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With game one in the books with a win over San Diego State, now comes the ultimate test - a road game against the No. 1 team in the country. And that's exactly what the Huskies have to do as they travel to Baton Rouge to face LSU Saturday at 4 pm PST. So what do Steve Sarkisian and Justin Wilcox have up their sleeve?

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Five Ways UW Beats LSU, Five Ways They Lose

The Washington Huskies are 24-point underdawgs on the road at LSU Saturday night, but it's not as if the Huskies haven't played spoiler in the past. Here are five ways in which the Huskies can pull off the shocker in Baton Rouge, as well as five reasons UW will do exactly what the oddsmakers expect.

Five Ways UW Beats LSU, Five Ways They Lose

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By-The-Numbers: LSU

SEATTLE - Who Dat!? It's By-The-Numbers! BTN is taking a bit of a break from the Emerald City monotony to take in a little Crescent City craziness and some French Quarter freakout. And oh, there's a game Saturday between LSU and Washington. How do the numbers play out when the Huskies travel to take on a top-3 team in their house at night in 90 percent humidity? Yikes!

By-The-Numbers: LSU
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Dezden Petty Quotes

Dezden Petty on the week's tempo : "For the team, we're just trying to get ready. It's a lot going on in our minds because we're trying to get something done that hasn't happened in a long time. Last time we beat a #3 team was USC when Coach Sark and them first got here. It's a big game for us."

On his mindset : "Personally it's my opportunity. It's the first time I've been on the field in a year and a half so I'm trying to make the best of my opportunity. I'm very confident. That's what I came here for, big games like this. I'm a big time player and this is my opportunity. I'm trying to take advantage of it."

On what he's been working on : "Last camp I had a fumbling problem. I've tried to work on that. This is the first time I've played tailback. I've been a fullback. Trying to do everything I can to get great at this position."

On his weight : "I'm at 220. I'm not really used to working out in the offseason. I got a real good offseason so I feel like I'm feeling good."
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Wednesday Coach Quotes/Video

SEATTLE - Dawgman.com spoke with Jimmie Dougherty, Eric Kiesau and Joel Thomas Wednesday about Washington's upcoming game with LSU, the disappointment of losing Jesse Callier, can Bishop Sankey be the man, how will the UW offense handle LSU's defensive ends, and is Kevin Smith getting stronger?

Wednesday Coach Quotes/Video

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Wednesday Sark Quotes/Video

SEATTLE - Steve Sarkisian met with the media Wednesday, talking about LSU game preparation and how to combat the Tigers' wealth of speed, size and depth. He also talked about preparing for the Louisiana weather and who LSU QB Zach Mettenberger reminds him of.

Wednesday Sark Quotes/Video

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Wednesday Practice Spotlight

SEATTLE - First the bad news; there was no Sheena at Washington's Wednesday practice. The 300-pound female Bengal Tiger was nowhere to be found, but in talking with UW Head Coach Steve Sarkisian he seemed to believe Sheena's presence had the desired effect on his team. So now does he start ramping up the Whammy in Miami talk? Beatdown in Baton Rouge?

Wednesday Practice Spotlight

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LSU Depth Chart vs. UW is posted

For those interested in checking out the LSU Depth Chart prior to UW's game with them Saturday, you can click on the link below.

LSU Depth Chart vs. UW posted
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Tuesday Practice Spotlight

SEATTLE - I have to admit - after covering practices at Washington for a dozen years, there's little I haven't seen. Until today. Walking into the east field at Husky Stadium was a bit of a shock to the system, as Tuesday focused on a special guest - a 300-pound special guest with four legs, plenty of fur and a bit of menace to her. It was entertaining, if nothing else.

Tuesday Practice Spotlight
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Tuesday Coach/Player Quotes & Video

SEATTLE - With Sheena the Bengal Tiger looming in the background at Washington's practice Tuesday, we spoke with Justin Wilcox, Tosh Lupoi, Erik Kohler, Drew Schaefer and Peter Sirmon as the Huskies gear up for the LSU Tigers.

