Game Analysis - LSU

It wasn't pretty. Heck, it looked like a pro team vs. a junior varsity squad most of the night as LSU dismantled, ran over and around the Huskies, allowing the Dawgs just 187 yards of offense while pasting them on the scoreboard to the tune of 41-3. Here's a look at what little went right, what went totally wrong and some other thoughts from tonight's humbling loss...

Turning Point/Play of the Game: It happened early and, realistically, there were two plays that turned the tide, however, the drop by freshman WR Jaydon Mickens in the endzone on Washington's third play from scrimmage cost the Huskies seven points and the chance to let LSU know they were not going to go away.

One play earlier, RB Bishop Sankey had the chance to give Washington a first down at the LSU five, but dropped an easy completion, setting up the next play to Mickens.

Washington's wide receivers and running backs all had trouble holding on the ball most of the night and rarely got separation from the LSU defensive backs and linebackers and it showed early on with those two drops.
Offensive Player of the Game: There really wasn't one. If you want to be kind, it could go to Keith Price who was harassed and pounded all night, but even in the limited instances that he had time, he still couldn't find anyone open and he made some bad decisions as well.

Defensive Player of the Game: He didn't start, but LB Thomas Tutogi showed everyone he should be under consideration for more playing time, racking up 12 tackles and recovering the fumble of The Opening kickoff, setting up Washington for their only points of the game.

Key State: You didn't need to look far. On line two of the stat sheet, it shows 242 yards rushing on 52 attempts while Washington rushed 24 times for just 28 yards. The Huskies couldn't do anything to get a ground game going and they couldn't do much to stop LSU from establishing theirs.

Handouts to the standouts: After Tutogi's big numbers, DT Danny Shelton had a big night numberwise, posting 10 tackles; Justin Glenn, battling a stomach virus that limited his reps, totaled eight tackles; Austin Seferian-Jenkins didn't get much room to make plays, but still managed to haul in six receptions for 51 yards; Kevin Smith was a solid contributor before leaving with a minor leg injury in the third quarter, hauling in four receptions for 48 yards; freshman tailback Erich Wilson also showed the coaches he can handle more of the running load, along with Dezden Petty, by rushing for 25 yards on four carries.

Needs work: The fixes needed, after watching this game, are long-term. The Huskies must get bigger and stronger along both the offensive and defensive lines. That means recruiting better athletes and continuing to develop the players they already have in the fold. The Huskies have definitely increased the overall talent on their roster, but, as evidenced by the shellacking the received at the hands of LSU, they still have a long way to go before they are at a championship level. Top Stories