Quotes/Video - Day 13

SEATTLE - Evan Zeger, Keith Heyward, Johnny Nansen, Tosh Lupoi, Peter Sirmon and Yogi Roth all spoke to Dawgman.com after Washington's Day 13 practice Monday on a variety of subjects.

Big thanks to Andrew Dore for transcriptions.
Evan Zeger:
On where he's been playing this fall camp as compared to Spring ball: "I was running at SAM and in fall camp, coach asked me to run with the WIL's so I'm running with the WIL's now, just trying to make myself valuable. I feel pretty comfortable, I'm still making mistakes, but I'm getting better, playing a lot faster.

On how injuries have gotten more reps: "You never know when a guy is going to go down, when you are asked to step up, it's what you got to do."

On playing linebacker: " I think because I gain weight, I had to try to keep my weight down at safety, it's easier for me to now gain weight and still be fast for linebacker. The (contact) is great. I'm about 225. I get to eat my cookies and brownies and stuff."

On the difference between safety and linebacker: "It's definitely more physical, you need to use your hands, but a big thing is eye control. I still have a little problem of looking at the quarterback because at safety, just reading the quarterback, that's kind of my biggest issue, my eye control."

Johnny Nansen:
On Pio Vatuvei: "He looks good, he doesn't look like a high school kid, He's got so much potential, Tosh is doing a great job developing him, we're looking to see if we can get him ready and get him playing for us next year. It's just a little kid in a big body, he was in high school last year, so some of this stuff is foreign to him, but he's catching up fast. I'm excited where he is at in his development, so we're looking forward for Pio to help us out and maybe spell some defensive linemen, help us out on special teams."

On the grind of training camp right now: "There is a lot of information trying to get in, and get our defensive system in place, especially defensively, Coach Wilcox bringing in the system so we're trying to get familiarized with that, trying to game plan so it's a grind. But it's fun, you got to have fun, that's why we're coaching, and enjoy doing it, so it's fun."

On surprises for him so far this year: "Well maybe I'll be able to answer this question next week, we still got some guys, mainly the freshmen are the guys I'm fired up about, especially with Pio and Shaq, and those guys are doing a great job."

On his special teams and his kickers: "Yeah, you know Travis is banged up, so he's not doing any of the kicking right now, and we're trying to get Korey to take some of the work, at least protection wise, as far as we know right now, Travis is our guy, we got to make sure we're protecting him, and it's a long season so what you saw today was more protection than anything else."

On first year guys making him nervous: "Always, always, they haven't played any football, and you look at Lopez, and when he first snapped, at BYU, it went over his head, so I'm trying to put him in a situation to make it easier for him and relax and build some confidence and tell him "go out there, relax, and do it like every day in practice."

On Derrick Brown getting punter reps: "Oh we just threw him in there because we didn't have another punter during half-line and we didn't want to kill Durkee so we just threw Derrick in there and he punted in high school, so I said hey, come out and help out."

On David Butler, the snapper: "Well David called me and said can I come on, and I said hold off until we figure out what we're doing. We had other kids in mind, but they decided not to come out, so I said hey David come out, and I know David from last year, and he wanted to do it, and he wanted to do it so he came out. He's a great kid, he's been in the system, very similar to Brendan Lopez, guy really cares about what he's doing, very passionate about what he is doing."

On the way the kickoff has changed this year and how they are adjusting: "We're changing gameplan wise, depending on who is kicking for them, our kickoff return, obviously if it's a guy with a great hang time, take a knee and take it at the 25, but if it's a line drive, we're going to bring it out, we have some great returners, let's go. Kicking is a little different, now were trying to find ways to get some momentum on our get offs and stuff like that. Right now it's always in the plans but see what's best for Travis, and we don't know Travis, you look at Erik a year ago, he was better from the right hash, we're trying to move the ball over and see what he is capable of, and now he goes in the fieldhouse and try to see what he does best, and when he figures that out, maybe we'll work on some of the pooching stuff. (The rules) don't change who we put on coverage, it doesn't affect us at all."

On the large number of guys practicing returning kicks: "It's nice to have, we're going to find that guy who scores touchdowns, there's a lot of guys back there but who is the guy who is going to make a big difference out there, you go back and review the film, there is potential for us to make big plays and maybe the returner wasn't quite the guy who could hit it up the middle with speed, but Kasen is getting better, last year, putting a freshman back there, it's always a concern, but now we got Jaydon, and Marvin Hall, and all those guys with speed, so they got to beat out Kasen, so we'll see how it goes. It's always a want to attitude with my kids, they love special teams, they want to be on there, they're always on me about putting them on the return, even Trufant is always back there working saying coach you can count on me, so it's good to have, and when we first got here, we didn't have that, so it's finally getting to the point where you are getting the right kids that have the want to attitude to be on special teams so it's awesome."

Keith Heyward:
On what it's like having a guy like Shaq Thompson: "Well Shaq, he is a great athlete, he's big, he's fast, he can run, having a guy like that is good, he has some football IQ to him, he knows concepts, and where to play within certain defenses, he knows what flat is, what the post is, what a curl is, so it's good when a guy like that has athletic ability and has some football IQ to him too."

Explaining what separates Shaq from the average player in getting on the field as a true freshman: "Well just those things, the athletic tools, the athletic ability that he has, and then the understanding of football and the concepts."

On having a guy like Adam Long providing experience to the defensive backs unit: "Well the older guys that we do have, it's that experience, they are teaching those younger guys, and it's a group that everybody teaches each other and brings each other along so that's good to have those other guys."

Tosh Lupoi:
On the line as a whole coming together: "We got tons of room for improvement, for me, every meeting, every practice, every opportunity we come out here, a quest to get better, so we got plenty of that to get better on and that's just living in the process."

On ideally, how deep he would want each position: "7 deep at each guy. Well we don't have that much manpower yet, through reps, through drilling, through every opportunity we get out here, plenty of things for us to work on, we're on that quest, and coming along here slowly but surely."

On having 7 deep at each guy: "You ask me that because that would be a dream come true, I was being facetious."

On what the depth is going to be like going into the season: "We don't know yet, we'll evaluate that at the end of camp, guys are competing their butt off to get into that rotation, so as these guys continue and going off of everyday, we got a chance for someone else to move up in the depth."
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