Dawgman Predictions - Week Two

SEATTLE – After week one, things get serious for the Huskies, who head to Baton Rouge and into the Tiger's den. Here is what the Dawgman.com folks are saying will happen tomorrow against #3 Louisiana State. One of us see's a Husky win. Here's what we think...what say you?

Jay Torrell - Scout.com Creative Print Director (1-0) - Everything has to break right for the Huskies to win. Price has to relive the Alamo. ASJ and KW need to show off to NFL scouts. Sankey needs to do enough to keep LSU honest. The defense needs to create turnovers (because they'll only be able to slow down LSU). Special teams doesn't need to be special, just have a game where no one talks about them afterwards. Oh, and more thing, I can't be at the game. I was at Colorado when Gaspard dropped the ball, at Notre Dame when we got crushed in those stupid Purple helmets, at Nebraska when we got humiliated (thanks Brock Huard), at Ohio State when we got steam rolled and I was suppose to go to Miami before 9/11 happened so just the possibility I might have gone made the Huskies lose when it was rescheduled. So for the Huskies to win my plane has to break down on the way to Baton Rouge. But my guess is that I'll make the game. So because of the hostile environment, hostile weather, hostile ranking, hostile level of talent, hostile refs and yes, me being at the game… Geaux Dawgs! LSU 37-24
Pat Thrapp –Dawgman.com Numbers Guru (1-0) -Here is what I think might happen. I believe the Huskies will have some success throwing the ball against LSU Saturday. It will depend largely on whether the offensive line can put up some protection. If so we won't be pushovers. We will need some running game, but I think ASJ might be able to offset some of the inadequacies in the running game. Probably not enough against a top ranked team like LSU, but I feel we will have some fight in us. I sure hope so. I am looking for a competitive game. Hoping we keep it with in a TD or 2. LSU 37-24
Tyler Rivers - Dawgman.com Intern (1-0) -The Dawgs are thin on offensive line and running back. This really scares me against LSU's defense. I don't think the huskies will be able to get a run game going and the offense will struggle again. I see this going being close going into half then LSU running away with it. It'll be a win for the Dawgs if they can walk away healthy. LSU 31 - 13 LSU 31-13
Andrew Dore - Dawgman.com Intern (1-0) - The Huskies enter the game with LSU already prepared for Mike the Tiger. Coach Sarkisian needs to find a complement to Bishop Sankey and a way to protect Keith Price and give him time to throw. Kasen Williams and ASJ will make big plays in this game for Price but the offense needs better line and backfield play. The Tiger defense will be prepared for the star players so the Dawgs need another player to step up and be consistent. The defensive line jumbo package should challenge LSU's offensive line but it will be up to the linebackers to fill the gaps, wrap up, and make tackles. The Husky offense will need to make plays and put points on the board to help out the defense. I think UW keeps the game close but doesn't have the skill to beat last year's runner-up. LSU 27-17
Molly Waldron - Dawgman.com Intern Emeritus (1-0) - Steve Sarkisian said the Huskies didn't have that "killer instinct" last week against San Diego State. This week, let's just hope no one has a killer instinct against Keith Price. The Huskies will be lucky to get out of this one with no neck braces. Despite all that, I think the energy from the atmosphere and the promise the Huskies' defense showed last week should keep this one closer than some are predicting. LSU 41-17
Scott Eklund - Dawgman.com Recruiting Guru (1-0) - Who dat gonna beat 'dem Tigers? Sorry folks, I don't think it's going to be the Huskies. Washington has improved their talent as well as their confidence, but against an uber-talented team like LSU, it would take a miracle for the Dawgs to come out on top. I realize the Husky coaches and players aren't thinking like this, and thank GOD they aren't, but as long as they come out without any injuries and if they can keep it within two scores, I'd count that as a win. I see the Dawgs' defense keeping the LSU offense from really running away with things, especially with starting LT Chris Faulk out, so I think the score will be closer than many think, but the Dawgs come home 1-1 on the season. LSU 27-14
Chris Fetters - Dawgman.com Editor-In-Chief (1-0) - It's no secret the deck is seriously stacked against Washington on the road at LSU; the heat is oppressive, the stadium is a death trap to play in, the team is one of the top-3 teams in the country and they are riding a very impressive non-conference home game winning streak. Sound like 1994? Maybe, but in this is 2012, and no amount of Whammy mojo is going to put these Huskies over the line - but it's going to be closer than the oddsmakers expect. I think Washington is going to put Zach Mettenberger on his butt a few times and if they are really on their game force a few turnovers. That should keep things hanging in the balance for a while. But ultimately LSU's run game will just pound on UW to the point where the levee breaks in the second half and the rout is on. LSU 38-17
Kim Grinolds - Dawgman.com Business Operations (1-0) - Washington isn't there yet, but they're headed the right direction. However against one of the more talented teams in the country, Washington isn't quite ready to win this one. The Dawgs will score some points but it won't be enough. LSU 31 31-17
David Samek - The Dawgman (1-0) - Washington is ready for this game. They looked rather vanilla last weekend, and the improvement will be remarkable. The biggest question mark, to me, is whether or not the Huskies revamped (and patchwork) OL can hold off the Tigers from mauling Keith Price. Can Bishop Sankey keep them honest? Can Keith Price's short passing attack keep the chains moving enough to keep the Husky defense from having to play too long? I believe this can and WILL happen. Price will throw for 300+ yards, and the defense will turn the ball over twice. Also? The special teams will take a major step forward as Koons connects from 35 and 40 in a huge Husky win on the road which will be Sark's signature victory to date. Washington 27-23.

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