Tuesday Coach/Player Quotes & Video
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Steve Sarkisian Monday Quotes/Video

SEATTLE - Steve Sarkisian started out his Monday press conference with some really bad news with regard to players injured in Washington's 21-12 Saturday night win over San Diego State - but the rest of the news wasn't all bad. He gave reporters a game review, as well as what UW fans can expect this coming Saturday as the Huskies travel south to take on powerhouse LSU.

Opening Comments:
"On a quick injury update before we get into a review of the game - it's confirmed last week that Hauoli Jamora re-injured his ACL on his knee, so he'll be out the remainder of the season. Jesse Callier also injured his ACL so he'll be out the remainder of the season, and Ben Riva is seeing a specialist this afternoon, so we'll have more of an update exactly on him tomorrow. It looks like it'll be…obviously it's a broken bone so pretty significant time with him."

"In a review of the San Diego State game, to touch on that - you go back and look at the game and we really missed some opportunities to put the game away in a sense. I thought we almost lacked that killer instinct that was needed that night. We had some opportunities in the fringe and in the red zone and we pride ourselves on being very efficient and scoring touchdowns when we're down there and we didn't capitalize. Obviously we had one opportunity and we took a sack on third down that knocks us back and a delay of game we don't even get to kick a field goal so we punt. We have another opportunity and we fumble inside the 5-yard line. We had another opportunity when we get down there and we settle for a field goal and missed the field goal. A potential of 21 points we left on the board in that ball game that I think could have changed the complexion of that game and really swung it even more in our favor when we had opportunities to do that."

"On a positive note I would say it's encouraging…we talk about the football so much so it was encouraging to win the turnover battle. You win the turnover battle 3-1 and you find a way to win ball games. That's the history of football and it happened again. On film, pleased with how hard our defense played. They showed the aggressiveness that it felt like on the field; it showed up on the tape. Obviously there's some things from alignment and assignment to get cleaned up there. I know we can tackle better than that and it'll be a point of emphasis for us this week. We realized they had 90 yards of offense after initial contact, which we can improve on definitely. I think the guy that calls the plays on offense could have a better game, honestly.

"I think we got a bit frustrated not scoring in those opportunities that we had and got a little out of sorts - myself included - and I think that carried itself to Keith and a bit to our offensive unit. Throughout the year we're going to get faced with adversity. Guys are going to go down with injuries like what happened to us the other night - whether it's Jesse or Ben Riva - those things can't affect us. We have to continue to execute. We have to do the things we do and practice with numerous guys doing what they do and not just one guy at one spot.

"All being said there were some real positives there but there were some things that need to be fixed and we're going to have to do it quickly. We're heading down to LSU Saturday night…great environment for college football, it should be a tremendous setting. I can't tell you the amount respect we have for their program and coach Miles. They are an excellent and tremendous team, a special teams football team in the return game and covering kicks. Obviously the defense almost speaks for itself and the playmaking ability they have there. The power running game, that they kind of lean on you and wear on your over time and create big runs and play action pass and big plays there and utilizing getting the ball to their playmakers.

"It'll be key for us to get acclimated as best we can while we're here in Seattle and then when we get down to Baton Rouge, and that will obviously be through crowd noise and simulating that, our ability to hydrate our players and to get them prepared for all of the things that come with the setting with playing at Tiger Stadium.

"This isn't new to us. There's a proud history and tradition here at the University of Washington of going and playing in games like this, and we'll embrace this one just like we have all the other ones for decades. It should be a fun week for us and a fun ball game on Saturday."

On overcoming the loss of Jesse Callier - "It obviously, we're going to find out more about Bishop Sankey in a hurry. He got quite a few carries the other night and he responded well. I wish would have blocked a little better for him I think in turn I wish he would have shown a little more patience running the ball but I think that will come in time getting the experience there. Erich Wilson's obviously going to get more touches for us. Dezden Petty will get more touches. Willis Wilson will have a role on this team. We'll have some guys that will be role players that'll do some things in the backfield for us that are maybe hybrids at other positions that can do some things back there. Not as full time backs but in some spot duty and special situations."

On if Bishop Sankey can handle the load - "I think he can do it without a doubt. Physically he was fine. I think he had 22 carries on the night. I think it was a really good learning experience for him putting the ball on the ground there inside the five. Late in the third quarter he'll respond better to that next time. I thought he ran a little bit conservative after the fumble. Its hard to be a running back and run conservative when you're not a big thumper. He has to run with his style and he has to continually emphasis keeping the ball high and tight. The kid from San Diego State did a nice job stripping the ball. I don't want to take bishops stinger from him because he has big play potential but his big play potential won't be there if he doesn't run with the initiative to run with that stuff."

