Troy Williams Q&A spoke Sunday night with UW commit Troy Williams from Narbonne High School in Harbor City, Calif., and he talked about the Gauchos' blistering start to the season as well as how he's fitting in the recruiting process within his season. Narbonne has outscored their opponents 158-6 in three games - the latest a 61-6 blowout of Lakewood on ESPNU.

So far on the season, Williams is 39-57 passing for 530 yards, 4 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, adding 114 yards rushing and 5 touchdowns.
On how the season is going so far - "Everything's been going good. We've just been working hard in practice and taking things day by day and proving everybody wrong about these city schools and proving we can play with the CIF schools."

On the ESPNU blowout win over Lakewood - "It's great, especially when you have the capability to have everybody see you across the nations from all the different stations - not just the people around your area. Everybody gets to watch you, so you get real hyped for it and you get to put on a show for everybody who is interested in you and who wants to see you do good."

Is it hard to keep focus when things are coming so easy - "Yeah sometimes, but we just have to keep our heads on straight. We showed that we can forget about last week (Long Beach Poly) and get to this week like we did with Lakewood. We were really happy about the Long Beach Poly win but we know we have to forget about it. It's over with, it's done with - and we have to focus on our next opponent. And so is that Lakewood game, so we'll just keep it going - day by day and game by game."

On expecting the season to go this easy this early? - "We've been working hard, especially since the summer and especially the defense. The defense has done a great job and the offensive line has done a great job also, so it's just all the hard work that we've put in, the hard hours and the long hours in the weight room - and they are all paying off for us right now."

Does recruiting ever stop for you, even during your senior season? - "I can't focus all my time on it. I have to make sure I'm focusing on my studies and the main priority is my team and my teammates and making sure we have a good season this year and making it to that state game. We just have to keep working hard. You can't let anything get in the way of that."

So what's the latest with Washington? - "I still talk to the coaches at least a couple times a week. I talk to Coach Sark and Coach Heyward, I call them up and see how they are doing. Everything is going good."

Have you gotten a chance to see UW play this year? - "I saw them play against LSU and I also saw the Portland State game. They have a lot of great athletes. The defense isn't really big but they are a really fast defense. Once they get into their league in the Pac-12, they'll do a lot better. LSU is a great team, great defense and a great offense also, but I believe in (UW). I believe they will win the Pac-12 Championship and keep going from there."

Any schools trying to get you to reconsider your commitment? - "Yeah. I think UCLA might make a run since Eddie Prinz de-committed to them, or whatever happened with him. But I think I'm going to stay strong with my commitment to Washington. I'm a man of my word, so I try and keep that word."

What do you make of teams coming back at you in the recruiting process? - "I just take it as a compliment. They see I'm a good player and they want me to come to their school. I don't want to disrespect them or anything. I just let 'em know I'm still solid on my Washington commitment. I'm real high on Coach Sark and all the coaches up there. They understand it for the most part and respect my decision."

When will he set up an official visit date with Washington? Will he set up other official visits? - "I think I'm going to take my official to Washington after the season. I think that's when Coach Sark wants me to come. As far as other schools, I've talked with Coach Sark about it and I don't think he's too high on it but he said we'll just take our time and see what happens. If I take any other officials, it won't be a lot - it'll probably just be one or two places - I'm not sure to where yet - but if he doesn't like me taking them I probably won't take them." Top Stories