Dawgman Predictions - Week Three

SEATTLE – Three words come to mind after last week's fiasco. Wow…just wow. After a thumping like that, Washington is expected to rebound against a game Portland State team in Century Link field. The Huskies welcome Nigel Burton, Lester Towns, and Ikaike Malloe back to town. Will it be a rude greeting for the guests from Oregon? Read on...what say you?

Jay Torrell - Scout.com Creative Print Director (2-0) - For those of you who considered going to the UW-LSU game and passed, shame on you. The only part of the three days in Baton Rouge with eleven college buddies that I'm going to forget is the game. The tailgating was off the charts good. It was six hours of being invited to have another beer, another plate of Jambalaya and yet another "are you having fun" greeting. I had three of the best meals I've ever had (Ruffinos, The Chimes, Roger's Tailgate Jambalaya) and I even met Lee Corso in the Houston airport on the way home. As for Portland State, I expect to see a move in the right direction. There is almost no outcome that will get Husky fans back on the rails (a loss would be apocalyptic) so take care of business on defense, stay healthy, put some points on the board and then get ready for the REAL first game of the season...Stanford. Washington 42-17
Pat Thrapp –Dawgman.com Numbers Guru (2-0) -I feel like I just don't know how good or bad this team is. I keep waiting for this team to turn the corner and start being competitive in the big games, and win a lot of the rest. I want to see a team that has good skilled players, like I think we have, paired with a good set of linemen. Maybe someone can remind me, but when have we had a defensive line that constantly is able to apply pressure, or an OL that can protect and open holes a majority of the time. I know it has happened. Just not on a consistent basis. At least from my perspective. This is a game where we should be considered like the LSU part of the matchup. We should easily be able to move the ball, and stop them. My confidence, though, isn't there - yet. I am pretty sure we will win, and probably by an ample margin. We need to keep getting better. That maturation process is a little like a yo-yo from year to year in my mind. Well I am off my rant now. It might not even have merit, but it is how I feel right now.Washington 37-13
Tyler Rivers - Dawgman.com Intern (2-0) - No prediction sent xxxxxxx
Andrew Dore - Dawgman.com Intern (2-0) -The Huskies enter the game Saturday coming off a tough loss to LSU. I think they recover on offense and put plenty of points up on a weak Portland State defense. The question marks will still be apparent in the Husky offensive line and backfield but it shouldn't be as big of a factor. I'm still waiting to see a 3rd wide receiver step up to complement Kasen and ASJ, I think we will find that guy tomorrow. Justin Wilcox's defense should have a strong performance although shutting the Pistol offense down requires great discipline. Washington 38-6
Molly Waldron - Dawgman.com Intern Emeritus (2-0) - The Dawgs will come out looking to redeem themselves in any way possible after last weekend's debacle. If Sark's right about Price having his best practice of the year this week, he should be on his A game. The Huskies will come out on top in this one. Washington 35-10
Scott Eklund - Dawgman.com Recruiting Guru (2-0) - People are fretting about what they saw last weekend in Washington's loss to LSU. It's understandable, but, LSU is going to do that very same thing to several good teams at home this year. Anyway, the Huskies return to Century Link this week to face a struggling Portland State team who just let their defensive coordinator go. I think this is the day that Keith Price and the rest of the Dawgs break out and show what they are made of this year and blast the Vikings. It won't be a shutout, but I could see the Dawgs easily winning this one by 30-plus. Washington 45-14
Chris Fetters - Dawgman.com Editor-In-Chief (2-0) - Obviously a bounce-back game for Washington, I don't think any positive scoreline against Portland State is going to soothe those that feel like the program has either hit a plateau or haven't seen enough improvement to warrant further belief that Steve Sarkisian should be UW's head coach for the future. But for the players, this game is huge. It's huge for their confidence, their psyche, their overall well-being - physical and otherwise. This is a chance for the Huskies to taste success and that that success builds into something positive moving into league play. It's hard to know exactly what's going to happen with Portland State defensively after firing their DC mid-week, but PSU's Pistol will be a solid challenge for a Washington defense that needs to show they can be counted on to make stops, force more turnovers, and give the offense as much of a helping hand as possible. Sarkisian said at the beginning of the week that this is all about UW on Saturday, and it needs to be. Washington 49-10
Kim Grinolds - Dawgman.com Business Operations (2-0) - SDSU really didn't tell us much. LSU? That game told us UW isn't an elite program yet. Portland State? Don't be late to your seat, you'll miss three scores. This is going to be to Portland State what LSU was to UW last week only Sark won't take his foot off the gas. Washington 57-3
David Samek - The Dawgman (1-1) - Washington has yet to show anything consistent on offense. Price looks tentative and doesn't look like he trusts anyone besides ASJ and Kasen W. Sarkisian doesn't trust anyone either, as he has closed practices now and further closed his ranks. Sankey hasn't been able to get going yet. This might be a good week to give Petty a shot, as the Huskies need a thumper inside to loosen things up. The OL is a mess and really miss Polk. And they miss Aguilar and Kearse. Those two had holes in their game, but they did get open and they produced. This weekend the Huskies will improve and win, but we won't really find out what this team is made of until the Stanford game. Washington33-17.

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