Wednesday Player/Coach Quotes & Video

SEATTLE - spoke Wednesday with new UW Offensive Coordinator Eric Kiesau, as well as WR Kevin Smith and CB Tre Watson - grateful to be playing Saturday against San Diego State, but for different reasons.

Eric Kiesau:
On confidence in Keith Price: "Confidence level is obviously good with a player like Keith. When you have player like Keith and you have players around him, that's what's gonna make it special. I'm excited to see these kids and just cut them loose and go play. They've been working real hard. I'm excited just like you guys are. I can't wait."

On the freshman wide receivers: "They've earned the opportunity as true freshman. They've done it all through camp. What I expect from them is the same thing I would expect from a Senior or Junior and they've earned their role. They know what they are doing. We are gonna play at a high level and we expect those guys to play with us."

On how he would feel with bringing a backup QB in: "I think they have all progressed really well. As they continue to prepare and get better, if that does arrive then I feel good about it. They've earned their spot and we will cross that bridge if it happens."
Video Interviews:
Eric Kiesau - Watch Here
Kevin Smith - Watch Here
Tre Watson - Watch Here Top Stories