Catching up with Sean Constantine spoke Sunday with Bellevue linebacker Sean Constantine, and the 6-foot-2, 228-pound Constantine unofficially visited Washington last week to take in a couple of fall camp practices. Constantine committed to the Huskies while visiting them at their spring game, and his commitment has never wavered - although other schools haven't stopped pursuing him.

On his summer - "Just been preparing the whole time, just working."

On going to UW practice last week - "I went to two this week. I never got to see a practice or meet the players, so this was a good time for me to go out there and meet everybody, to see the tempo they play at and see what they look for while you're out at practice - and the whole routine of everyday living there."

On his contact with the UW coaches since his commitment - "It's like, 'Let's get into this now - let's give you all the fundamentals, all the stuff you're going to see when you get here.' It's keeping up and making sure you have your classes right. They just keep up with you on that. And they also just check up to see how you're doing, how your family is. They are really good people."

On watching the UW defense - "I feel like there's a real physical sense. If it's a run then your ass is going to go hit someone. There's no Bambi-ing around it. You're going to go hit the guy. There's a lot more edge and a lot more knowledge when it comes to that kind of scheme of things with coach Wilcox and what he brings to the table. Looking at it it's still a good fit for me still."

On if he's slated to play inside or outside at UW - "I'll be more inside."

On watching practice with his Bellevue teammates like Myles Jack and Budda Baker - "Mike and Jake are obviously there, so it's good to see some familiar faces. Personally for me it's all now about bringing people on board. I think this is going to be a successful part of my life - coming on board to U-Dub - and we're going to change things and things are going to happen in a positive way. So now it's a sense of bringing along my friends, the people I play with every day. That's the next step. It was nice seeing them out there."

On if he considers himself a UW recruiter now - "Yes. It's their choice. I'm not going to be the guy that's on their ass every day, but I go out there and tell them - this is what (UW) is going to bring to the table. It's just talking and stuff. It's not like I'm lying to them or making up facts. I'm just giving them the real-life situation. This is what they are going to give to you, and where I've been, where I've visited - I've never seen this atmosphere and these type of people at any college. So I just try and bring 'em in and tell them what I think."

On if he was surprised that Myles was at practice considering he's currently committed to UCLA? - "Obviously U-Dub is right there, so it's not like he drove a million miles away. I'm always hoping that he's going to change his mind and come to the Dawgs, but I feel like he likes UCLA, likes the weather and all that kind of stuff. I don't know. It's going to be interesting. I think it's going to be about football mainly, and not all that other stuff."

On Budda making an early decision - "I feel like he'll take his time. The thing that's different for me and Budda is that he'll be a five-star safety, an all-star. He'll get offers from places I never got and he'll be able to go all over the country and see different aspects of football, different kinds of football. That will be different for him when he's making his choice is. I don't know what he's exactly looking for."

On what's happened to him in the recruiting process since his commitment to Washington - "I'm positive I'm going to the Huskies. I talked to Oregon and they offered me. I talked to Cal. But there's something about U-Dub…now that you offer me after I committed is weird to me - first of all. And I just want the people that were there first and people that I know would have my back and are helping me out - to be there - instead of thinking I'd change my mind because it's Oregon and it's just…crazy. It's the people I feel close enough to."

On anything else he saw at practice that was new to him about UW - "I don't mind coaches that get on you all the time. They'll get on you, but they'll also always have a positive attitude and they always try to help you out. They'll never just cut you off. Now if you're just being terrible…but if you're weaker at a certain aspect and someone else is stronger, they'll try to circle it around and make sure you're with that person and they'll teach you how they got there or they'll find you a way to get you in more meetings, or something like that. So there's not an option when it comes to why you can't do it - it's just that you choose not to do it. And that's what I like about them."

On Bellevue's first game against Euless (Tex.) Trinity (August 30th at 6 pm at Seattle Memorial Stadium) - "It's funny, because we started at 200-plus days and started to count down…we were supposed to play a Florida team we were playing and then it got switched. I don't know why, but ever since that day it got switched we've been counting down, just counting down. Thinking about it now, people around Bellevue have been asking - hey, are you guys ready for Trinity? It's a mindset; even when you're on the field and you're focused, ready to go and you're listening to the coaches and what they are saying - off the field there's a pressure to get it done. And you don't stop hearing about it. So it's not like when you go home or you're hanging out with your friends that there's a day off. You're still in that mindset to do this. We went to (Fort) Warden and had three-a-days and then we'll have two-a-days this week, so it's all pretty much about Trinity on defense and the basics on O…just come out with the right fundamentals and the right attitude and we should be good." Top Stories