Wednesday Sark Quotes/Video

SEATTLE - Steve Sarkisian met with the media Wednesday, talking about LSU game preparation and how to combat the Tigers' wealth of speed, size and depth. He also talked about preparing for the Louisiana weather and who LSU QB Zach Mettenberger reminds him of.

On Sheena the Tiger : "Just trying to minimize distractions. There can potentially be a lot of them when you get down there. The stadium, the crowd, the heat, the tiger outside the locker room. So we are trying to minimize the distractions so we can focus on the task at hand, and that's playing the game."

On the difficulty of getting Sheena the Tiger to practice: "It wasn't that difficult. It's an organization out of Oregon that was pretty accessible to us. They liked the idea of getting her up here so we jumped on it."

On the effect it had on the players : "I thought it worked kinda how I was hoping it would work. Guys came onto the field and stood around and stared at the tiger, guys took pictures with the tiger after practice."

On the heat in Louisiana : "We've been making an effort to stay hydrated. I think it's too late to try to hydrate the day before the game. We're doing it throughout the week and taking breaks on Gatorade and different things to hydrate ourselves and get prepared for it. I think we have to recognize guys earlier in the game. Sub earlier in a game than we normally might. Utilize the tv timeouts and bring fans. It's gonna be warm, we know that but they are playing in the same temperature we're gonna be playing in."

On LSU's size : "They're big up front offensively for sure. That's a big offensive line. Defensively, they are big in the interior but on the edge they're fast. They have a nice combination of size and speed. If you just try to match them size for size then the speed factor will take it's toll on you. I think you need to have balance on the field whether it's on offense, defense or special teams to match the style of play they play with."

On LSU's trick plays on special teams : "I think they've got really good players. Historically, they've always had really good returners. The one kid leaves and they bring in another guy, and he returns two in the first quarter. They've got good athletes. I think they are dedicated to it and Coach Miles does a tremendous job. All of that comes together and that's why they're so good."

Is he breaking out the Whammy in Miami tape yet? : "We haven't gotten to that point yet. We're just making sure we execute right now. We haven't gotten all of the motivational factors. We just wanna make sure when we step between the white lines that we execute at a high level. The whammy in Miami and some of those other great wins on the road were a byproduct of buys playing well and guys executing really well. I think that for our guys the focus has been on preparing well and getting through a couple hard-nosed tough days here, Tuesday and Wednesday, and then having a really crisp, clean Thursday practice."

On Keith Price : "I like his focus. The thing about 17, even when he's probably not having his best day it's hard to tell because he's so good. I like his attitude this week. He's very wired into the game plan and knows what we're trying to get done. He typically gets better throughout the week. I expect him to have a really good Thursday and be confident and feel good about the game plan heading into Saturday night."

On Travis Feeney at linebacker : "We knew a year ago when he was on the service team that he was a tremendous tackler, he had great closing speed, he had tremendous length. Even when he was tackling Chris on service team last year, it was hard for Chris to break his tackles. He got a chance to bulk up more this off season, and the scheme we had with Justin it just fit right with him moving down there."

On LSU's QB Zach Mettenberger : "Big guy. Strong arm. Could be similar to the kid at Oregon State. Big guy that can really throw the ball downfield. Maybe a Nick Foles type. Not gonna move around a lot in the pocket but will stand in and deliver the ball down the field."

On Travis Coons : "I thought he had a really nice day. Probably his best day in quite some time. Kick offs were excellent and he struck his field goals really well. I don't know if he's 100 percent yet but he's much better than he's been."

On the young guys' focus this week : "I think they're good. We have more on their plate this week than they had last week. They're minds have probably been thinking quite a bit."
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