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SEATTLE - spoke with Justin Wilcox, Danny Shelton and Thomas Tutogi after Tuesday's practice. With the Washington Huskies beat up and hungry for a convincing win, they have set their sights squarely on Portland State. But they did have some things they wanted to say about LSU and what they learned about themselves and the team moving forward.

Justin Wilcox:
On what they took away from the LSU game: "There was some good things to take away but not near enough so obviously we got to get back to work, we learn from our mistakes and understand what it takes to be a good football team and we didn't execute consistent enough to do that. When you have a technique error or a bust during a play against a good team, you're going to pay, they don't overthrow guys, they don't miss guys, if you're the C-gap player in the run fit, you have to play the C-gap and you got to strike with power, if you got #1 vertical in the pass game, then you have to play #1 vertical, if you have poor technique or bust it, then they find it and that's exactly what happened."

Danny Shelton:
On bouncing back from the loss: "I definitely think we are past that loss right now, we are taking that as a learning experience, we're really just working to focus on this upcoming game and focus on just recovering from any injuries that players had and taking care of our bodies this week."

Thomas Tutogi:
On the way the defense played against LSU: "Through the score, you can't really tell, but we think we played pretty good defensively, could have been better, there is always room for improvement."

On what he takes away from the game: "A little bit but there is only one thing to do and that is keeping working hard."

On his role still being a linebacker after being recruited as a middle linebacker after coaching changes: "Yeah, yes, middle linebacker, the only thing that really varies is depending on the offenses, their sets and what not, we can change from outside to inside so we have to know concepts more than position, we have to do what all linebackers do, it helps a lot."

On the type of defensive player he is: "A lot of people look at me and think I'm a run type of linebacker and I like that. Personally I think I need to work on my pass coverage and drops and what not, that's something I can work on definitely."

Is the defense angry about the loss: "Not at all, what happened, happened on Saturday night, the only thing we can do now is get over it and like Coach Sark says and all the other coaches said, "all we can do is move on," we learned from it, coming here yesterday and today, only moving forward, one step at a time."
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