Coach/Player Video and Quotes - Day 15

SEATTLE - spoke Wednesday with UW Receivers Coach Jimmie Dougherty, as well as offensive linemen Erik Kohler and Ben Riva, defensive lineman Andrew Hudson and linebacker Travis Feeney about Day 15 of the Huskies' fall camp.

Andrew Dore handled the transcriptions.
Jimmie Dougherty:
On Jaydon Mickens: "Yeah, definitely been impressed with him. Jaydon loves football. That's the first thing you notice about the kid, being around him everyday him everyday, the attitude he brings to meetings, he's just always wanting to get better, the mental side is there, and that you don't normally see with a freshman. And you match that mental side, with his physical tools and you get a guy that is pretty special like he is, that can play right away."

On Jaydon's size: "It's funny because when he's out there playing, and we're watching him on film or we're watching him on the film, he plays bigger than what he is. He's definitely for his size really tough, physically and mentally, we're really excited about him."

On Kendyl Taylor and his maturity as a freshman: "Yeah Kendyl also, a kid that loves the game of football, grew up in a football family so that's all he knows since he's been in diapers. Again, a mature approach to the game in studying and film work and both those kids came here with the mindset that they're going to play and to their credit they've put the work in and it looks like they are going to help us."

On whether the two freshmen will redshirt: "I'd be surprised, right now they are definitely in the top four, top 5 guys in the rotation, but it's nice having guys with experience as well for those guys to lean on so it's not all on a couple of freshman. And Kasen too, has matured very nicely in his second season and kind of out there playing like a vet right now. Going through the growing pains last year as a freshman and still making plays with his physical talent, but now he's one of the leaders of the group now, and those young kids have people to look up, so it's good."

On Cody Bruns: "Yeah Cody's practicing very well right now, especially the last three or four practices, he had a great scrimmage the other day and now he's put two back to back practices where he's played at a really high level. Cody's just always steady, always works hard, you know what you're getting as far as that, but he's really making the plays and finishing the plays right now that you like to see."

On DiAndre Campbell: "Yeah, he's still a relatively young player but he's still a very mature kid, knows every position in the receiving core. I would have no problem putting him in there and knowing he would execute and play well if he got in a game. I don't think it was us losing confidence in him so much last year, we got healthy, he got thrown in the first game when Jermaine went down, and he had the one drop on the big ball down the field, but we didn't lose confidence in him and I don't think he lost confidence in himself, it was just a matter with the other guys getting healthy. But he's definitely back in the rotation working hard, so we'll see what happens."

On Kevin Smith coming back: "He was the wildcard coming into fall camp, not knowing, everybody's different when they come back from injuries, talking to our training staff, and hearing it all along that he's ahead of pace and kind of a freak like that, just a naturally big, strong, physical guy. He's recovered as nice as anybody ive ever seen come back from an injury like that. But yeah, great to have him back out here, brings a lot of energy to the group, a lot of experience, again a very smart player for us, knows the system, and obviously can make plays, as you see last year with his kickoff return ability and his ability to break tackles and being a threat in the open field. It's going to be good to have that in the receiving corps has well."

On the depth at wide receiver, from replacing Kearse and Aguilar, and of late being without James Johnson and Kevin Smith: "Yeah I mean, James was definitely playing at a very high level so you don't want to make that seem like it wasn't a big loss losing James, but that's always the goal, and that's how you know your program is stable and you've recruited well and you've got good guys in your group, and one guy goes down, the next guy's got to get ready to go in there and make plays and there shouldn't be a big drop off if you're part of a stable program, then you've got players throughout the roster. Definitely it's a nice luxury to have and like you said it's a confidence factor from the coaching standpoint, we're going to run our plays run our offense when that time comes and it's up to us as coaches to get them ready but the players have done a nice job of preparing and being ready when that time g=comes."

Do fans have too big of expectations for Kasen: "Uhh, no, he's dealt with it his whole life. Kasen is a special kid, and he's the type of kid who wants those expectations, from the fan base, from the coaches, from everyone, from his teammates. It's what he's used to, he's the kind of guy that likes the pressure, likes the ball in the fourth quarter, that's how he's wired. I'm not sure what he'd seay, he'd probably give you the same answer, but he's having a tremendous camp, I can tell you that, and I think everybody's going to be pleased with what they see this year."

On whether the staff seems to be working harder and having more fun this year?: "Yeah, I think that's a pretty good assessment. It all stems from Sark, it always has, all the way down through the staff. Sark has done a great job putting together his staff that we get along great, we love working together, we come out here, it's fun working together, we work smart but we're all competitive guys in the same token. The new guys are loving that, the spirit, so maybe that added a little more energy and just because it's so different maybe from what they came from. But like I said, we have fun out here everyday, we were joking the other day that this is the fastest camp that has gone for us because we're having fun. Time flies when you're having fun right?"

Erik Kohler:
On how he is moving around out there: "Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good, through the injury I was able to keep my weight down and I feel very mobile right now and I'm feeling pretty good with it right now."

On his initial reaction to the injury: "It was interesting more than anything, I would have to say that it was a weird sensation seeing your kneecap on the other side of your leg, it was kind of scary because your kneecap is not supposed to be on the other side. The training camp just came over, popped it in, straightened my leg out and put some ice on it."

On how the injury happened: "We watched the film and me cleat got stuck in the ground, my body went one way, my knee kind of stayed there and it just popped right out."

On offensive line coach, Dan Cozzetto's reaction to the injury: "He said "get up" (laughs)."

On getting back out and being physical again for the first time after the injury: "It felt amazing, for the first time hitting someone for the first time in two weeks, I mean I didn't hit anybody really since spring ball, really I just missed it so much."

On his teammates reaction to him getting back out on the field: "Everyone was just kind of happy, "he's back now, let's go, let's keep going.""

On adjusting back to the offensive line after the injury: "I think I'm starting to get more comfortable, I've been watching Drew a lot, Drew is probably one of the best Centers in the nation right now, I feel that watching him and everything that he does, he does so well, I just want to exemplify what he does, just having him to watch helps me out so much."

On playing multiple positions on the line: "I feel that I'd be pretty comfortable. Cozzetto's been preparing me for the last 2 years, going on to my third year, just being versatile, I feel that anywhere he puts me, I'll play to the best of my ability and do well."

On what position he prefers the most: "I like guard, I like guard a lot. I like being inside, the control of it, there's more people in there, I like the mentality of it."

On his expectations of the offensive line: "I think we're actually the strongest that we've been in a couple years, the offensive line as a unit, we've been clicking very well, we're all one, we're great friends, and this will be one of our better lines in the past couple years since Sark's been here so I think that we're working really well together."

Ben Riva:
On his progression from last year to this year: "Well I've grown up a lot, going through another year working out, another year bulding my confidence, confidence out here and in the weight room, being around the guys that have done it, Senio, Drew, all those guys and the things I learn from them, things I learn from Coach Cozzetto help everyday, help my confidence tremendously when I'm out here. I'm not in my stance questioning what I'm doing, I just react now."

On how his pass blocking his progressed from high school where his team ran the ball mostly: "Well I mean when I got here, I didn't really know what I was doing when it came to that so you know, I feel like I've come a long way with that."

On confidence and why his emphasis on it: "I mean confidence is everything, confidence is everything in life, and when I make a call, I know it's right, like I said earlier, spending the 2 years in meetings and practice have helped create that."

On the OL group: "I feel like we're really close and we do a lot together and I love those guys, Drew and I hang out a lot, Dexter and I hang out a lot, they're always over at my house, I'm always over there, I feel like this is the closest we've been since I've been here."
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