On the right side of the line - "We'll have James Atoe go in at right guard and we'll look at Kohler and Criste at right tackle. This obviously bodes itself for some opportunities for (Shane) Brostek at the right guard spot as well. Down there in the weather we're gonna get we're gonna need some extra bodies in this ball game. I don't think we can go in there thinking just five guys we're gonna need some guys rotating in so we'll be prepared for that."

On assessing the O-line's job versus SDSU - "Not bad. One common thing we're finding out in first games is we're a little high in week one. We try to do as much live as we can in training camp but yet take care of our guys. Our pad level needs to get better. That'll be emphasized for us this week. I felt San Diego State threw as many looks at our guys as you could just about throw at them. For the most part we handled them pretty well. We had one glaring protection break down on the sack there in the redzone that was a miscommunication between center and quarterback and tailback that we were hopeful wouldn't happen but they got us. But they threw a lot of stuff at our guys. They threw a lot of stuff at the quarterback, at me at the o-line. The end result you can play a little tentative when you're getting so many looks. But we'll be better. Sometimes the o-line gets the brunt of the criticism. Where we weren't very good was at the second tight end or the full back spot and that goes hand in hand with the o-line and the tight end and it all coming together to make all that happen so there's some areas that need to be improved."

Will James Atoe start? - "That's what will probably happen unless something changes here in the next couple of days.''

On how big of a task it is to block LSU's defensive ends - "That's just two of the eight that we are going to see. There's going to be eight guys rotating in there. I don't want to say any of their names because I can't remember all of them but I know their numbers. It's 9 and 18 and 77 and 90 and 99 and 89 and 49 and so they are good. That's no secret about that. We as a staff and from a gameplanning standpoint if I go empty backs and go seven-step drops all night long, we'll have a tough night. That goes without saying. So we are going to have to do things continually to mix things up in the style of offense that we run. In the types of plays that we are running, in the tempo with which we do things. So we are going to have to continually mix things up. And I think that's one of the beauties of this system that we have the capability of doing those things and we are just going to have to lean on that more than we have in some other ball games.''

On Keith Price taking the blame for the poor offense Saturday - "That's what makes 17 special. He's got a standard he holds himself too. I've seen him better than he was Saturday night and I will see him better than he was Saturday night. And that's just what he expects of himself. There were probably a handful of plays that he would love to have back and there were some other plays that he made tremendous plays on that a year ago I don't know that he could have made. The third down scramble in the fourth quarter to get us out of a backed-up situation. Some other times he used his legs to generate first downs on third downs and so I just think he's set a standard for himself and that's what he wants to play to every time out.''

On if they can redshirt Jamora and Callier - "Jesse I'm positive of that. Jamora, we were able to utilize that last year so this year is going to count. You get into at the end of his career applying for a sixth season and all of that. You have to kind of get through all of this before you can cross that bridge so we've got a lot to get through before we cross that bridge for Hau'oli.''

On if Jamora has talked about a sixth year with Sarkisian - "There's so much more, we haven't even got to that point. The guy just had surgery on Thursday and now starts the rehab process, the healing process. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. For now it's getting him back healthy and getting him prepared for 2013.''

On if he's heard from the Pac-12 about the sideline play - "I have not heard from the Pac-12 on that yet, no.''

On having so many knee injuries - "I don't know. We've exhausted ourselves on every study – from shoes, to the type of body type that's getting injured, to quad and hamstring strength, to surface, to the type of plays, to when they occur in practice and games. It doesn't take much. I think the one study shows it take 7 pounds of pressure or something to tear an ACL – so that's not much. They're non-contact injuries. Jesse is running and he thinks about making a cut, and his knee moves maybe this much and that happens. We're going to try and do a study on the percentage of players on rosters around the country of what they have. I know that on our current roster today we have nine players that have had an ACL injury out of our 100 or so. Some of those occurred prior to them even coming on our football team – John Timu, Ryan McDaniel, Will Shamburger did theirs in high school. I don't know if its guys are getting bigger faster and stronger, the surfaces are changing, I don't know if its cleats. There's a lot that goes into it. I know we are looking into it, because you don't want to happen to them in such a violent game that had zero contact on it."

