Q&A - Lamont Smith

Dawgman.com spoke Thursday with Lamont Smith, who was hired this week by Lorenzo Romar as an assistant coach on the men's basketball team. Smith has ties to Romar, who gave Lamont his first job in the basketball coaching business.

History with Romar - "I was with him at Saint Louis University. It was my first job. It was 12 years ago and it was my first job. I was a graduate assistant, and from there went on to do video. I was only with him two years and left there and I was able to get on with Randy Bennett at St. Mary's. We obviously have a relationship that extends to now for 14 years. Anybody with his character and his work ethic and his prowess to be just the best - you gravitate toward that and you want to be a part of it."

Strengths as a coach? - "I think I'm an excellent communicator. I think I really relate well to the young men. I've been fortunate to work on the defensive end of the ball quite a bit in my three or four stops. I think I'm very well rounded, I can do a little bit of everything."

Responsibilities? - "We talked about recruiting and I'm very familiar with what they do defensively because we did it at St. Louis and ran the same system at St. Mary's, essentially. So I will probably be involved there. But a big piece of it will be recruiting."

Familiar with the personnel at UW? - "I'm familiar with your club obviously - being in the league. I know they have some pieces that are back and guys that have sat out last year due to injury, so I'm excited to get to meet these guys and earn their trust and respect."

Will you be working with the bigs now that Paul Fortier has moved to another position with the program? - "We really haven't gotten that far. Obviously the timing of this has been interesting because Arizona State started school today and (UW) have their foreign tour and practice and getting ready to leave on Saturday - so we didn't talk specifics about what we'd be doing on the floor. And the addition of Brad…I'm sure that'll all get spelled out in due time."

Familiarity with the UW assistant coaches? - "I'm know Jim's (Jim Shaw) style very well. When I was at St. Louis he was actually there too for a short time. I have great respect for him and we've been friends for many years and talk quite frequently even being 'enemies' so to say the last four years. So I'm very familiar with Jim and I look forward to meeting Brad (Jackson) for the first time. Obviously being a basketball fan I've followed what he did with his program at Western Washington and the success they had this last year. They beat a club down here - Grand Canyon University - they beat them in the first round in the Division II Tournament last year so I'm familiar with his program and respect it tremendously."

Are you going to Europe? - "No, I'm not going to Europe. I'm going to try and get everything settled in here, hop on the phones and start recruiting and get my bearings straight so when they get back we'll be ready to roll."

But you want to go, right? - "It would be awesome. I think they are going to have a great time. Allowing redshirts to be able to play in organized games and just get a feel for your club and obviously the 10 practices before are incredible - to get a feel for your club before October and November."

Family? - "I have a wife and two kids, five and six."

Familiarity with Seattle? - "Ironically going into my senior year I had a teammate from Gig Harbor, and actually I came up and worked out for about two months in the summer at the Pro Club. All the pros and all the college players - that's when Donald Watts and that crew was at Washington and Dan Dickau at Gonzaga came through to work out in an organized fashion. So I do have some familiarity with the city. I have some friends there and obviously we came up there every year to compete…so I know a few people. I wouldn't say I'm home yet, but I do have some friends I can reach out to."

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