Player Quotes - Day 14

In one of their last two-a-day practices, the Huskies ran through a relatively crisp two-hour workout in helmets and shoulder pads. Afterwards, four of the players talked with and gave us their thoughts and fall camp winds down and they get closer and closer to the start of the season...

Talia Crichton

On camp so far - "Things have been going great for us. We're picking it up and we just have to clean some stuff up, figure out our mistakes and just get ready for San Diego State. We make some mistakes, more than we should, but we always focus on the next play and we aren't making as many mistakes as before, so it's coming, but we still have a ways to go."

On his health - "Oh man, it's just like the spring so far; I'm as healthy as I've been and I feel great. I love being out here competing and doing what needs to be done to help us win."

On this being his senior season - "I actually do what I can to put that out of my mind and not think about it. It's tough because it's hard to believe it's almost over, so I just don't like thinking about it. I'm focused on the season and getting us a championship."

Corey Waller

On how he feels he's performed so far in fall camp - "I feel more comfortable with things, our system, our coaches and stuff. Sometimes I have my ups and my downs. I came in as a pass-rusher, so I have to work on my run techniques, I still have to get better, but I'm improving and I feel better about things every day."

On his role - "I'm playing behind Josh Shirley right now and I like to rush the quarterback, but I like dropping into coverage sometimes too. It's a fun position and one that suits me well. I just need to be ready if they call on me and then I can show what I can do. I like to rush the passer, but I like to show my versatility too."

On this being his second camp and feeling more comfortable - "Last year was hard for me because ever since I have been playing ball, I've always been in the mix for (playing time), so last year was hard for me. This year though, I feel much more comfortable and I am competing all the time and I'm ready for whatever they ask me to do."

James Sample

On the defense gelling - "I think overall we are gelling pretty well. There are still some things we mess up on, but it's all little stuff. Little stuff can turn into big stuff if you don't fix it, but we are feeling good and I think we're coming together well."

On picking up the defense - "I'd say that, last year, the defense was more complex, but this year they've broken it up and made it much easier for us and now we just fly around and make plays. It allows us to to do what we do best."

On playing multiple positions on defense - "I think it shows all of the stuff I can do on the field. Playing nickel (corner) is a lot harder than playing safety because you have to hone in and focus on a guy whereas, playing safety, you are more covering and area, but I love it and it just will make me more valuable so I can help my team anyway they need me to."

On having Shaq Thompson in the secondary - "It's great because he and I are so familiar with each other and we both know what the other is thinking and doing. He's a really talented guy and I really enjoy playing next to him."

Jesse Callier

On camp so far: "It's exhausting, definitely, but we handle it really well, and we have fun with the team out here, and we're ready to play September 1st."

Is he on the downslide of camp now with 2 weeks done?: "Oh no, no, no, no, not the downslide, I'd say we're pumped up, ready to go for September 1st, and we're just finishing up some final plays and some final details and stuff like that, but we're on the up and coming right now."

On how the offense as a whole is performing: "I think we're doing good, like I said, we're not comfortable with where we are at right now, there is always room to get better, so we're going to see where we are at on September 1st."

On which young guys have impressed so far: "I think they are really doing good, Jaydon and Kendyl really stuck out to me this camp and they are really dialing their playbooks and I really see them in their playbooks all the time, and it shows on the field because like Coach Sark said, "If you know, you'll go," so if you know your plays, you'll play for us, so that's what they are doing."

On seeing teammates make plays and how it motivates him: "Oh yeah definitely, I'm out there competing, I look at my teammates, if James Johnson catches a football, I got to do the same thing, it's just a big old competing battle with me, that's just how I've always been, Bishop busts a run, I feel like I got to do it, Bishop makes a good hit on a linebacker, then I feel like I've got to do it 10 times harder, so that's just my attitude."

On the battle between him and Bishop for the starting job: "Honestly, I don't think we're worried about that, we'er just out here trying to compete, and get better as individuals and as a team, and as an offense as a whole, so I think that's just more individual things, but as a whole and collective, we're just coming out competing."

On returning kicks this year?: "The coaches have me on the depth chart as returning kicks, they have Shaquille Thompson in front of me but we'll see. Whatever I can do to help out the team." Top Stories