Fall Camp Q&A - Jim Lambright

SEATTLE - Dawgman.com spoke this week with former UW player, defensive coordinator and head coach Jim Lambright, who has been a fixture at fall camp. We talked about the new defensive coaching staff and he gave us an update on the Husky Stadium remodel and the impact the new stadium will have on recruiting. Lambright is a consultant for Turner Construction, the lead contractor for the remodel.

First impressions of the defense - "You can't help but appreciate the new defense, the fact that they are going to put a lot of people around the line of scrimmage; they are going to take away what they have to take away as far as the strength of a given offense they are going to be facing next year. I absolutely love what the new staff is doing."

Compare what the defense is doing now to the overhaul to what he had to do in the late 90's? - "Well first you have to appreciate their scheme, and then they will do a great job I believe of selling the scheme to the type of athlete that's going to make it better and better - which is what we had. All of a sudden you're putting pressure on and it's a lot more attractive to the average high school and junior college player. It's a lot more fun - you're not waiting for the offense to do something; you're trying to create things for yourself. So I think it's going to make it easier for them to recruit better defensive players in the future."

Please talk about the type of defensive player UW is recruiting nowadays, especially in regards to length - "I think lankiness is an advantage, but speed is a huge advantage. When you're trying to do the things…we were forced into adjusting to a shotgun-type offense where the quarterback was going to stand back there and pick and choose where he wanted to put the ball. So defensively you had to come up with disguises and have players that could flat run so you could take away what they wanted to beat you with. What you're doing, and what they are doing right now…so the offense is ahead, the defense will catch up. And when the defense catches up the offense will come up with something new. What you have right now is an offense and a defense who are capable of adjusting and doing things to the strengths of the people they have, and that's so key now to winning 6, 7 games and getting yourself to a bowl game."

First impressions of the new defensive staff? - "First of all I love the scheme they were running, because right away I could see they have more people, more defensive backs up close to the line of scrimmage and they are playing zone and man both out of that same alignment. You have to honor it as an offense because you can bring more people than they can block. So that was one of the first things that I absolutely loved because what you had before with the previous staff was just stand back and be safe and figure that your people are good enough to beat another team period by standing there and showing what you're going to be running."

On the transformation of Husky Stadium so far - "The most noticeable thing is that all of a sudden there's going to be a roof up there on the south side and people are going to take a look at it driving across the 520 bridge and go 'Whoa! Where did that come from?' And then you've got the east side stands, which for the first time will be permanent. So those will be going up along with a couple of scoreboards on the east side, and then after that really 90 percent of what's left is going to be completing all of the inside, all of the facilities, all of what you're going to have in terms of bathrooms and sales area."

On how gratifying has it been to be a part of the remodel - "I can't even start to explain…I've been through from Jim Owens' time, he showed me the first remodel of the stadium from his standpoint, and then Don James had one and I had one. To see it happening now, I can't tell you how exciting it is for me."

Would his remodel have resembled anything that's going to show up in 2013? - "Definitely the use of the west end zone and the area up above that - to have coaches' offices and all of your football operations on the west side of the stadium…to be able to bring an athlete, a recruit and his mother and father and family into a game or a visit, to be able to take a look from your offices which look right across the lake and at the mountains and this sort of a thing, it's a huge advantage for us to help us in recruiting, because recruiting is everything."

So recruiting should result in a massive bump with the remodel? - "Definitely, for the simple fact that everything is bigger and everything will be perfectly placed for sales."

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