On how the true freshman graded out - "I thought Jaydon – I was first and foremoest pleased he caught the ball. One of the keys when you put a young guy back there is cathing punts and katching kickoffs and he did a nice job of that. Both of his catches were on third down that were conversions for first down, which was pleasing to us that he can make the catch in critical moments. I think we'll only see him get more and more involved in the offense. Kendyl, the game plan wasn't really suited for him to be a real playmaker. I think we'll see more of him as we get going. Erich Wilson had a couple of nice runs. I thought it was good in there and he had a couple nice of runs and got in the secondary and showed the natural running skills he showed in camp. Shaq, I thought he played hard. You really notice when he finishes play well. When he decides to tackle someone, there is a noticeable explosion in the tackle and the way he finishes plays, which was encouraging. Pio Vatuvei, when he was in, did a nice job, did his job and sometimes that can be the most difficult things to do. I thought the long snapper, Ryan Masel, snapped the ball fine, did a nice job. I thought Durkee – oddly enough, I don't think I've ever punted that many times inside the 40 in a game since I've been here. We just had some odd fourth downs, fourth and longs in the fringe area. We were punting the ball, didn't really allow Korey to strike it. He had to try and place some punts. Sometimes that's not the easiest thing to do the first time you are going back to punt the ball. He really struck the ball well late when we punted and needed to get the ball out deep. All in all, nothing glaringly bad, nothing glaringly great. I think we'll only see them get better as we move forward."

On the punt they had covered on the goal line they let through for a touchback - "We had two guys. We didn't execute. It was another kind of a glaring thing we've been practicing quite a bit on. It was Ducre and Gobern, they were both there. It really was an easy play, you just turn and catch it. It was a nice punt by Korey. It was exactly what we were trying to get done. But the execution wasn't there."

On how far they've improved from the first LSU game in '09 to today - "Hopefully we look a little better in pregame warmups. I was a little kind of looking at their side and looking at our side and it didn't feel like this was a great matchup in pregame warmups. I thought our kids played hard that first time around. They are a very good football team. Don't' get me wrong...these guys they're well coached. Sometimes you say they've got all these great players. They're well coached, they have a head coach who is willing to take risks, take chances, he'll fake punts, he'll run reverses on fourth-and-1. So they're a well coached team, they're very talented. So difference wise, not much. Our schemes haven't changed much, their schemes haven't changed much. The venue will be different but outside of that there is going to be a lot of purple and gold in the stands and on the field."

On defensive players that played well on Saturday - "I thought Desmond Trufant had an excellent football game. Sometimes as a DB you're only looking at the passes he covered, but I thought he tackled really well in the run game, really showed up from the tackling standpoint. I thought Travis Feeney had a nice ball game for us, showed the things we were hopeful to see, his closing speed to get to the ball, saw it on the sack fumble, saw it on the third or fourth down scramble of the quarterback, that showed up. I thought Talia Crichton played with really good effort on the defensive side of the ball and that definitely showed up all night it was there, but it showed up on the fumble return for the touchdown. I know Timu is stripping the ball but Talia is the one that jars the ball loose on the hit and he came from across the field to make that happen. And then other guys I thought flashed. Tre Watson with the interception we know. Shaq had some plays, Sean Parker had some plays but all of those guys had plays they would want to have back too. Hopefully we can get a little bit more consistently doing things right. It wasn't for lack of effort. We're close. We just have to clean some stuff up."

On what you could you have possibly learned on Saturday about your team - "What I thought was pretty cool is, winning is winning and that is ultimately why we do what we do, is to walk out of the locker room with a W. And at the end of week one-half of the teams in the country are 0-1 and we're on the good side right now. But I felt like our guys walked out of there with kind of a bad taste in their mouths. They know that game could have went a lot better for us had we taken advantage of a few more opportunities and done a few more things correctly and that carried right over to today to our team meeting. This is a hungry group they want to get things fixed, they want to put their best foot forward Saturday night and I thought that was something I learned. I think in the past we may have been happy as all get out that we won. I've given these guys this quote before and I heard it on a Sunday watching a Lakers game and Andrew Bynum was down court cherry-picking and didn't get back on D and the ball gets thrown down to him and he gets a dunk. Jeff Van Gundy is calling the game and says, ‘to any young coach out there, don't condone in victory what you wouldn't in defeat.' And I think that our guys are understanding that message. We're happy that we won but there are things that need to be corrected for us to continually get better."

