Dawgman Predictions - Week One

SEATTLE - From parts far and wide, the assembled collective voice of the Dawgman.com Prediction Committee has been heard - and we've come to a consensus. Some are predicting a blowout win for UW in their home opener versus San Diego State Saturday night at CenturyLink Field, others are predicting a tighter affair…but none of us are predicting a loss. Here's what we think...what say you?

Jay Torrell - Scout.com Creative Print Director (0-0) - Can't wait for... Keith, Shaq, ASJ, Kasen, Jaydon, Desmond, Purple, Gold, sirens, cheers and Husky Football. Dawgs make the CLINK feel like home with a comfortable 38 - 17 win over an occasionally pesky Aztec squad. Washington 38-17
Patrick Thrapp - Dawgman.com Numbers Man (0-0) - Dawgs show they are deep and have some good talent. They will still make some mistakes, but in the end prevail. Washington 34-20
Tyler Rivers - Dawgman.com Intern (0-0) - I see this game being close..... for a quarter. After that, its all Dawgs. Shaq is gonna be a playmaker the minute he steps on the field. Shirley will have a few sacks and a forced fumble while Shelton disrupts the line. Oh, and Keith Price will give SDSU headaches all day too. He'll spread the ball around while throwing for 300+ yards and showing off his healthy legs. Dawgs win big and the CLink is as loud as ever. Washington 56-21
Andrew Dore - Dawgman.com Intern (0-0) - The Huskies and Aztecs enter the game at Century Link on Saturday night with something in common. Both teams are looking for a first win after season ending bowl game losses. The similarities end there. The Huskies are much better suited in replacing players lost to the draft than the Aztecs. Keith Price should have his way with the Aztec defense while utilizing proven players such as Kasen Williams and Austin Seferian Jenkins early on. Also, look for the emergence of fall camp breakout players, my favorite being Jaydon Mickens. Expect to see Mickens get the ball in open space where he can use his speed to gain yards after the catch. The offense's ability to move the ball depends on its offensive line. The Huskies have plenty of question marks, but I don't see them making this game as close as the 2011 opener last season. Washington 45-21
Molly Waldron - Dawgman.com Intern Emeritus (0-0) - Despite coaches' best efforts, it's hard to believe the Huskies aren't slightly overlooking the San Diego State game with LSU right around the corner. The Huskies' new defensive coaches and tandem of Callier and Sankey replacing Chris Polk show promise, but may take time to fully hit their stride. With SDSU's quarterback Ryan Katz no stranger to Pac-12 play, the Huskies' transitioning defense could be tested. Still, the Huskies carry with them last season's offensive momentum into this year and have the home field advantage. Pair that with dynamic returning starters -- including Price and ASJ -- and the Huskies should earn a decisive win. Washington 35-21
Scott Eklund - Dawgman.com Recruiting Guru (0-0) - It isn't hard to see UW overlooking San Diego State a little this weekend with a trip to LSU next week, but I have a feeling that the Husky staff has their attention and has let it be known that they will not stand a repeat effort like last season. I think Keith Price comes out and throws for 250 yards and four scores, two to Kasen Williams, and that Jesse Callier and Bishop Sankey will total over 150 yards on the ground and score two touchdowns as well. The defense should have a good day against Ryan Katz who is a questionable decision-maker when under pressure and the Huskies should get off to a nice start to the 2012 season with a big win at Century Link Field. Washington 38-17
Chris Fetters - Dawgman.com Editor-In-Chief (0-0) - I expect UW to come out fired up - probably a little too wired - but they'll settle down after the first series. San Diego State has nothing to lose in this game, so they will play with reckless abandon and try to rip the ball out of Washington's hands at every turn - and I suspect they'll force one or both the true frosh receivers (Jaydon Mickens and Kendyl Taylor) into a miscue or two. It's something UW is going to have to live with, but with every aggressive defense there's room to exploit - and they'll need to do that in order to take this game comfortably. Washington's defense will be okay but not earth-shattering - but they won't have to be. It's going to take them a few weeks to get settled into what they want to do and how they are going to get it done, but the experience of Keith Price and Steve Sarkisian's utilization of all the weapons in his arsenal to shake things up running and passing will keep Rocky Long's defense off-balance for most of the game. Washington 34-24
Kim Grinolds - Dawgman.com Business Operations (0-0) - It's always great to finally get the season started but opening games ..........*sigh* I expect to see glimpses, flashes, and maybe hints of what to expect against LSU. It won 't be a blowout and it won't be as close as the final score. UW will just hold SDSU at arms length and win a snoozfest. Washington 31-13
David Samek - The Dawgman (0-0) - Keith Price is no an underclassman any longer. He will have the entire Sark playbook at his beck and call. Expect him to call a lot of successful plays involving Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Kasen Williams. Look for Jesse Callier to start the game but look for Bishop Sankey to finish it with two touchdowns and to be the leading rusher. On defense, John Timu leads the way with 10 stops and Desmond Trufant has an interception. The Huskies are 1-0 heading to Baton Rouge. Washington 41-20

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