferian Jenkins' improvement in blocking: "Well a bunch, just technique alone, and then effort second, he's improved that much, he's using the proper footwork, hand placement, and he's doing it with really good effort, and so all of that has added up to him doing well."

On the team swimming in the lake after practice: "I thought about it walking out here, it was hot, the water looked good, I wanted to jump in, I was doing it regardless."

On difficulty of being a first time coach and when to crack the whip: "I think every team's different, you have to try to learn your team, and understand what buttons to push at what time, this is a very close football team, they love hanging together, the love doing things together, I probably could have said "hey if you want to, you can jump in the lake" and they all would have jumped in, they just are kind of that way, that's how they are wired, and I appreciate that about them, they give us everything we ask of them, every chance that they get, and they go for it, and I'm grateful for that, that we have a football team that has that willingness." Top Stories