Wednesday Practice Spotlight

SEATTLE - Steve Sarkisian noted late Tuesday night on his Twitter feed that Wednesday would be 'Turnover Wednesday'. The Washington Huskies always try and work on forcing the ball out on defense and the 'Dawg Claw' on offense, but it took one particular play by a true freshman to get the party started in true UW fashion.

It was Pio Vatuvei, the frosh defensive lineman from Patterson, Calif. - the same Pio Vatuvei the Huskies landed on signing day from USC - who lit up UW running back Dezden Petty during a scout period that got everyone fired up.

But that didn't last very long, and soon the scout offense was ripping off some big plays. In years' past you wouldn't have really seen that from the service players - and for two reasons. One, they didn't have a ton of depth so the players that were servicing the first team offense and defense were often walk-ons - and second, the depth concerns meant the gulf in class between the first teamers and the scout players was significant.

Not anymore. Which leads up into our list.

Quote of the Day - "The scout team is kicking your ass!" - New UW DC Justin Wilcox. As soon as he got his message across the No. 1 defense went right to work to change that, as Princeton Fuimaono and Travis Feeney both came up with interceptions to help the defense's cause on 'Turnover Wednesday'.

The beautiful part of this is not just the reaction by the No. 1 guys but that UW is finally starting to get the depth and talent required to have the scout guys give the starters a legitimate run for their money. In talking to former UW Head Coach Jim Lambright near the end of practice, I reminded him that when the '88 and '89 classes came in they used to boast about how they thought they were always better than the starters and went about trying to prove that on the scout. We all know how their UW careers ended up. Lambright agreed and noted that when that happens - you know you're recruiting the right guys.

Coons Perfect on the Day - Travis Coons - for as shaky a day as he had Tuesday - was absolute nails on Wednesday. He went 5-5 from various hashes (both left and right), with a long of 42 yards.

Injury update - No new injuries to report, although Jake Eldrenkamp and Alec Kimble weren't suited up, and neither was Ryan McDaniel, who was carrying some ice around for his knee. DiAndre Campbell was back from being in yellow and Nate Fellner foot was out of his boot - so that has to be good news.

Players Impersonating the Opponent - It's the job of the service teams to give the first team offense and defense a great scout so that when the game comes it's no different than what they saw in practice. That means some of the players in the depth need to take on the characteristics of the other team's top players. Sometimes people want to know who takes on those roles. I was able to figure out that senior cornerback Adam Long is the one that's been given the job of being SDSU cornerback Leon McFadden in practice. It also looked like Josh Perkins was in charge of giving the defense a great look on what they'll see from SDSU star tight end Gavin Escobar and Jeff Lindquist didn't need to change his number - number 5 - to give the Husky defense a great scout on SDSU quarterback Ryan Katz.

Husky Stadium is Rising From the Ashes - It was hard to watch practice at times today because one of the last risers was going up on the south deck and it was incredible to watch. There were at times four or five construction guys on the riser locking it down and there was one actually on the riser as it was being lowered by the crane, who had to use three cables to stabilize the riser! Just amazing. It still astounds to think of the work Turner Construction and their sub-contractors have done on the remodel to date, but there's still so much work that needs to be done in the 368 days until UW's 2013 home opener versus Boise State. Top Stories