Wednesday Coach Quotes/Video

SEATTLE - spoke with Jimmie Dougherty, Eric Kiesau and Joel Thomas Wednesday about Washington's upcoming game with LSU, the disappointment of losing Jesse Callier, can Bishop Sankey be the man, how will the UW offense handle LSU's defensive ends, and is Kevin Smith getting stronger?

Jimmie Dougherty:
On the receivers vs SDSU: "Yeah, I thought Kasen made his plays when he had the opportunities. The offensive pass interference was a bang-bang call. I think a lot of times that doesn't get made. Had a couple other opportunities that we didn't hit on. Had a double move down the field that he was open on and we weren't able to connect. Overall he had a good night, ran good routes. Really pleased with what he's doing. Had a productive night and it could've been even better. Austin, he was a beast as usual. He's a matchup nightmare. We're gonna keep on feeding him. And to have the freshmen get out there and Kevin Smith coming off the injury, they didn't come up huge in the stat lines but just playing in the game. For the freshman being the first college game and the moment not being too big for them."

On first game anxiety : "Yeah, it's like that for everyone. For the players and coaches, everyone's anxious to get to that first game and see what the new teams gonna be like. Just to get in that situation and playing on their own. When we aren't out there coaching behind them."

On Kevin Smith : "Yeah he's 100 percent. We're not holding him back at all. He's going full go right now. Really happy with him right now. He's giving Jaydon spells right now where Jaydon doesn't have to know the whole game plan yet. Just keeping both of those guys fresh. We aren't missing a beat whether Jaydon or Kevin is in the game. Both of those guys bring explosiveness and playmaking ability and our offense doesn't miss a beat when those guys are in."
Eric Kiesau:
On playing at LSU : "I have. It was Utah State in 2001-ish and we played down there. It's a great college football atmosphere. The stadium, the crowd and the tiger."

On LSU's D ends : "That's just part of their personnel and we have to be aware of that and prepare our guys to be successful on Saturday."

On having Wilcox and Sirmon coach against them before : "It definitely helps personnel wise. Getting individual personnel it helps. Scheme wise I'm sure it helps them out on defense though."

On the noise at Tiger Stadium : "Noise, we gotta be aware of that. It'll be a factor down there and we know what their stadiums all about. We just have to be able to communicate and communicate with non-verbal hand signals."

On how he felt about the SDSU game : "You watch the film and evaluate it. There's a lot to work with and a lot of things we need to improve in a lot of areas. It felt good to get the win but we don't wanna win in that fashion. We obviously wanna put more points up. It gives us something to work with though."
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