Steve Sarkisian Wednesday Quotes/Video

SEATTLE - Washington Head Coach Steve Sarkisian met with the media on Wednesday and he talked about San Diego State's 3-3-5 defense, as well as some of the players UW fans will see on the field Saturday and the obstacles they've had to overcome to get to where they are today.

Steve Sarkisian on practice before SDSU: "They've been good. Tuesday and Wednesday practices game week, you're gonna live with a few mistakes. What I've been appreciative of the Tuesday/Wednesday practices is that they've been physical. They've been energized and enthusiastic. To me that's a sign of a good practice. I thought we were a lot cleaner today than yesterday. A lot of our blocking up front offensively, I was encouraged by that."

On having the scout teams this week: "Our scout teams are pretty good. We've got some guys that if you would ask me a year ago, I would project would be playing for us on one side of the ball or the other but they just haven't fell into the two deeps yet. We're talented on both sides and I think one thing that has been encouraging for me is that those kids that have been giving really good looks on both sides. They're playing hard and physical."

On Drew Schaefer orchestrating who should be where: "Well, it helps when you have a veteran center that way. A guy who can really communicate well from the inside out so that everybody is on the same page. It helps when you have a veteran quarterback from a protection point as well. So that he knows who's responsible for who and that we are in the same page in that way. The third thing I think we can help it and try and simplify some things on our end and try not to make it too chaotic for some of the younger guys up front."

On Nebraska having a similar defense as SDSU: "I think that it's a little bit different because of the front. These guys are playing with 3 down lineman, 3 linebackers and the 5 DB's and they can get into a lot of different things out of that. Nebraska was a true 4 down defense, 2 backers and 5 DB's. A little bit simpler look to it. They were very good at it obviously. We learned that in the first two meetings. We only coupled about 8 balls total. I think it's the trend in a lot of college football. Trying to get your most athletic players on the field with speed and guys that can do multiple things whether it's defending the run, defending the pass or blitzing the QB."

On Kevin Smith back on the field: "I think Kevin looks great. He's had a tremendous return and recovery and rehab. Probably could have been back a little bit earlier than he was. Anytime that you have an injury like that you wanna take any precaution but he just forced himself back on the field and he looks good. His experience is good for us at that position. We expect him to play and we'll see how he does Saturday night."

On Kevin Smith's enthusiasm: "Unbelievable. His competitiveness, and enthusiasm is so infectious. He's got an unbreakable spirit. If you think about the guy last year, he tears his ACL in the first practice when he gets to Dallas and two days before the Alamo Bowl with a torn ACL he asks if he can suit up and be on the sidelines with his teammates. It just tells you what kind of teammate he is and what he brings to the team. Our guys really respond to him. I can't remember a day where that guy is having a bad day. He's just one of the most energized, appreciative, humble human beings. I know he's excited to get back on the field Saturday night."

On Tre Watson: "We saw it last year when he was on service team with us. He just had a knack for making plays and being around the ball. He has a very, very high football IQ. The guy gets the game of football. Maybe what he lacks in stature or speed, he makes up for with anticipation, intuitiveness and just a will. I don't know if necessarily I'm surprised by it because we've seen it before. He's done tremendously all camp and he's earned it."

On Tre Watson's recruitment being overlooked: "Everybody tries to be perfect in recruiting. Everyone has stars. I was reminding the guys today, I think Keith Price was a 2 star and rated the number 150th athlete in the country. He's turned out okay. You miss sometimes. We're just thankful he wanted to be a Husky bad enough and we are glad to have him here now. To make a decision to come here and walk-on and earn a scholarship, that says a lot about his character."

On the walk-on process when someone calls them about wanting to join the team: "We try to do a little research on them obviously. We are doing it this year with a kid. Stetson Shearer. He's done a nice job so far throughout training camp. I'm appreciative of guys who have a plan in life and do so in that they set their mind to something and they have a plan and they take initiative to go achieve their goal. Tre did that last year and Stetson is doing it this year. We just try to be as supportive as we can for them."

On Coach Kiesau and getting excited to figure out how communication will go between the two of them as he will be in the booth: "We've tried to simulate it as best as we can through a communication standpoint. A lot of our communication will remain consistent but there is obviously information that I'm gonna need from him during the game. He's a very bright guy and he gets the game of football. We think alike. I would imagine it to go smoothly but we will see on Saturday."
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