Tuesday Player Interviews

SEATTLE - Dawgman.com spoke Tuesday with Keith Price, Dezden Petty, Andrew Hudson, Josh Shirley, John Timu, Justin Glenn, Tre Watson and Kasen Williams after practice to get their assessment on the bye week and what has to get accomplished as they get ready for Stanford a week from Thursday. And what do they think about Coach Sark's call for a fan 'blackout' for the Cardinal?

Big Thanks to Andrew Dore for the transcription

John Timu

On Shaq Thompson: "Oh very athletic, knows a lot of football, he just has to get more experience. He helps our defense be more athletic,especially in the PAC 12, guys are running the spread offense, you have to be fast and he's a big dude."

What are they doing to stop Stanford's physical offense? "Coaches are getting it right with the schemes but it comes down to the players, we have to go in with a mindset of domination."

On the increased focus on wrapping up and making tackles: "We're getting better, each and every week, we still got to progress, especialy this week."

Does the technique need to improve to stop Stanford? "Oh yeah definitely, from play one to play 73, everything's got to be sound and perfect."

Do the past few results against Stanford increase their motivation? "We think about it but it shouldn't motivate us. Every game is a new game and we just to come in and dominate."

Josh Shirley

On the lack of sacks despite the amount of opportunities they've had: "We got to get better, we need to not be so aggressive, we need to wrap up and make tackles."

Does he decide whether he had a good game or not based on how many sacks he gets?: "No, at the end of the day, as long as we win, that's all that matters. And how our effort is at the end of the day and the impression we leave on the field when we are done."

On what he needs to change to get to the quarterback more: "Work my moves and execute them. It's all about execution."

Tre Watson

Did he envision being a starter someday when he transferred here? "First I was just trying to make the team. Just give everything I got to make the team. I accomplished that and then give everything I got to give my teammates a good look to get them prepared for games. Each phase was a little different how I approached it, so coming in this fall was a preparation as a unit to get better and whoever was gonna start, we're all capable of playing."

Did he have to earn respect being a walkon when he joined the team? "No, not at all. Since the first day, Trufant and Sean and Justin, Timu, they've been on me, knowing that if you are going to be here, we'll treat you like everybody else and the expectation was there to always go hard and give everythingyou got."

On the importance of having the support system of his teammates: "Oh it was very big for me because it raised my confidence even more, because in some situations people might not be welcoming as much."

Did the coaching changes give him a bigger opportunity? "It was pretty much the same, I didn't really think of it like that, it was more my own personal, getting better everyday."

What was his tryout like? "Just coming into fall camp, everyday I got onto the field I try to make the most of that."

What about him allowed him to stick on the team? "I believe just being competitive, I have a passion for playing football no matter where I'm at on the field, so just being competitive and push my teammates and they push me the same."

On growing up dreaming of playing football for UW: "Oh yes, growing up here, my favorite movie as a kid was "The Sixth Man" with Marlon Wayans, so you watch stuff like that and always want to play here and growing up here, you drive past and see the stadium and it's always a big dream."

Was UW the only choice or were there other schools when he decided to leave CWU? "It was always UW, I knew that's where I wanted to play and that's where I wanted to be."

Kasen Williams

Was the Monday meeting more serious than normal as Coach Sarkisian mentioned in the press conference yesterday? "Yeah, after some of the guys came out of the meeting came out and were like did we just lose? Because they are not used to being up and winning and by that much and that serious of a meeting afterwards but I think it was necessary for us to have because we have to understand we have a big task ahead of us, we have a long streak of real important games. If we want to go to the Rose Bowl and win PAC 12 championships, these games are important for us to take real seriously."

On treating everything the same way whether they win by 50 or lose by 50: "We win a game and we are on the next no matter what the score is. It's necessary for us not to linger on losses or linger on wins because we know there are more games in the season."

What did he take away from the tough coverage he faced at LSU? "Those games like that i catch three screen plays for however many yards, it takes me to look back and see what I could have done differently, especially for a game like that, I thought I had a really good week of practice and I prepared the way I was supposed to prepare. As a receiver you never want to have games like those no matter what the defense does. I just got to do better with all the opportunities I get, I can't take one opportunity off because that might be the difference between scoring a TD and having the game that I did."

With the bye week, does it feel like September or more like August? "I don't even know to be honest, maybe more like August because we are going back to technique wise. Last year when we had our bye week later in the season, we focused on the young guys seeing how far they had gotten but this year we are doing a lot more technique stuff going back to like August and back to camp and getting the fine tuning done>"

How important is it to find Keith's third receiver behind him and ASJ? "I think it takes the stress off of me and Austin, the more weapons we have as an offense, the harder it is for a defense to defend us."

On the upcoming blackout game against Stanford: "I mean I like the blackouts, it adds a little more extra juice to the games, I like the jerseys and when you look good, you play good, so I think that's going to be something that is going to give us and the crowd a little more energy. I love to pull out the black sleeves with the wristbands and all of that."

On wearing black more often: "If we saw it more often it wouldn't have the same effect but then again I wouldn't mind it either."
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