On any other injuries of note from Saturday? - "No, I think we are fine. Tru looks good. Everyone else came looking really healthy. Guys aren't feeling as sore as we've been after some other games today."

Is this the type of scheduling you want now? - "I think guys come to the University of Washington to play in these types of ball games. Do I want to play in these types of ball games, have three SEC schools as my three non-conference games? No. I think we have to be fair to our kids and are ultimate goal is to win a Pac-12 championship and put ourselves in position for a national championship. We've adopted an A-B-C-type scheduling model that I think we will continue to live by. But hopefully for our players and our fans we continue to really give them experiences of either bringing really big-time programs here to play us in Husky Stadium, or to go on the road and play in some of the great venues in the country that I know our fans will be excited to travel to and our players will be excited to play in."

Since 2000 the Pac-12 has a better head-to-head record vs sec. How comparable are the two conferences? - "The biggest way to change the perception is to win, and to win in the big games. That's what the people see, and that's what the pundits talk about and write about is, in the big games. And I think we are different conferences in that the SEC now for some time has had a pretty good bit of stability in their conference and in their universities, especially in some of their bigger programs. Now I know Coach Saban jumped from LSU then to Dolphins and then to Alabama but he's been in the conference her now for quite some time. Coach Miles has been in the conference now for quite some time. Mark Richt has been in the conference for quite some time. So they've had maybe a little more stability especially at the bigger programs than our conference has had. And when you have some stability in that way, in time comes success. There was a time there years ago prior to Coach Miles getting to LSU, that conference was really leaning on Florida and Steve Spurrier. Then Coach Saban does what he does at LSU, he kind of moves on, Coach Miles comes in continues that, Coach Meyer shows up at Florida and continues what Coach Spurrier was doing, and now Coach Saban is at Alabama. So those premier teams are doing what they are doing. We just in our conference have lacked a little bit of that stability. SC had it for about a seven-year run under Pete, and we saw those results. I think we are on our way back as a conference. Obviously, what Oregon has done in recent years, what Stanford has done in recent years, and I know there are some other teams chomping at the bit to find that stability to be the elite teams in the country."

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Video Interviews - LSU

SEATTLE - Dawgman.com spoke with Bishop Sankey, Will Shamburger, Tre Watson and Keith Price about Washington's 21-12 win over San Diego State, as well as what they are expecting down in the Bayou as UW travels to Baton Rouge Saturday to square off with the No. 1 team in the country - LSU.

Bishop Sankey - Watch Here
Will Shamburger - Watch Here
Tre Watson - Watch Here
Keith Price - Watch Here

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Complete Sark Show Notes

Gas opens the show talking about their new locations - Joey's - and how it's a gorgeous day in Seattle.  Congrats to Sark for the win - talks about taking the offense for granted and wanting to see some improvement on D.  Thought D was much better and Sark agreed. 

Sark said they all had expectations and how the D got after the O in spring and Fall.  Played a nice game. One score on a trick play and another on a wheel route where Tru cramps up coming free on a blitz leaving Tre Watson on an island. 

Gas talked about how SDSU is probably better than what people think - 17 wins the last two years, 42 upperclassmen, etc...and Sark said they will win a lot of games - probably win upwards of 10 games. Katz is capable and has lots of weapons to throw to. Will be watching them in the future as a gauge, but UW missed tons of chances to put the game out of reach - the fumble, the PI on Williams, etc... - opportunities where they didn't take advantage. Plenty to work on even though it was a win.

Bob said they aren't too far removed from where there would have been a parade for a win like that, but got the feeling that the team wasn't satisfied.  Sark said you have to be happy whenever you win, but they also know about the missed chances.  They've set a standard for what's acceptable. Guys like the captains have set that standard and know there's plays out there they would want back.

