Steve Sarkisian - Day 11

SEATTLE - There were two players back at practice Friday - Willis Wilson and Josh Perkins - and UW Head Coach Steve Sarkisian gave the media the rundown on why they were reinstated, as well as updates on two players that went under the knife.

Thoughts on practice today: "I thought it was a good day in general because I have to go back to the first one and know what the emphasis was and then here tonight, I thought it was good, we obviously held some guys out, this is that time of camp, the specific guys, Keith, Austin, were guys specifically targeted to get some rest tonight, so it was good work for the backup quarterbacks to get some extensive work, in some team settings, some blitz settings, where the pressure was on them, and I think there was some lessons to be learned within the practice for them, sometimes you watch the film and you are always watching Keith, and then you actually get a chance to get in and do it and watch yourself on film, I think there's a lot to learn from that, plenty to take away from practice, I thought the guys came with good energy for the double day, and im sure they are excited tomorrow for the scrimmage."

On Derrick Brown: "Well I see some really flashes of stuff where you go, wow, this guy has got a chance to be a real player, and then I see some plays that tell me that he's not quite there yet, that's the challenge for us to get him to that point, as well as preparing Cyler and Jeff, that's a good problem to have when you have good quarterbacks in your stable, that is trying to find opportunities and reps, this was a great opportunity for those guys tonight, some flashes for all of them, and then plays you would like to have back, with Derrick, same thing, nice play on the blitz and the hot to Willis on the long touchdown there, and then taking some sacks that we need to get better at, so all in all, an up and down day for him, so we're just looking for more consistency."

On letting Derrick Brown know beforehand that he would be getting a lot of reps today in practice: "I think so, to be fair to him, we'll have some scenarios where he is not going to know, but for him to prepare mentally and feel confident going into practice, I think it's fair to know, there might be a game or two this year, where he might get to start, I don't know that yet, and that preparation process, to get ready for that. There will be some other opportunities here where we take Keith out of periods of practice and then he'll be in with the ones and that will be good for him."

On offensive tempo out of the huddle improving: "It's better, we still got to be even better, we pride ourselves on our tempo and our urgency out of the huddle, although we're not a no huddle team predominantly, we do mix it, but we like out tempo out of the huddle to be one with a sense of urgency, that is an area where all 3 of those guys need to improve is their sense of urgency, getting to the line of scrimmage, and knowing they are in charge, they are in command at that moment, we can't be out there with them, they need to take charge, so we'll continually work on that."

On quarterback rotation: "well I think every scenario is different, we've been in situations before where you go into a game, like last year, going into the Oregon State game, Keith was really beat up, we started Nick and Derrick was sitting on a redshirt year and those are those dicey moments, late in the year, and the kid's got a redshirt, and there's other scenarios where it lines up perfectly, you have a starter, you've got a backup who has already used a redshirt year, and the third guy's on a redshirt, you just kind of work your way through it, so I don't know if anything is ideal of what you want, you just want your rotation in order so that if something does happen to the starter, you feel really good about your backup, and if the lucks really against you and two guys go down, you have a third guy that you know what he does well, because he's not going to be able to know everything, but we have to have identified what he does well so that if we do put him in the game, he's in a position to be successful. That's what training camp's about, trying to figure that stuff out."

On Perkins and Willis Wilson returning to the team: "They are back, we gathered some more information on the situation. It felt like the right thing to do, we met with some leaders on the team, felt like the right thing to do, their punishment will be handled in house, and I think they are thankful for the opportunity to get back, and I think their teammates are happy to have them back."

On James Johnson and Jamaal Kearse: "James had surgery this morning on his wrist, he had not only dislocated his wrist, he had some torn some ligaments, so we're looking at four to six weeks with him. Jamaal went in and had a surgery on his stress fracture, to clean that up, and he is probably looking at the same time frame, anytime you are dealing with bones, it is what it is."

On Kevin Smith getting some time today: "Yeah, he's definitely on a one a day schedule, he will never go on a two a day, we've been very encouraged by his progress to this point, so much of it when you have a knee injury, is mental as it is physical, and just to be out there, with people around you, and running, feeling the game, Kevin is such a great spirit, he's got so much energy, he loves being out here and practicing, when we gave him the opportunity to do some team stuff, majority of them were runs, but he was in there, he was just exicted to be out there, we'll work him back gradually. Another veteran guy to be out there, we've been fortunate, you never know what you are going to get with freshman, we've been fortunate with Jaydon and Kendyl (Taylor), their knowledge of the game, their football IQ, those guys have been tremendous so far as freshman, not just making plays, but knowing what to do, and they are not perfect yet, so we're okay on that aspect, it would be great to get Kevin back to go along with DiAndre, and Cody, and Marvin, and obviously Kasen." On importance for Kasen to take the next step with James Johnson sidelined: "Well I think it's big, I think that Kasen was already on that path, about halfway through Spring ball, something clicked with him and he had a great offseason, he looks in tremendous shape this camp, I don't know if tonight was his best night, but in general, he's been really strong, he's been physical, confident, he really knows what he's doing so he's doing it confidently, sure, even more so now with James not being here, but I don't know if that would change Kasen's mentality of where he is right now."

On timetable for Justin Glenn and emergence of Will Shamburger: "I think realistically, where we're at today, we have a scrimmage tomorrow, we're off Sunday, I think the reality of it is, we would like to have him back Monday, so that he's got two full weeks of practice to get him prepared for the game, just the speed of the game, the flow of the game. Will Shamburger's had a great camp, I mean probably on defense, our biggest surprise right now, he's playing really well, he's playing fast, physical, his ball skills have always been evident, we're fortunate on that end, that the guy that's there right now is playing really well but we're going to need Justin, realistically we get him back Monday and give him two full weeks to get back in the groove of things." Top Stories