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SEATTLE - spoke with Steve Sarkisian, Eric Kiesau, Keith Price, Desmond Trufant and Kasen Williams after practice Wednesday. Sarkisian spoke about UW's new policy regarding the reporting of injuries, and he also talked about Portland State and their Pistol Offense.

Steve Sarkisian:
On Nigel Burton, Portland State Head Coach: "You know I've always admired Nigel, obviously as a player, he was part of the 8 sacks I endured here as a player, and then he got into the profession right around the same time and he's worked his way through the ranks and wherever he's gone, they've played well, they've played hard with passion. He's always recruited extremely well and I was really happy for him when he got the Portland State job and just having his ties here to the University of Washington here in the past, we've tried to do a lot of things to try to help him, having his coaches work our camp, things of that nature, because I want to see him do well and he's done a nice job so far."

On possibly using the Pistol offense: "You know we did dabble in it I guess with Jake there, and I don't know if that was his last season or the year before, I think it was our second season, we did dabble in it and it was good for us, and it allows you to open some things up from a quarterback run standpoint. We haven't gotten into as much this year, there could be a game or two where we dabble in it again but it's a nice offense and they do it well, they obviously have an expertise in it with Nigel coming from Nevada, and obviously Nevada, what they've done, and now what Nigel's doing, it's a difficult offense, especially when you really invest in it and that's what you do. There's a lot of misdirection to it, there's a lot of formations to it, there's a lot of deception and there's just a bunch of trick type plays to run off it to get the defense stuck looking at one thing and doing something else."

How far is he from knowing what his O-line looking like for Saturday?: "Thursday's are always the best day for us to tell because it takes time for guys to kind of recoup, it takes time for guys to get out some of the soreness from a ball game, and so I think Thursday is realistic for us, once you get to Friday that's too late for me."

On the new policy about not him or the organization not addressing injuries to the media: "You guys know, we're not going to comment on injuries anymore, no one in our organization is, it's a competitive disadvantage to us, when other teams don't and we do, so that's going to be the road we take."

On the offensive line being challenged to get to another level this week?: "This is a little bit different, we're challenging them there's no doubt, we had a good challenge last week at LSU and a pretty good challenge against San Diego State from a schematics standpoint. I more so than anything, I don't think it's about want to with this group, I don't think it's about being a physically tough group, we just need to execute better, we need to communicate better and do things better for an extended period of time. We're just spotty right now and we'll go three plays really good and then we have a bad paly and those bad plays can really hinder a drive, we're fighting for consistency, we're challenging the guys to work together as a cohesive group, as five guys, and all signs are pointing to that being what we see on Saturday, but ultimately we have to perform on the field when the lights are on when myself or Coach Cozzetto aren't out there with them telling them what to do and how to do it."

On consistency with Austin Seferian Jenkins: "Well Austin as we all well know as a talented young man and he wants to be a great player and has a tremendous work ethic, and so I've jokingly said this to Keith or to Austin or Kasen for that matter too, is they are held to just a little bit different standard than the other guys. They've played enough football for us now and the expectation level for them is to do things right every snap with an attention to detail and I think what Austin is talking about is that he can have a lapse in that attention to detail and that's what he wants fixed and that's what is cool about him because he's such a competitive kid that he wants to get it right every single time."

On Austin's will to run block and his role in that aspect of the offense: "Well he's always going to have a role, tight ends in our offense are an integral part in our run game and he has a chance to be a very special run blocker because of his size, his athleticism, his overall strength. I think his best days of run blocking are ahead of him."

How far is the offense away from that next level? "I'm not sure, we need to first and foremost put a good drive together, and then putting another one and another one together of consistently doing things right and I think we have the people in place, are we in an ideal situation? No, I think we are all aware of that but I think we have enough pieces in place to be a very good offensive football team. We can't just look at the end result, we need to get right in front of us and then take the next step and the next step and the next step. I think that's the mindset our guys have right now, they've had two really good days of practice, practicing with a purpose and that's been a goal of ours, not just offense, but all three phases, that we are practicing with a purpose, and we are seeing that and hopefully that translates on Saturday."

How much of that offensive progression relies on Keith?: "I think that's part of it, I've touched on this earlier in the week, I want 17 to worry about 17 and not have to try to take responsibility for everybody and allow us coaches to do a lot of that and I think he's had a really good week, he's been in a really good frame of mind and throwing the ball well and understands the game plan and for him, he's not going to throw seven touchdowns on one pass, he's gotta go out and allow the plays to work and he'll get his plays as we go."

On playing an FCS school and looking at it differently showed maybe on how they played EWU last year? "I've mentioned Portland State one time to our guys and it was what we talked about Monday, this week has been dedicated to us, and getting to playing a brand of Husky football that we're proud of the product that we put on the field and that's been the intent and obviously we have our Scout team periods where we are game planning them but from a mental standpoint, we're looking right at ourselves, it's what's right here and the pride in which we play the game of football, the intelligence we play it with, the physicality we play it with and the execution we play it with and those are the main goals. It really isn't about who we are lining up against this week."

Desmond Trufant:
On coming back playing at home and getting things right against Portland State - "I think we need to come out swinging, be consistent, I think that's ouir biggest thing, can't be one drive, need to do it the whole game consistently and once we do that, we'll start coming together."

What part about the defense shows they are coming together? - "I think we're being physical, some people might not think that, we're tackling well, we're flying to the ball, sometimes we're out of position, but we're flying to the ball and being physical."

On the broken coverage resulting in a touchdown at LSU: "It was just a miscommunication, like I said, when the game's going, there's a lot of things going on in your head, it's just a miscommunication and we fixed it so we'll be better this week."

His thoughts on the LSU game experience, glad to have the opportunity? - "I say you have to be glad for the opportunity, you can't take anything away from the, they are a great team, they beat us fair and square, they beat up on us, you have to accept that and move on, you can't stay on the ground and hold your head down, it was a great experience and I wouldn't take it back."
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