Bob said post-game the playcaller probably was hardest on himself.  Sark said he got frustrated. So used to when they hit the fringe and redzone that they score at a high rate.  Love all the weapons, but didn't execute very well.  Probably tried too hard in other areas to get going and maybe put Keith out of sync.  He graded himself very tough.

Bob asked about Sark said the team lacked a killer instinct.  Sark said it can be a learned trait and maybe that's why the team wasn't completely happy afterward because it's something that's been a point of focus.  Something they have to continually work on because they'll find themselves in situations like that a lot more this year.

Bob talked about losing starters like Ben Riva and Jesse Callier - freak injuries.  Sark said it's tough.  Said the first day of camp that injuries will happen, and the worst thing you can do and sit around without a plan.  That's why they rotated a lot of OL in training camp and gave Bishop a ton of carries - you have to have a plan.  

Gas brings the show back in talking about Sark's playcalling and how during the first two scores it was mainly passes but the rest of the game was more balanced.  Sark said that you have a game plan going in on how you want to attack and the emphasis starting out was to throw it to 88 and 2 and also 4.  The thought was if that happened that would allow for some 'air' for the offense because SDSU was stacked in the box.  In the first half that happened.  Second half UW never really got SDSU out of that aggressive defense. Sark said he went to some runs that were set up for a softer defense - and that's why he was disappointed in himself after the game.  Said in hindsight would have tried to call runs like he did in the first half.

Bob talked about the 25 completions for Price - the most ever for him - and Price being hard on himself after the game.  Sark said that's the best thing about KP is that he's so competitive.  Probably thinks there's 100 more yards out there in passes.  Sometimes it's just a few plays that spell the difference between having a good game and feeling great about how you played. 

They played a couple of sound bites from Price, talking about his focus this week and how he has to play better for the team to play better.  He said he has to come with a higher level of energy and to trust him - they will be ready to play.

Sark said that he's to the point now where when he says stuff like that - it's not just for the press.  He means it.  The great ones are hardest on themselves.  He knows LSU will be a great challenge and he wants to make sure he puts his best foot forward - and that's why the rest of the team feeds off of him.  For KP to recognize he didn't have the right level of energy is a pretty mature statement to make.  Today he was upbeat and challenging guys at practice and expect more of that this week.

Bob asked about going to the run when KP was a little out of sorts, and Sark said their run game wasn't able to really help him.  If he could do it all over again, he would have gone back to what they did early on in the game to start out the second half to get him some easy completions and then run.

Gas mentioned some plays where Price made things happen despite not feeling like he played that well, and Sark mentioned that some of that was based on his competitiveness and also his frustration.  

Brian From Renton on the phone - talked about the scripting of playing in the first half and asked if they script for the second half - Sark said they script the first 10 reps of the second half. Said they get a lot of work for the first half scripting, but hardly any time at all to get all the info for the second half.  He said they've talked about developing a bigger script for the first half - 20, 25 plays.

Gas asked about a third wheel in the receiving corps, and Sark said Kevin Smith catching passes was big and also Mickens catching two third-down passes for conversions too.  Also Kendyl Taylor will step up down the road.  But someone is going to have to help ASJ and Kasen - unlikely ASJ will catch 9 a game.  Wants Kasen to have 6-7 a game and wants to push those other guys up to 3-4 a game.

Bob asked Sark about Sankey's 22 carries and how that was unexpected.  Sound bite from Bishop - Jesse was a big part of the RB group being a leader, so it hurts.  Other guys are going to have to step up and carry the load.  Bob asked Sark about the two-back sets with both of them in there, and Sark said it was a big part of their game plan that went completely out the window.  Liked what Erich Wilson did and he was told he would be used in an emergency situation.  See more of Dezden Petty in the pro formations, but you have to adjust to the adversity.  And now that BS knows he's going to be a focal point of the offensive gameplan, he'll prepare accordingly.

Bob talked about Callier's injury - turf monster, looked innocent because he got up and he walked it off.  Sark said at the time he didn't think it was that severe because a lot of ACL tears the players are on the ground and you know something is wrong.  There was also an issue with the down markers - so Sark wasn't focused on the injury.  They score on the next play and then the trainers told Sark Jesse injured his knee and he would be out of the game. 

From Twitter, how does a young team handle injury news like this? 

Gas brought the show back in and they talked about the rash of knee injuries.  Jamora and Callier both ruled out for the year with ACL tear.  Sark said that they've been dealing with it from the start of fall camp - from Fellner to Kearse to Kohler getting hurt, etc...

This has to be about opportunity.  You'd love to have all the guys there and healthy but they aren't, so the next guy has to step up.  Feeney, Shaq Thompson, Mickens are examples of guys stepping up for others. 

Bob said it started with Cooper ACL injury and Jamora and now Callier.  You get hurt but so many knees?  Sark said he'd like to know.  On roster, out of 100 players nine have had knee injuries.  Three happened prior to UW - Timu, McDaniel and Shamburger.  

Of all of those, the majority happen without anyone touching them.  And as big an impact sport football is, they are losing guys at an 'alarming rate' with no contact at all.  All three of Cooper, Jamora and Callier happened without anyone touching them. The team is exhausting all resources in trying to find out what's going on and their next study is going to be comparing their roster to other rosters in the country to see if what's happening to them is normal or way out of whack.  He's trying to do everything he can to find the answers but it's hard to put your finger on one specific thing.

Bob asked about the turf v. grass argument.  Sark said that two of the three ACL's that happened before they got to UW was on grass and the other happened playing basketball.  Athletes these days are going harder and faster than ever before, so maybe the amount of impact the knees handle is greater.  They are searching high and low for answers. 

Bob went all the way back to Steve Emtman to talk about knees and turf and Sark said it could just be that guys might be more prone to that injury than others, and others might be prone to other injuries - all bodies are created a little differently.  

Bob talked about Ivan Lewis and trying to get these guys ready and Sark said that there may not be a guy shook up more than Ivan today because they work so hard to prepare them to handle the rigors of a season.  But because they were all non-contact injuries, it's hard to swallow.  

Bob mentioned Abdul Gaddy and how he's been able to return 100 percent yet Cooper and Jamora continue to have issues.  Sark mentioned Kevin Smith and Colin Tanigawa as guys that have been able to come back, so there had to be something to bodies being pre-disposed to not dealing as well to certain certain injuries than others.

Matt via Twitter - Keeping things vanilla for SDSU or looking ahead?  Sark said it's interesting, because you can talk all you want about not looking ahead but it's hard not too sometimes.  Long day waiting on Saturday, so the guys could have watched the LSU game on the TV and started thinking about it.  But did it affect the team?  Maybe we did some things to set other things up and maybe we kept some things in our pocket, but we won and got the job done.

Big guy on the mic - Said Sark should get recognition for what he's been able to do to get the guys successful in the classroom as well as on the field.  Sark said they bring the frosh in after the 4th of July for orientation and they go through a class so they have a experience to draw from when the fall quarter starts.  Praises Scott Woodward and Kim Durant for how much help they've been in providing all the resources possible on the academic side.  Stanford the only team in the Pac-12 with a better graduation rate. 

Bob asked about the kickers and specialists - Sark said their wasn't a snap over the head, so that was a success.  Said he's never had to punt so much inside the other team's half - so probably haven't seen the best of Durkee yet.  Coons nursing a small groin strain, so as he gets healthier, he'll be better. 

Gas brought the end of the show up mentioning a paper talking about how the team needs to bring it better next week or they are going to have problems - it was the LSU paper.

Listener asked about the CenturyLink experience - Sark said it was good and it got loud on third down.  Said when they get it full it should really be something.  Also said they really noticed the fact that there was no traffic compared to getting to Husky Stadium from 520.  That meant more time to run around pre-game, and that might have contributed to guys cramping up or getting fatigued earlier than expected.

Bob brought up seeing the Tiger at LSU.  Apparently the Tiger is named Mike.  Sark said the atmosphere will be great.  Said the environment they set up for Mike cost 8 million dollars and they put him right outside the visitors locker room on game day.  Sark said he might have to throw Mike a steak Friday night to get on his good side.  

Bob and Gas wished Sark good luck in Saturday's game.  

End of show.
9:54 am
UW Depth Chart versus LSU released

To view UW's depth chart as they travel to LSU, click on the link below.

UW Depth Chart versus LSU released

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